63 examples of tardily in sentences

Production is very tardily being taken up again because there is everywhere, if in a different degree, a lesser desire for work on the part of the working classes joined with a need for higher remuneration.

For example: Up to the moment of her flight from the Café des Exiles there had been, as Sofia saw it, nothing extraordinary or inexplicable in the chapter of happenings which had made her acquainted, as abruptly as tardily, with certain facts concerning her parentage.

When we have a system which is clearly bad, and when we see our way to make it better, we generally make the change however tardily.

While recognition of this character pleased him greatly when it came spontaneously and willingly, he placed but little value on that which he thought grudgingly or tardily tendered, and in one or two instances refused membership in societies which he thought granted in that manner.

As this was performed rather tardily by them, he himself reached Britain with the first squadron of ships, about the fourth hour of the day, and there saw the forces of the enemy drawn up in arms on all the hills.

The day broke tardily among the mountains of Dauphiné.

IX It was an hour or two later when the moon, drifting tardily up from the south, found Miss Hugonin and Mr. Kennaston chatting amicably together in the court at Selwoode.

" "I thought thy question hasty!" exclaimed the wealthy peasant, swelling like one who gets justice, though tardily.

Ever the suns rise tardily or fleet And light the letters on a churchyard stone.

On a church steeple a block away a round clock-face told the minutes, and Bronson wondered, if they dragged so slowly to him, how tardily they must follow one another to the men in the prison, who could not see the clock's face.

They saw Hotspur's father, the first Henry Percy to receive the title of Earl, (a title which had been given him at the coronation of Richard II.) set out with a brave force after Hotspur's departure; and they saw his return, almost alone, dejected and broken in spirit, having learnt that the help so tardily given had come too late, and the life of his gallant son was ended.

Somewhere she had formed in her heart rather than by whatever it was life had tardily and ungenerously and unwisely brought her.

Being an honest and unselfish man, he investigated and initiated legislation so carefully and tardily that the remedy for the evil was applied only four days ago.

" The Rover, who saw, by the uneasy glances that she cast aside, and by the expression of her countenance how impatient his companion was becoming for a sequel that approached so tardily, and how much she dreaded an interruption, made a significant sign to her to permit the straight-going tar to take his own course, as the best means of coming at the facts they both longed so much to hear.

Freer tradethat is, a trade which is less encumbered than some admitted state of things which previously existedis easily enough comprehended; but, instead of conveying to the mind any general theory, it merely shows that a lack of wisdom may have prevailed in the management of some particular interest; which lack of wisdom is now being tardily repaired.

"His Eminence moves tardily to night," he said in reply to a remark of the Duke.

She turned and they tardily followed their friends, bound for the gangway.

"You see, I've become the sort of an ass who is storing up information and solving vast and intricate problems in order to be kind to my superiors when, struck with panic at their own tardily discovered incapacity, they rush to me in a body to ask me how to do it.

The debtors answered him haughtily, alleging their poverty as a reason for no longer enduring his avarice; his imperious orders were tardily executed, and he had a clear perception that they were laughing behind his back as he walked through the cloister, and making threatening gestures.

To the majority of the officers from that army promotion was rapid, though a few cases occurred in which the services they rendered were tardily acknowledged.

The less efficient laborers and others that have been out of work, begin to find employment, and then, more tardily, wages begin to rise.

The limitation of hours was first applied to children working in English factories early in the nineteenth century and thence has extended throughout the world, tardily following the spread of the factory system.

The legislatures have, much more tardily than in their legislation for children and for women, acted contrary to this assumption, but, when this has been done, the courts in America have vigorously asserted the general doctrine and denied the constitutionality of the laws.

If any one spoke to her, she answered tardily and not always to the purpose.

Very tardily, according to the feelings of the anxious women, was the dinner finished, and their companions ready to take them out again.

63 examples of  tardily  in sentences