4482 examples of talents in sentences

' 'As Johnson always allowed the extraordinary talents of Mr. Burke, so Mr. Burke was fully sensible of the wonderful powers of Johnson.

Johnson at the same time checked him and paid him a handsome compliment, implying that a man of his talents should be above attention to such distinctions,'Nay, Sir, never mind that.

SAMUEL JOHNSON, the Demonax of the present age, this piece is inscribed by a sincere admirer of his respectable talents, 'THE TRANSLATOR.'

I endeavoured, for argument's sake, to maintain that men of learning and talents might have very good intellectual society, without the aid of any little gratifications of the senses.

"' He gave us an entertaining account of Bet Flint, a woman of the town, who, with some eccentrick talents and much effrontery, forced herself upon his acquaintance.

'One of Johnson's principal talents (says an eminent friend of his) was shewn in maintaining the wrong side of an argument, and in a splendid perversion of the truth.

The consequence was, that, though the king had great and brilliant talents, Voltaire had such a superiority that his majesty could not bear it; and the poet was dismissed, or escaped, from that court.

This gentleman has talents, nay some learning; but he is totally unfit for this situation.

du Deffand's Correspondence there is 'an extraordinary confirmation of the talents and accomplishments of our Highland Phoenix, Sir James Macdonald.

Horace Walpole (Letters, vii. 291), in 1779, thus mentions this 'younger brother':'Macdonald abused Lord North in very gross, yet too applicable, terms; and next day pleaded he had been drunk, recanted, and was all admiration and esteem for his Lordship's talents and virtues.' See ante, iii. 85, and post, Oct. 28.

When they seek novelties, and appeal purely to the intellect, or attempt to be philosophical or learned, they fail, whatever their talents.

Think of it,that no American, whatever his worth, talents, or patriotism,could two years ago serve his country in any branch of its executive administration, unless he was unfortunate enough to agree with the slaveholders, or base enough to sham an agreement with them!

Thus did a mere pirate found the family which in a few years gave sovereigns to England, Naples, and Sicily, and spread the fame of their talents and prowess throughout the world.

The daring ruffian, who knew the value of his own talents and courage, being aware that General San Martin was planning the expedition to Peru, a service in which there would be much of desperation and danger, sent word to the General that he was alive, and invited him to a secret conference at midnight, in the same Plaza in which it was believed Benavides had been shot.

Then she heaved a sigh, and muttered something about misapplied talents.

He was the seventh of that name; and I used to think, even when he was a toddling little baby, what plans of education would be best suited to develop his talents.

I used to feel that he jarred a good deal on Father Payne, but much was forgiven him because of his musical talents, which were really remarkable.

He was no common rogue; I felt the quality in him with a certain admiration for his scoundrelly talents a fellow, I reflected, who was best studied at the point of a pistol.

After a Drawing in the Possession of Mr. Carl Meinert in Dessau] Samson Heine seems to have been too easy-going, self-indulgent, and ostentatious, to have made the most of the talents that he unquestionably had.

Many a German was attracted thither, and not without reason Heine hoped to find there a more promising field for the employment of his talents than with all his wanderings he had discovered in Germany.

To a superficial observer Madame du Deffand's lot must have seemed peculiarly enviable; she was well off, she enjoyed the highest consideration, she possessed intellectual talents of the rarest kind which she had every opportunity of displaying, and she was surrounded by a multitude of friends.

He was recognised everywhere as the rising poet of the day; he was a successful dramatist; he was a friend of Madame de Prie, who was all-powerful at Court, and his talents had been rewarded by a pension from the royal purse.

Yet, while his opinion of Voltaire's character was rapidly growing more and more severe, his admiration of his talents remained undiminished.

Riccoboni; but Fleury has proved quite satisfactorily that the Conclusion, which appeared in 1745, in an Amsterdam edition of Marianne, was written by one of those who, as d'Alembert says, "se sont chargés, sans qu'on les en priât, de finir les romans de M. de Marivaux, et (qui) ont eu dans cette entreprise un succès digne de leurs talents:" while a simple Continuation, written, in fact, by Mme.

Il faudrait aussi pour cela, s'il était possible, que la malice ou l'inimitié des partis n'altérât pas les lumières de la plupart des hommes, ne leur dérobât point l'honneur de se juger équitablement, n'employât pas toute leur attention à s'humilier les uns les autres, à déshonorer ce que leur talents peuvent avoir d'heureux, à se ruiner réciproquement dans l'esprit du public...."

4482 examples of  talents  in sentences