1789 examples of tames in sentences

Thy wine doth purify the golden honey; thy perfume, Which thou dost scatter on every little blade of grass that springs, Revives the milkèd cow, and tames the fire-breathing steed.

When masters bind a slave with cruel chain, And keep him hope-forlorn in bondage pent, Use tames his temper to imprisonment, And hardly would he fain be free again.

He tames, and he clothes them with attributes of flesh and blood, till they wonder at themselves, like Indian Islanders forced to submit to European vesture.

So very tame were the victims, and so totally unconscious of the danger they incurred from the presence of man, that the crew moved round among them, seemingly but very little observed, and not at all molested.

an ancient ram replies, 'We bear no terror in our eyes; Yet think us not of soul so tame, Which no repeated wrongs inflame; Insensible of every ill, Because we want thy tusks to kill.

The brutal way in which this is done at the calaboose, strikes terror into the negro mind, and the threat is often sufficient to tame the most incorrigible.

The civilized man not only clears the land permanently to a great extent, and cultivates open fields, but he tames and cultivates to a certain extent the forest itself.

But even in the midst of such patriotic endeavours, which from a police point of view were entirely in order, the poet interrupts himself; -Sed sumne ego stultus, qui rem curo publicam Ubi sunt magistratus, quos curare oporteat?- and taken as a whole, we can hardly imagine a comedy politically more tame than was that of Rome in the sixth century.(22)

At Niagara we have gloried in the belief that all the cataracts of other lands were tame; but we changed our mind when we stood on the brink of Great Shoshone Falls.

He never did anything to tame them except to treat them kindly.

When Nature wants to name a man And fame a man And tame a man; When Nature wants to shame a man To do his heavenly best.... When she tries the highest test That her reckoning may bring When she wants a god or king!

Yes, to all but Phebe, her illness and long imprisonment and her return to matter-of-fact life downstairs, was a tame-enough story now.

and passed away into the distance; and as it passed, the tame geese on the farms cried out to their brothers up above them that they were free.

(iv. 5.) "Be like the promontory against which the waves continually break, but it stands firm and tames the fury of the water around it" (iv. 49.)

The round arches of the Christian edifices of Granada seem tame and inelegant, in comparison.

Or, if that will not tame you, I will complayne to'th fownder of your loosenes, Your riotts, and disorders, and petition That you, as sowers off seditious hatred And sole disturbers of our common peace, Maye bee excluded this society, Banisht by common barre-law, and shutt out To publick shame and beggerye.

Football's tame nowadays.

The president of the club himself was one of the deserters; and the rest of the Dozen grew very bitter, and the arguments often reached a point where it needed only one word more to bring on a scrimmagea scrimmage that would make a lively football game seem tame by comparison.

The result of being situated in a half-dead village, which was neither loved nor loving, did not make life at the Academy tame, but quite the opposite; for the boys were forced to find their whole entertainment in the Academy life, and in one another, and the campus was therefore a little republic in itselfa Utopia.

The language of the actual and the practical applied to the ideal brings it at once within everybody's reach, tames it, and familiarizes it to the mind.

Leland tells us that the town of Fairford never flourished "before the cumming of the Tames into it.

The young Hercules holding the lion's cub in his right hand upon his shoulder, while with his left he tames the raging lioness, has the true Italian instinct for a return to Latin style.

The arm, my lord, that tames the stubborn earth, And makes its bosom blossom with increase, Can also shield its owner's breast at need.

There St. John mingles with my friendly bowl The feast of reason and the flow of soul; And he whose lightnings pierced the Iberian lines Now forms my quincunx and now ranks my vines; Or tames the genius of the stubborn plain Almost as quickly as he conquered Spain.

The style tames with the spirit; and wild blood is not the worst of faults in poets or boys.

1789 examples of  tames  in sentences