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181 example sentences with  tastefully

181 example sentences with tastefully

She led her into a cool, tastefully furnished room, drew her down beside her on the couch and took off her hat and gloves, then she handed her a fan and went to make her a lemon soda.

The room was tastefully though somewhat elaborately furnished; yet everything in it seemed as fresh and new as if it had just come from the shopwhich was not far from the truth.

The object, then, is not only to live, but to live economically, agreeably, tastefully, and well.

The above ingredients form the principal constituents of a winter salad, and may be converted into a very pretty dish, by nicely contrasting the various colours, and by tastefully garnishing it.

A dish of light pastry, tastefully arranged, looks very prettily with this sugar spun lightly over it.

The fruit should always be gathered on the same day that it is required for table, and should be tastefully arranged on the dishes, with leaves between and round it.

A few vases of fresh flowers, tastefully arranged, add very much to the appearance of the dessert; and, when these are not obtainable, a few paper ones, mixed with green leaves, answer very well as a substitute.

Also, she decided, by the time that she was becomingly gowned and her hair arranged tastefully, it was as well to let Gratton wait for her a while; waiting always, to some extent, brought to the one cooling his heels a sense of disadvantage.

They were not keen on artistic effects in the school buildings, but were a unit on wanting a tastefully dressed teacher.

In many of the houses, they give nothing but brandy, which is tastefully placed out on small round tables, as at a pastrycook's shop.

His wife was a slender lady, scarcely half his age, with a sweet and interesting face, and was attired plainly but tastefully.

The wigwam was of the usual dome-like shape, roofed with skins tastefully and elegantly adjusted, while a mass of creeping and flowering shrubs that entwined themselves around it, showed it to be no erection of a day.

Consulting her memoranda as she rode along; in her handsome, tastefully appointed equipage, Diana found that Louise Merrick, one of the three girls she had set out to discover, was the nearest on her route.

She took a seat in the snug front parlor and from her position noted the series of rooms that opened one into another throughout the suite, all richly but tastefully furnished in homely, unassuming manner.

He led me to the parlour, which was well and tastefully furnishedDawson has seen good housesand we waited there while Mrs. Dawson dished up the dinner.

The chancel of the building is circular, tastefully painted, with a calm subdued light, and looks rich.

They discourse the music tastefully, but they are too quiet, and don't get into a temper, as they ought to do occasionally, over it.

The building is cruciform in shape, and has a strong, yet tastefully-finished, galleried transept, approached by collateral doers, which also give ingress to the church on the ground floor.

Here and there a knot of ribbon or a bit of lace had been tastefully added, and the whole effect was really remarkably gay and pretty.

Her passion for that work grew wonderfully, and might be accounted for by the fascination of perfect success; for her coronets and garlands and bouquets and baskets were arranged with so much lightness and elegance, and the different-colored shells were so tastefully combined, that they looked less like manufactured articles than like flowers that grew in the gardens of the Nereids.

They were tastefully, but not lavishly, furnished.

In the centre was a table, tastefully laid, and beyond it in a low chair a young lady was seated, with a book in her hand.

To my astonishment the stone was plainly a new one, and the grave was tastefully decorated with flowers.

The interior formed a long saloon in miniature, fitted up with lounges, and tastefully decorated; a promenade on the deck or top furnishing a good place for exercise.

Human life will stand in the foreground of such a home,human life, crowned with its dignities and graces,while animal life will be removed among the shadows, and the gross material utilities, tastefully disguised, will be made to retire into an unoffending and harmonious perspective.

The ladies in the party were intelligent and dressed tastefully, and I shall never forget how the gaudy colors of their dresses contrasted with the gloom of that nasty cellar.

The platforms and passages are tastefully decorated with coloured pictures by the leading firms.

While Mrs. Harding, far enough from vanity, always dressed with extreme plainness, Ida's attire was always of good material and made up tastefully.

In this lovely spot Mr. McCormick built a castle, so handsomely finished, inside and out, so tastefully designed and so elegantly furnished, that one would imagine he expected to entertain royalty within its walls.

The grounds are of a vast extent, and tastefully laid out.

The Parc is not large, but is tastefully laid out in the Dutch style, and is the fashionable promenade for the beau monde of Bruxelles.

The house is in the style of a cottage ornรฉ, but very roomy and tastefully fitted up; but nothing can be more diversified and picturesque than the manner in which the garden is laid out.

The gardens that environ the town are very tastefully laid out, and serve as the favourite promenade of the beau monde of Frankfort.

A number of beautiful women elegantly attired paraded up and down the public promenades, which are exceedingly well and tastefully laid out.

The theatre itself is small, being something under the size of our old Haymarket little theatre, but is very neatly and tastefully fitted up.

The rez de chaussรฉe or lower part of the house, which is completely ร  fleur d'eau with the lake, is tastefully paved, and the walls decorated with a mosaic of shells.

The promenades in the environs of Bern are the finest I have seen anywhere, and the grounds allotted to this purpose are very tastefully laid out.

His name on one side of a window, his birthplace upon the otherwhat could be more tastefully appropriate?

The entablature of each pediment is tastefully filled up with groups of figures in white marble, exquisitely carved in alto relievo, illustrative of the arts and sciences.

Handsome, intelligent, composed, tastefully dressed, she awakened to the uttermost every admiring sentiment and every manly feeling.

"The pearls thus tastefully disposed around the person of a fair Panamenian, are procured among the islands of the coast by diving.

The fair hands that have been employed on it are folded on a lap of corded silk representing the fashions of the nineties, and the grey-haired beauty (that once was) sits contemplative, wearing a cap of creamish lace, tastefully arranged, not unaware that in the entering lamp-light, and under the fire's soft glow of approval, she presents to her domestic's eye an improving picture of gentility.

The merchant's stalls also are larger, and the wares, although not so magnificent and rich as some travellers represent, are more tastefully displayed and can be more easily overlooked, especially the carpets, fruits, and vegetables.

The corset resembled that of the time of the hooped petticoats; it was made of thick silk, richly and tastefully embroidered round the corners with coloured silk and gold.

These latter should be cooked separately, and mixed tastefully together with an eye to colour and appearance.

Flowers were abundant now, and she had dressed her rooms tastefully with them.

The flowers so fragile, so delicate, and so ornamental, seem to have been tastefully disposed to adorn the scene.

The canoe was nearly new, it measured eighteen feet in length, and two in breadth, and would easily carry eight persons; the sides were supported by two poles fastened to the gunwhale by strips of a climbing plant (Flagellaria indica), that grows abundantly hereabouts, and with which also the ends of the canoe were neatly, and even tastefully joined; the poles were spanned together on either side by rope constructed of strips of bark.

The large, dark parlors were thrown open, the best chambers were aired, the bright, autumnal flowers were gathered and in tastefully arranged bouquets adorned the mantels, while Theo and Maggie, in their best attire, flitted uneasily from room to room, running sometimes to the gate to look down the grassy road which led from the highway, and again mounting the tower stairs to obtain a more extended view.

On a cool piazza overlooking a handsome flower garden the breakfast table was tastefully arranged.

They consist of eight companies, of one hundred each; their engines are brilliantly got up, and decorated tastefully with flowers; banners flying; the men, in gay but business-like uniform, dragging their engines about, and bands playing away joyously before them.

About the same time various amateurs, well mounted on steeds gaily caparisoned, fancifully and tastefully attired, present themselves.

Charlotte wished her to appear in clothes of a richer and more recherchรฉ sort, and at once the clever active girl herself cut out the stuff which had been previously sent to her, and with a very little assistance from others was able, in a short time, to dress herself out most tastefully.

He had made no attempt at originality, but kept close to his outlines; his only care was to make a proper distribution of the sitting and floating figures, so as tastefully to ornament his space with them.

The pleasure grounds are tastefully disposed, and their beauty improved by the judicious introduction of temples and other artificial embellishments, among which, a naval temple, containing a piece of the mast of the Victory, before which Nelson fell, and a bust of the noble admiral, has been consecrated to his memory by the royal duke, with devotional affection, and the best feelings of a warm heart.

The front is enclosed by handsome iron rails, tastefully painted in imitation of bronze.

It is small, but tastefully disposed in oblong beds, edged with fine porcelain; no plant is allowed to grow in it except the hyacinth; whence the name of the garden and the apartment it contains.

It has been tastefully and judiciously edited by the Rev. F. Dale, M.A., and its characterestics, if we may use the term, are several productions of his highly imaginative and powerful pen.

She was very quietly and very tastefully dressed, and, instead of concentrating on the well-laden stalls of garden produce or the orderly stacks of knitted comforts, or the really useful baskets, she went straight to the stall which even Mrs. Dodd, who had the kindest heart in the countryside, had been compelled to relegate to a dark corner.

The style of the whole room is that of chaste and classic beauty: the light is tastefully introduced into the extreme sections of the great room by concealed skylights, and through stained glass in the panels of the ceiling and the dome, decorated to correspond with those that are not pierced for that purpose.

The grounds are tastefully laid out in gravel-walks, lawns, and parterres, and form a public promenade, to which a fine pool in front of the buildings adds considerable beauty.

onebut no; there it was, "Heathfield House," four miles from Weybridge, surrounded by its own grounds of four acres, tastefully laid out in lawn, flower and kitchen-gardens, &c, &c. Rent only $350.

The food served on the family table was of the plainest, and not always superabundant in quantity; but the table itself was tastefully ordered, and, indeed, no sort of carelessness appeared in any detail of the household life.

An other, more tastefully, would drop the st of the preterit, and contract the present, as in the second instance above: thus, (9.)

He was a nobly fronted old gentleman, with imposing head, bald at the top but tastefully hung with pale, fluffy side curls.

She had noted only that the creature's costume consisted of the flags of the United States and Ireland tastefully combined to form a simple loin cloth.

He was evidently unhappy and obviously striving-to-be-Goodand he had such beautiful eyes, dressed so tastefully, and looked at one with such a respectful devotion and regard, that, reallywell, it added a tremendous savour to life.

Most of the houses are built of wood, which, when tastefully painted (not often the case) have rather a pleasing appearance.

Some of the houses here are tastefully decorated.

They dress very tastefully.

Their houses are built of brick, and their gardens and farms are laid out and fenced tastefully.

The girls dance well, and on these occasions they dress tastefully.

The planters' houses are tastefully built, surrounded by gardens full of orange-trees, flowers, and evergreens, presenting the idea of perpetual spring, which here is indeed the case.

The gardens to this terrace are tastefully disposed, and the situation commands some of the most fascinating prospects of the Park.

She was tastefully dressed, as usual, and she bore herself with superb composure.

The walls also are coloured, and often very tastefully picked out with white or some other harmonizing tint.

At these evening parties, the brilliance of the lights, and the beauty of the flowers, which in the supper-room especially are very tastefully displayed, render the scene extremely attractive.

A few wild flowers were tastefully entwined with her hair, which was dressed with some pretensions to elegance.

The sides were often elaborately carved and tastefully painted.

Breads, fruits, and grains, with milk, cream, and some simple relish, tastefully served, offer ample provision for a healthful and nourishing repast.

A visit should be paid to Vivary Park at the end of High Street, a tastefully laid-out public recreation ground on the site of the old monastic fishponds.

A room put in perfect order, clean, tastefully decorated, is a delight to the eye for three hours and then it must be again cleaned and rearranged.

Flo (18; her friend; shorter, somewhat less pronounced in manner; rather pretty, simply and tastefully dressed; milliner or bonnet-maker's apprentice.)

They likewise offered cotton stuffs, similar to tapestries, for household decoration, very tastefully made in various colours.

He wore a short pea-jacket, cut tight and tastefully; a little, low, and rakish cap, and full bell-mouthed trowsers, all in a spotlessly white duck; a material well adapted to the season and the climate.

Brass was tastefully rather than lavishly used, on many of those parts where metal was necessary; and the paint of the interior was everywhere a light and delicate straw-color.

When judiciously and tastefully performed, it is a charming style of music, and will always give pleasure to the intelligent hearer.

If youโ€™re particularly hungry to escape current realities, and have a susceptibility to industrial-strength sentimentality wrapped in tastefully autumnal lighting, then โ€œLittle Voiceโ€ on Apple TV+ might appeal to you.

It adds: 'The Estate is centred around the historic Grade II Listed Georgian house, which has been tastefully updated by the current owner.

An eye-catching -blue neck sleeve wraps the translucent frosted glass bottle that is tastefully accentuated by an iridescent silver label.

The aesthetics look great, with the button placement and lighting implemented tastefully, enabling both visual appeal and tactile comfort.

The impressive property, which is serviced by gas central heating, is presented in immaculate order and is tastefully decorated to enhance its original features, which have been retained excellently over the years.

Completely & tastefully renovated down to the studs including a new foundation - allwith permits.

Details: here are a few - a beautiful view from every room, oak hardwood floors and terra cotta tiles, crown mouldings tastefully placed, wood-burning fireplace, generous garden balcony - evoking the Riviera.

โ€˜Outram's elegant poetics are complemented by MacDonald's evocative graphics, tastefully selected by Anne Corkett and Rosemary Kilbourn, who also provide an informative introduction plus notes on both author and artist.

The original structure has been tastefully expanded over the years to create a perfectly proportioned home with elegant style.

This unit has been tastefully finished using high end cabinets, fixtures and countertops.

Beautiful architected with precision "Feng Shui" set-up, painstakingly built by craftsman using the best materials available, the best looking gardens/trees in the whole Richmond and tastefully decorated interior features make this house 100% perfect!

Walk in to this tastefully decorated open floor plan, 3 bedroom, 1434 square foot home from the street level or walk up from the garage.

Wonderful, tastefully renovated 2 level, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in a private, serene setting, next to Langara Golf course - feels like the country yet only minutes from all conveniences!