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1789 examples of  tames  in sentences

1789 examples of tames in sentences

They were very tame, not seeming to regard our presence as a thing of much danger to them.

I have frequently seen tame sheep in mountains jump upon a sloping rock-surface, hold on tremulously a few seconds, and fall back baffled and irresolute.

The secret, considered in connection with exceptionally strong muscles, is simply this: the wide posterior portion of the bottom of the foot, instead of wearing down and becoming flat and hard, like the feet of tame sheep and horses, bulges out in a soft, rubber-like pad or cushion, which not only grips and holds well on smooth rocks, but fits into small cavities, and down upon or against slight protuberances.

Neither can the bears be regarded as enemies; for, though they seek to vary their every-day diet of nuts and berries by an occasional meal of mutton, they prefer to hunt tame and helpless flocks.

The tame honey-bees seemed languid and wing-weary, as if they had come all the way up from the flowerless valley.

He forgot that it needs more to tame a bird than merely putting it in a cage!

Again Mr. O'Flynn obliged, roaring with great satisfaction: "'I'm a stout rovin' blade, and what matther my name, For I ahlways was wild, an' I'll niver be tame; An' I'll kiss putty gurrls wheriver I go, An' what's that to annyone whether or no.

Very well, Sir, I shall tame that Courage, and punish that Harlot, whoe'er she be, that has seduc'd ye. Bel.

Am I still tame and patient with my Ills? Gods!

But you must tame them and break them, in order that on them you may ride the ranges of human intercourse.

In October he is again settled at Cambridge, and in a letter to Miss Pigot, makes a humorous reference to one of his fantastic freaks: "I have got a new friend, the finest in the worlda tame bear.

That they should restore to the Romans all deserters and fugitives, giving up all their ships-of-war except ten triremes, with such tamed elephants as they had, and that they should not tame any more.

I am aware of the unpoetical cast of the last six lines of my last sonnet, and think myself unwarranted in smuggling so tame a thing into the book; only the sentiments of those six lines are thoroughly congenial to me in my state of mind, and I wish to accumulate perpetuating tokens of my affection to poor Mary.

N. B.My single affection is not so singly wedded to snipes; but the curious and epicurean eye would also take a pleasure in beholding a delicate and well-chosen assortment of teals, ortolans, the unctuous and palate-soothing flesh, of geese wild and tame, nightingales' brains, the sensorium of a young sucking-pig, or any other Christmas dish, which I leave to the judgment of you and the cook of Gonville.

As regards the females, they are much more solicitous for the welfare of their progeny in a wild state than a tame.

Should a tame duck's duckling get into mortal trouble, its mother will just signify her sorrow by an extra "quack," or so, and a flapping of her wings; but touch a wild duck's little one if you dare!

Thy wine doth purify the golden honey; thy perfume, Which thou dost scatter on every little blade of grass that springs, Revives the milkรจd cow, and tames the fire-breathing steed.

When masters bind a slave with cruel chain, And keep him hope-forlorn in bondage pent, Use tames his temper to imprisonment, And hardly would he fain be free again.

He tames, and he clothes them with attributes of flesh and blood, till they wonder at themselves, like Indian Islanders forced to submit to European vesture.

To him who is accustomed to the terrific sublimity of the Alps, the softened and yet wild grandeur of the Italian lakes, or to the noble witchery of the shores of the Mediterranean, this country is apt to seem tame, and uninteresting as a whole; though it certainly has exceptions that carry charms of this nature to the verge of loveliness.

Flavilla [Illustration] [Illustration] LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS "She almost wished some fisherman might come into view" "'Those squirrels are very tame,' she observed calmly" "'Are you not terribly impatient?'

[Illustration: "'Those squirrels are very tame,' she observed calmly.

"] "Those squirrels are very tame," she observed calmly.

Soon a tell-tale eddy in the breeze gave them our scent, and they slowly moved away, not hurriedly nor in great alarm, but reminding me much of tame sheep, or deer in a park.

The foxes were once tame, as the cats are now, but they ran away and became wild.

First droop this universal's aged frame, Ere any malady thy strength should tame.

The simplicity of the Attic writers would make Latin composition bald and tame.

In power of moving the people, some of our modern reformers and agitators may be mentioned favorably; but their harangues are comparatively tame when read.

โ€œOh! for a tame and quiet herd,โ€ I hear some crawler cry; But give to me the mountain mob With the flash of their tameless eyeโ€” With the flash of their tameless eye, my boys, As down the rugged spur Dash the wild children of the woods, And the horse that mocks at fear.

And the tame red and fallow deer looked at her suspiciously from a distance, as if she might turn into a motor-car.

The seals were now perfectly tame, and nothing was easier than to kill them in scores.

So very tame were the victims, and so totally unconscious of the danger they incurred from the presence of man, that the crew moved round among them, seemingly but very little observed, and not at all molested.

Be not too tame neyther: but let your owne Discretion be your Tutor.

I am tame Sir, pronounce.

You cannot call it Loue: For at your age, The hey-day in the blood is tame, it's humble, And waites vpon the Judgement: and what Iudgement Would step from this, to this?

"You are not exactly like 'Laura and the rest of them,' I fancy, my dear, and what suits them is rather too tame for you.

My life here among my books, which seems to you so tame, is excitement itself compared with that.

These quiet hills, these beech forests, are more to me now than Niagara was at eighteen; and Niagara itself, which raises the poet above the earth, falls tame on the mind of the savage.

I do not deserve it; all I can do is to return it ten-fold; but this I know, that, while I keep it, there can be nothing tame or dull,life, everything, is gilded by my own happiness.

The civilized man not only clears the land permanently to a great extent, and cultivates open fields, but he tames and cultivates to a certain extent the forest itself.

(iv. 5.) "Be like the promontory against which the waves continually break, but it stands firm and tames the fury of the water around it" (iv. 49.)

At these affairs thousands, yes, possibly tens of thousands of animals, both wild and tame, were slaughtered, and fully ten thousand gladiators fought in combat.

and then, as it suddenly fell apart, there came rushing up bears, lionesses, panthers, lions, ostriches, wild asses, bisons (this is a kind of cattle of foreign species and appearance),the result being that altogether seven hundred wild and tame beasts at once were seen running about and were slaughtered.

The language of the actual and the practical applied to the ideal brings it at once within everybody's reach, tames it, and familiarizes it to the mind.

Leland tells us that the town of Fairford never flourished "before the cumming of the Tames into it.

The young Hercules holding the lion's cub in his right hand upon his shoulder, while with his left he tames the raging lioness, has the true Italian instinct for a return to Latin style.

There is something almost alarming in the sudden fierce display of natural instinct in a tame creature.

And if we weren't a herd of tame asses, we wouldn't permit it.

All the men who had approached her with "intentions" had been fighting hard against their own contempt of themselves for seeking a wife for the sake of her money, and their efforts at love-making had been tame and lame; but Theresa, knowing no better, simply thought men not up to the expectations falsely raised by the romances and the songs.

The Olney landscape was tame, a fat, agricultural region, where the sluggish Ouse wound between plowed fields and the horizon was bounded by low hills.

There were truthful, though rather tame, delineations of provincial life, like Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, 1811, and Pride and Prejudice, 1813; or Maria Edgeworth's Popular Tales, 1804.

It is instructive of the difference between the two ages, in poetic sensibility to such things, to compare Byron's glowing imagery with Addison's tame Letter from Italy, written a century before.

The arm, my lord, that tames the stubborn earth, And makes its bosom blossom with increase, Can also shield its owner's breast at need.

Further on her two tame rooks cawed joyously, and alighted on her shoulder.

It was easy to see that the cats had not been regularly fed, and one of the tame rooks had flown away.

At Vilhena there was a tame sariema, much more familiar and at home than any of the poultry.

A number of tame parrots and parakeets, of several different species, scrambled over the roofs and entered the houses.

The small stingless bees, of slightly aromatic odor, swarmed while daylight lasted and crawled over our faces and hands; they were such tame, harmless little things that when they tickled too much I always tried to brush them away without hurting them.

It is not a tame panegyric or a fancy picture.

Their ways are proud; they sport the oak; They are not tame enough to stroke; I greatly dread these grim-eyed folk.

As Mr. Balfour said at the Eugenic Conference the other day, man is a wild animal; and there is no room, in present circumstances, for any tame ones.

I consider myself a true sportsman, and I do not like such tame game as mice or frogs.

"Yes, tame Pigeon pie," said the Doctor.

"It might have been tame pie and it was very good!

There was a nest in the miller's woods last year, with two white eggs like tame Pigeons', only smaller, and when they hatched I took one of the squabs home for a pet.

It became very tame, but I had to let it fly because it grew too big and dirty,it was like keeping a Chicken in the house.

He is not a bit shy, but runs about as tame as a Robin, and he isn't as big as a Robin either.

" "Our tame Ducks are very fat and lazy, for they have lived in captivity for many generations; yet they could fly very well with a little practice.

The French school does the honours of the place and keeps a tame band, which gives tongue every Sunday evening in the Grand Place.

And then, to give largeness to what might else be tame, there is the vast space of sky everywhere, the enormous perspective of rolling cloud-bank and fleecy cumulus: the sky seems higher, deeper, more gigantic, in these great levels than anywhere in the world.

They would have had, I believe, an intense and ardent appreciation of what had been, but the desire to see and hear some new thing of which St. Paul spoke, the deep-seated desire for self-expression, would have kept them free from any tame surrender to tradition, any danger of basing their cultivation on what had been represented or thought or sung by their human predecessors.

At this a tame crow and a parrot which were chained to a perch, said "You will never be able to find the man with the golden hair; he is in the depths of the forest; if he had lived in a village you would have found him, but as it is we alone can fetch him; unfasten our chains and we will go in search of him."

From prison he made an application to the magistrate that his three tame animals, the cat and the otter and the rat might be brought to the place where he was; the magistrate kindly consented but the animals were not allowed into the prison.

The buffalo crowded with the few tame cattle round the hayricks and log-stables; the starving deer and antelope gathered in immense bands in sheltered places.

On the day in question, at dawn, it was noticed that the dogs and cattle betrayed symptoms of uneasiness; for all tame animals dreaded the sight or smell of an Indian as they did that of a wild beast, and by their alarm often warned the settlers and thus saved their lives.

I used to think that a cat was a tame animal, who lapped milk, slept, rolled up ornamentally on a rug, now and then chased his tail, and now and then played gracefully with a ball, came and sat on your knee when you invited him, and caught mice, if mice came where he was.

And it did hold out whilst Rend was visiting Strasbourg, Berne, Zurich, and Lucerne, presenting himself before the councils of these petty republics with, in order to please them, a tame bear behind him, which he left at the doors, and promising, thanks to Louis XI.'s agents in Switzerland, extraordinary pay.

"I think on the whole I would rather love a Juliet than tame a shrew.

" "But that's rather tame," said Vincent.

The cattle bred in the island are generally tame.

We must have the azaleas out to-morrow and thoroughly cleansed, they are devoured by insects; the tame rook has flown away; mother lost her prayer-book coming from church, she thinks it was stolen.

The stranger sat upon the capstan, and, in the shadow of the cypress forest, where the vessel lay moored for a change of wind, told in a patois difficult, but not impossible, to understand, the story of a man who chose rather to be hunted like a wild beast among those awful labyrinths, than to be yoked and beaten like a tame one.

There St. John mingles with my friendly bowl The feast of reason and the flow of soul; And he whose lightnings pierced the Iberian lines Now forms my quincunx and now ranks my vines; Or tames the genius of the stubborn plain Almost as quickly as he conquered Spain.

As the wild duck is more swift and beautiful than the tame, so is the wildthe mallardthought, which 'mid falling dews wings its way above the fens.

It is an essentially tame and civilized literature, reflecting Greece and Rome.

Approached from this side, the best poetry is tame.

Give me for my friends and neighbors wild men, not tame ones.

Undoubtedly, all men are not equally fit subjects for civilization; and because the majority, like dogs and sheep, are tame by inherited disposition, this is no reason why the others should have their natures broken that they may be reduced to the same level.

But it is not the part of a true culture to tame tigers, any more than it is to make sheep ferocious; and tanning their skins for shoes is not the best use to which they can be put.

4 Here huntsmen with delight may read How to choose dogs for scent or speed, And how to change or mend the breed; 5 What arms to use, or nets to frame, Wild beasts to combat or to tame; With all the myst'ries of that game.

like the Author, whose capacious mind Might, by the glorious work, the Maker find; Might measure heaven, and give each star a name; With art and courage the rough ocean tame; Over the globe with swelling sails might go, And that 'tis round by his experience know; Make strongest beasts obedient to his will, And serve his use the fertile earth to till.

This love, the centre of our union, can Alone bestow complete repose on man; 240 Tame his wild appetite, make inward peace, And foreign strife among the nations cease.

They saw also fishes of fine colours, but no land animals except large tame snakes, the before-mentioned alligators, and small rabbits, almost like rats, called Unias; they had also some small dogs which did not bark.

It costs anything from seventy-five cents to fifty dollars! London when I come back from America always seems at first like an ill-lighted village, strangely tame, peaceful and backward.

The style tames with the spirit; and wild blood is not the worst of faults in poets or boys.

BAC`CHUS, son of Zeus and Semele, the god of the vine, and promoter of its culture as well as the civilisation which accompanied it; represented as riding in a car drawn by tame tigers, and carrying a THYRSUS (q. v.); he rendered signal service to Zeus in the war of the gods with the GIANTS (q. v.).

A bull market, however terrific, always is tame beside a bear crash.

'Tis patient teaching, and not angry scorn, Will tame me.

Him must I flee, for I cannot tame My hatred.

Poor Raymond, he is a dutiful son, and he has done the deed; but, if I am not much mistaken the little lady is made of something neither mother nor son is prepared for, and he has not love enough to tame her with.