1500 examples of take on in sentences

"I say, Pen, don't take on because you are plucked.

" Patty always felt particularly grand and grown up when she used the word function, and now that she had mentally applied it to the Tea Club meeting, that simple affair seemed to take on a gigantic amplitude and fairly seemed to cry out for elaborate devices of all sorts.

Actual warfare gave way to negotiations conducted in a spirit of moderation and of give-and-take on the part of all concerned.

In the latter case the barque would come round to some pre-arranged spot to pick him up, and take on board what he had shot.

how her du take on," said Happy Jack.

Any resentment which she might have felt over this slightly abrupt departure was promptly smoothed away by my offer to take on the rooms for at least another fortnight.

I have already spoken of the great corporate movements towards unity, and these mean much even though they may at present take on something of the quality of mechanism instead of depending on the individual and the grace of God working in him.

For even the pride of Sally Wimple, overdone, could become arrogance; even her disinterestedness, intemperately indulged in, could take on the form of selfishness.

If only this mistake were a harmless one; but ideas that are not constantly confronted with reality, which are not frequently dipped into the stream of experience, grow dry, and take on a toxic character.

His willing minde doth strive to make the peace Betwixt our discord thoughts; his free consent Is given to Lentulus; there, Tulley, take on holde, And, when a Sunne of thy intent shines fayre, Onset loves fort with polliticke assaults And conquer; conquest in obtaining that Where victors are repulsed.

The horn of the frog was in many instances found detaching from the vascular surface, which was very disposed to take on a diseased action, somewhat allied to canker, and became extremely difficult to treat.

After the last summer visitor has gone, and the little craft that sail over the shallow bay have been hauled up high and dry, the pavilions deserted and the bathing-houses boarded up, the beaches take on a new aspect.

" "Such as it is, my friend, I take on myself in his Majesty's name, to bid you welcome.

The east-bound night express was ready for the run to A. & T. Junction; the fast mail, one hour and thirty-five minutes late from the east, was backing in on track nine to take on the city mail.

Every five miles, and sometimes oftener, the boat would stop to put off or take on freight, if not both.

Dog teams also take on 500 lbs.

"It is my father's will that I should take on me the hostess-ship of the day.

But we must not take on a debt.

It was about this time that Wedderburn, who so far had lived inconspicuously on the uttermost margin of Hill's perceptions, began to take on the appearance of an obstacle.

The jumper would take a long running start, which would enable him to take on additional momentum; and with the assistance of the hurtling pole, would leap over a hurdle that was placed a considerable elevation above the ground.

But it is so with all: the very saints, in the mere exercise of living, grow less dainty, and take on the tone of their surroundings.

As perhaps some of my young readers may care to know what to take on a similar expedition, is the list, exclusive of meat, which was to be brought from the mainland, and fish, which they expected to catch themselves: Oatmeal, 8 lbs.

'Pon my soul, Honora, though it's only play, I swear some of these fellows begin to take on little affectations of self-respect.

Second, organized counter-revolution could be liquidated and revolutionaries, willing to take on the responsibility, could be provided with necessary authority, leadership and equipment.

"Dammit, when I take on passengers to ride, they're goin' to ride till they git there.

1500 examples of  take on  in sentences