58 examples of tantrum in sentences

Them as is kerried off by tantrums, 'n' consorts with Papishers 'n' the Lord knows what, might see in this a judgment, ef they would.

That evil-tempered old woman, Mother Nature, in one of her worst tantrums, has been inflicting so many cuffs and blows on me that she has left me no energy or disposition to kick anythingeven myself.

What have you heard about that?" "They do say, sir, that they 'ad some words together the other day, and that the woman's took herself off in a tantrum.

"Oh, let the little gal have her tantrums, sister-in-law," said he.

" At this Beauchene flew into a tantrum, quite beside himself, and gasped: "I a bad patriot!

Babyhood has no monopoly on the tantrum.

He pitches his hands about with considerable activity, and often flings himself suddenly into a white-heat, tantrum of virtue, and the brethren like him when be does this.

And here we begin to get a little excited and breathless; this is Avery in a tantrum, getting angrier and angrier every moment."

"No, you've never seen her in a tantrum of course.

My uncle shrugged his shoulders as if to say that it was useless to argue with a woman's tantrums.

[Fr.], angry mood, taking, pet, tiff, passion, fit, tantrums. burst, explosion, paroxysm, storm, rage, fury, desperation; violence &c 173; fire and fury; vials of wrath; gnashing of teeth, hot blood, high words.

For some time after this there was no return of the "tantrums," as Selphar had called the condition, whatever it was.

" "Well, hold on," said her more matter-of-fact brother; "just as like as not Nanahboozhoo would give them salt instead of sugar, if he were in one of his tantrums.

But now you drink your tea, and get all settled down's quick's you can, for Captain Melville 'll be here any minute now I expect, an' he don't like tantrums.

"Rum tantrums!" ejaculated the corporal.

The hotel was in a fearsome uproar when Vava fell into a tantrum, women patrons afraid of his possible actions and men threatening to club him into a mild frame of mind.

Phyl Berknowles strongly objects to the intrusion of Richard Pinckney into the glorious muddle of her Irish ménage, and irritates him so successfully that he returns in a considerable tantrum to America, leaving her with some friends in Dublin.

"The old lady was in one of her tantrums that night and part of the day before.

Temper tantrums are a child's S.O.S. (In PM

If she had not been next door to a Bess of Bedlam and in a main tantrum, she would have seen that.

"Well," I replied, "suppose he did go into a regular tantrum and use all the most startling expletives in the vocabulary for fifteen minutes!

If silence is ever golden, it is when a husband is in a tantrum.

"Come, Billie, I'm tired of this tantrum.

And there wuz some white bears natural as life, and dog teams haulin' sledges, toiling up the steep cliffs hitched tantrum.

I haven't had a tantrum for ages.

58 examples of  tantrum  in sentences