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99 examples of  tartans  in sentences

99 examples of tartans in sentences

and $1 per yard, worth $1.50 and $1.75 | | | | TARTAN

Mars, acute fevers and tartan agues, continual and intermitting fevers, imposthumes, erisepelas, carbuncles, fistulas, dysentery, and similar hot and dry diseases.

Byron's most careful biographer has said of him: "Although on his first expedition to Greece he was dressed in the tartan of the Gordon clan, yet the whole bent of his mind, and the character of his poetry, are anything but Scottish.

In the description of their persons we partly recognize the modern Gael, or the inhabitants of the Highlands of Scotland: huge bodies, blue eyes, bristly hair; even their dress and armor are those of the Highlanders, for they wore the checked and variegated tartans; their arms consisted of the broad, unpointed battle-sword, the same weapon as the claymore among the Highlanders.

As late or long-keeping potatoes, the Tartan or Red-apple stands very high in favour.

A tartan plaid, spun of good hawslock woo, Scarlet and green the sets, the borders blue, With spraings like gowd and siller crossed with black; I never had it yet upon my back: Weel are ye wordy o' 't, what have sae kind Sed up my reveled doubts and cleared my mind.

" Jessie McRae wore nothing half so picturesque as the tartan.

On this Christmas day, as she watched her mother fold up the pretty bright tartan dress that was to be her Christmas present to Wallula, she said gleefully, "Don't forget, mamma, to write on the box, 'Wallula's Christmas present from Major Molly.'

" In looking at and trying on the "bewt'ful Chris'mas present,"a pair of elaborately embroidered moccasins lined and bordered with rabbit fur,and in dressing Wallula up in the tartan dress, the time flew so rapidly that long before Molly expected it the cabin door opened again, and the tall gaunt figure reappeared.

He wore a pair of brogues,Tartan hose which came up only near to his knees, and left them bare,a purple camblet kilt,a black waistcoat,a short green cloth coat bound with gold cord,a yellowish bushy wig,a large blue bonnet with a gold thread button.

He had his Tartan plaid thrown about him, a large blue bonnet with a knot of black ribband like a cockade, a brown short coat of a kind of duffil, a Tartan waistcoat with gold buttons and gold button-holes, a bluish philibeg, and Tartan hose.

He had his Tartan plaid thrown about him, a large blue bonnet with a knot of black ribband like a cockade, a brown short coat of a kind of duffil, a Tartan waistcoat with gold buttons and gold button-holes, a bluish philibeg, and Tartan hose.

He had his Tartan plaid thrown about him, a large blue bonnet with a knot of black ribband like a cockade, a brown short coat of a kind of duffil, a Tartan waistcoat with gold buttons and gold button-holes, a bluish philibeg, and Tartan hose.

Each had a neat bed, with Tartan curtains, in an upper chamber.

Upon the road to Portree, Prince Charles changed his dress, and put on man's clothes again; a tartan short coat and waistcoat, with philibeg and short hose, a plaid, and a wig and bonnet.

She was dressed in tartan, and could speak nothing but Erse.

They make broad-cloth, and tartan, and linen, of their own wool and flax, sufficient for their own use; as also stockings.

To evade the law against the tartan dress, the Highlanders used to dye their variegated plaids and kilts into blue, green, or any single colour.

By his side was a lady with sweet, delicate features, dressed in a tartan travelling costume.

Clanishness and cleanliness occupy front ranks at Christ Church, and if the Scotch tartans were worn in it, the theory of distinction would be consummated.


Where are the tartans of '71?

spectrum, rainbow, iris, tulip, peacock, chameleon, butterfly, tortoise shell; mackerel, mackerel sky; zebra, leopard, cheetah, nacre, ocelot, ophite^, mother-of-pearl, opal, marble. check, plaid, tartan, patchwork; marquetry-, parquetry; mosaic, tesserae^, strigae^; chessboard, checkers, chequers; harlequin; Joseph's coat; tricolor.

It was a furor: Dalgetty swung his tartan cap, Sandy his hat; handkerchiefs were waved, staves rang on the floor.

And indeed it seemed as if it must break her bones, so fiercely he rolled her over and over, tearing off his woollen coat to smother the fire; beating it with his tartan cap, stamping it with his knees and feet "Oh, my darlin'!

Clarke I. 15 The barcha is a sort of brig with topsails, having all its yards on one long pole without sliding masts, as still used by tartans and settees.

Plain colours were evidently unpopular and fancy tartans of the most flamboyant hues predominated amongst those who, during a spell of, say, three years had been fortunate enough not to lose a parent, sister, brother, uncle, or aunt.

A perfectly natural reaction appeared to urge the ci-devant mourners to robe themselves in lively checks and tartans.

Dayan-Assur 142 the Tartan, the Commander of the wide-spreading army, at the head of my army to the country of Armenia I urged, 143 I sent.

149 Dayan-Assur the Tartan, the Commander of the wide-spreading army at the head of my host (and) my camp 150 I urged, I sent.

In my 30th year when in the city of Calah I was stopping, Dayan-Assur 160 the Tartan, the Commander of the wide-spreading army at the head of my army I urged, I sent.

At the time while I was stopping in the city of Calah, Dayan-Assur 176 the Tartan, the Commander of my wide-spreading army, at the head of my army (and) my camp I urged, I sent.

'No young woman in the Lake country would think of being without a waterproof.' Mary was duly provided, and with the help of the groom put herself into a snug little tartan Inverness, while Hartfield sent the cart spinning along twelve miles an hour.

* The Grant Tartan.

Then we belted on our tartans, And our bonnets down we drew, And we felt our broadswords' edges, And we proved them to be true;

Leave the blood upon his bosom Wash not off that sacred stain: Let it stiffen on the tartan, Let his wounds unclosed remain, Till the day when he shall show them At the throne of God on high, When the murderer and the murdered Meet before their Judge's eye! Nayye should not weep, my children! Leave it to the faint and weak; Sobs are but a woman's weapon Tears befit a maiden's cheek.

For in many a spot the tartan Peered above the wintry heap, Marking where a dead Macdonald Lay within his frozen sleep.

Again I see the tartans wave, Again the trumpets ring; Again I hear our leader's call 'Upon them, for the King!' Stayed we behind that glorious day For roaring flood or linn?

Oh, my heart is sick and heavy Southern gales are not for me; Though the glens are white with winter, Place me there, and set me free; Give me back my trusty comrades Give me back my Highland maid Nowhere beats the heart so kindly As beneath the tartan plaid!

Historical examples of the show Collie have also been seen in Champions Christopher, Anfield Model, Sappho of Tytton, Parbold Piccolo, and Woodmanstern Tartan.

He was certainly longer in the back than we care for nowadays, and his head also was shorter, and his jaw more snipy than is now seen, but his portrait clearly shows he was a genuine Scottish Terrier, and there is no doubt that he, with his kennel mates, Tartan, Crofter, Syringa, Cavack, and Posey, conferred benefit upon the breed.

Ramblercalled by the great authorities the first pillar of the stud bookwas a son of a dog called Bon-Accord, and it is to this latter dog and Roger Rough, and also the aforesaid Tartan and Splinter II.

how can you expect the other women to stand for such a monopoly?" To escape the strain of these visits, Ralph once or twice tried the experiment of leaving Paul with his grand-parents and calling for him in the late afternoon; but one day, on re-entering the Malibran, he was met by a small abashed figure clad in a kaleidoscopic tartan and a green velvet cap with a silver thistle.

There was the same stem clash of the jaw, the same hard, determined frown in this, their lovely descendant, that confronted Plantagenet and his mailed legions on the plains by Stirling, that stiffened under the wan moonlight on Culloden Moor amongst broken claymores and riven targets, and tartans all stained to the deep-red hues of the Stuart with his clansmen's blood.

Most industrious among the hand-fishers I remarked a small, spare man, who, under the careful supervision of a buxom young wife in a "loud" tartan silk, baited no hook nor broke water with his lead until he had first folded and put carefully away between the handle and lid of the family prog-basket his tight little black frock-coat, and passed his small legs through the tough creases of a pair of stout blue "Denim" overalls.

They manifested a great appreciation of color, but none of form, and after the free dress of the Hucal women, these people, mummied in their red tartan shawlsall hybrid Stewarts, they seemed to mewere merely bright bundles in the sunshine.

There are Scots from Canada who wear the kilt and their own tartan and cap.

Every Highland regiment, of course, has its own distinguishing tartan and cap.

If they wore the bright plaids of the tartans they would be much too conspicuous a mark for the Germans, and so they have to forswear their much loved colors when they are actually at grips with Fritz.

When I came close I saw it was a bit of cloth, and immediately I recognized the tartan of the Black Watchthe famous Forty-second.

I stood for a moment, looking down at that bit of tartan, flapping in the soft summer breeze.

I wondered if the owner of the bit of tartan were still safe or if he lay under one of the crosses that I saw.

I asked a soldier for some wire clippers, and I cut the wire on either side of that bit of tartan, and took it, just as it was.

And as I put the wee bit of a brave man's kilt away I kissed the blood-stained tartan, for Auld Lang Syne, and thought of what a tale it could tell if it could only speak!

Yet there was one blood-chilling story that my boy John told to me, and that the finding of that bit of Black Watch tartan brings to my mind.

" That was the tale I thought of when I found that bit of the Black Watch tartan.

But we to his kindred, and we to his cause, When Albyn her claymore indignantly draws; When her bonneted chieftains to victory crowd, Clanranald the dauntless, and Moray the proud; All plaided and plumed in their tartan array

Three times in closing strife they stood, And thrice the Saxon blade drank blood: No stinted draught, no scanty tide, The gushing flood the tartans dyed.

By the way in which he settled himself and put down his bag, and unrolled his traveling rug of bright-hued tartan, I had recognized the Anglo-Saxon traveler, more accustomed to long journeys by land and sea than to the comforts of his home, if he had a home.

A beautiful tartan wrapper for his feet, from Mrs. Parker; a reading desk and book from Mr. Parker; a microscope from John and Fred; a telescope from Emilie and Edith; some beautiful knitted socks from aunt Agnes; a pair of Edith and Fred's very best canaries.

Of the number who left Doune in the morning, and with the purpose we have described, not a Glunamie of them all cocked his bonnet more briskly, or gartered his tartan hose under knee over a pair of more promising spiogs (legs), than did Robin Oig M'Combich, called familiarly Robin Oig, that is Young, or the Lesser, Robin.

" "Ye're aye cute, dame," I cried, thrawing the bit gy abune, and in a gliffing, doun jumpit the chiel, and a braw chiel he was sure enough, siccan my auld e'en sall ne'er see again, wi' his brent brow and buirdly bowk wrappit in a tartan plaid, wi' a Highland kilt.

COLIN, or in Scotch CAILEN, Green Colin, the laird of Dunstaffnage, so called from the green colour which prevailed in his tartan.

His Grace's heart warmed to the tartan when Jeannie appeared before him in the dress of a Scottish maiden of her class.

It was generally of dark material; the tartans now supposed to be peculiar to the various clans being then unknown, or at least not worn by the common people, although the heads of the clans may have worn scarfs of those patterns.

This was his general dress of a morning for riding, but I have seen it changed for a green tartan plaid jacket.

They were commanded by a Highlander in a bum-bee tartan kilt, top-hat and one sock, with a red nose a foot long, riding on a rocking horse and brandishing a dem great cucumber and a tea-tray made into a shield.

Near to the enormous transatlantic liners were some very ancient tartans and some Greek boats, heavy and of archaic form, which recalled the fleets described in the Iliad.

Then we belted on our tartans, and our bonnets down we drew, And we felt our broadswords' edges, and we proved them to be true, And we pray'd the prayer of soldiers, and we cried the gathering cry, And we clasp'd the hands of kinsmen, and we swore to do or die!

And so, when the "Iron Man" John Johnson, driving a team entered by Colonel Charles Ramsay of London, and Fox Ramsay driving his own team of the same type, were first and second, the Ramsay Tartan fluttered beside the flag of Finland in triumph.

R92512, 25Mar52, Howard D. McKinney (A) SONGS of The Carnegie Institute of Technology, compiled and edited by Alfred H. Johnson and members of the Carnegie Tartan staff.

Warping directions for tartan plaids.

By Edgar Rice Burroughs. (Tartan, no. 2949) (In United feature comics, Jan. 21, 1949)

I happen to be a McNab, Miss, I couldn't help noticing that you're wearing our tartan.

R92512, 25Mar52, Howard D. McKinney (A) SONGS of The Carnegie Institute of Technology, compiled and edited by Alfred H. Johnson and members of the Carnegie Tartan staff.

Warping directions for tartan plaids.

By Edgar Rice Burroughs. (Tartan, no. 2949) (In United feature comics, Jan. 21, 1949)

I happen to be a McNab, Miss, I couldn't help noticing that you're wearing our tartan.

In one instance, where the Spiritual garments were not white, but particolored (the Spirit was a Scotch girl and wore the tartan), the effect of de-materializing was capitally given by the Spirit's standing just inside the slightly parted curtains, and then allowing the whole outer costume, even to the head-dress, to fall swiftly to the floor.

This is a vigorous and thrifty town, that makes a profitable and useful business of the manufacture of tweeds, tartans and shawls.

Near Dunkeld, Birnam Hill lifts its round, dark, bushy head to the height of over 1,500 feet, grand and grim, as if it wore the bonnet of Macbeth and hid his dagger beneath its tartan cloak of firs.

O for a frock of tartan!

She wore a bright tartan, a straw petticoat embroidered with pearls, and necklaces wherever she could put them.

As they drew near we could distinguish men in tartan plaids, women in scarlet cloaks, and green umbrellas by the half-dozen.

It did not rain much, but the women held up their umbrellas; they were dressed in all the colours of the rainbow, and with their scarlet cardinals, the tartan plaids of the men, and Scotch bonnets, made a gay appearance.

ON THE TEXT [Footnote A: The people of the neighbourhood of Loch Ketterine, in order to prove the extraordinary length of their Hero's arm, tell you that "he could garter his Tartan Stockings below the knee when standing upright.

As a proof of the length of his arm, they told us that he could garter his tartan stockings below the knee without stooping, and added a dozen different stories of single combats, which he had fought, all in perfect good humour, merely to prove his prowess.

30 And proud she was of heart, when clad In crimson stockings, tartan plaid, And bonnet with a feather gay, To Kirk he on the sabbath day Went hand in hand with her.

But the habitantes laid much to his blue eyes and yellow hair, and the picturesqueness of the red and pale green Fraser tartan.

From her hiding-place in one of the empty houses behind Vergor's tents, Jeannette Descheneaux watched the scarlet backs and the tartans of the Highlanders grow smaller.

and "Caisteal Duna!"when the shock of a volley stopped the streaming tartans.

McCraw, his white face bound with a bloody rag, drew his straight claymore and wound the tattered tartan around his wrist, motioning Billy Bones to ride on.

While the words are yet on his lips, while I am still smiling up at him, under the soaked tartan there comes a voice from the coach.

And the pipers' ribbons and tartans streamed, Marching round and round our line; And our joyful cheers were broken with tears As the pipes played Auld Lang Syne.

of Stirling, the scene of the victory, on June 24, 1314, of Robert the Bruce over Edward II., which reasserted and secured Scottish independence; it manufactures carpets and tartans.

BLACK WATCH, two Highland regiments, the 42nd and 73rd, so called from the dark colour of the tartan; raised originally for the preservation of the peace in the Highlands. BLACKBURN (120), a manufacturing town in Lancashire, 21 m. NW. of Manchester, a centre of the cotton industry, and the greatest in the world; is the birthplace of Hargreaves, the inventor of the spinning-jenny.

KINROSS (7), small Scottish county lying between Perth and Fife, round Loch Leven, is agricultural and grazing, with some hills of no great height, and coal mines; the co. town, KINROSS (2), is on the W. shore of Loch Leven; manufactures tartan.

There was Stewart, ex-Jacobite, sealer, and pilot, whose name still conceals Rakiura, and whose Highland pride made him wear the royal tartan to the last as he sat in Maori villages smoking among the blanketed savages.

At the door of the Blair-Athole Hotel he observed standing a magnificent man in full tartans, and noticed with much admiration the wide dimensions of his nostrils in a fine upturned nose.