142 examples of tastefully in sentences

They were not keen on artistic effects in the school buildings, but were a unit on wanting a tastefully dressed teacher.

The chancel of the building is circular, tastefully painted, with a calm subdued light, and looks rich.

The interior formed a long saloon in miniature, fitted up with lounges, and tastefully decorated; a promenade on the deck or top furnishing a good place for exercise.

Floors are always carefully swept; all along the walls of the spacious rooms seats and couches are covered with finely variegated rugs; the walls are tastefully decorated with pictures and mirrors, and the large cupboards are filled with luxurious fruits, meats, pastry and jellies.

The theatre itself is small, being something under the size of our old Haymarket little theatre, but is very neatly and tastefully fitted up.

The rez de chaussée or lower part of the house, which is completely à fleur d'eau with the lake, is tastefully paved, and the walls decorated with a mosaic of shells.

Marann went to the village school, her mother dressing her, though with prudent economy, as neatly and almost as tastefully as any of her schoolmates; while, as to study, deportment, and general progress, there was not a girl in the whole school to beat her, I don't care who she was.

The houses are large, and tastefully ornamented with facades and columns, and covered with sheet iron or bricks.

For several days Cicely and Miriam cut and stitched and fitted and took in and let out, and one morning Miriam came down to breakfast attired in the pink chintz gown, its skirt touching the floor, and with her long brown hair tastefully done up in a knot upon her head.

The large, dark parlors were thrown open, the best chambers were aired, the bright, autumnal flowers were gathered and in tastefully arranged bouquets adorned the mantels, while Theo and Maggie, in their best attire, flitted uneasily from room to room, running sometimes to the gate to look down the grassy road which led from the highway, and again mounting the tower stairs to obtain a more extended view.

The above temporary royal residence is built in an elegant villa style; and the grounds have been very tastefully laid out under the immediate direction of the present proprietor, the Earl of Lucan.

Though these several personal qualifications were exhibited under the disadvantages of the perfectly simple, though neat and rather tastefully disposed, attire of a common mariner, they were sufficiently imposing to cause the suspicious dealer in buckram to hesitate before he would venture to address the stranger, whose eye appeared riveted, by a species of fascination, on the reputed slaver in the outer harbour.

"Precisely at seven o'clock the party entered their box, which was tastefully fitted up for their reception.

She had noted only that the creature's costume consisted of the flags of the United States and Ireland tastefully combined to form a simple loin cloth.

He was evidently unhappy and obviously striving-to-be-Goodand he had such beautiful eyes, dressed so tastefully, and looked at one with such a respectful devotion and regard, that, reallywell, it added a tremendous savour to life.

The planters' houses are tastefully built, surrounded by gardens full of orange-trees, flowers, and evergreens, presenting the idea of perpetual spring, which here is indeed the case.

The gardens to this terrace are tastefully disposed, and the situation commands some of the most fascinating prospects of the Park.

The illustrations of this work were beautiful and of great interest, as the insects, from their first state to their last, were represented with the plants and flowers which they loved, each object being correctly and tastefully pictured.

Though, as I have before remarked, the contrast between the muslined millions of Bengal and the less tastefully clad populace of Bombay is unfavourable, still the crowds that fill the streets here are animated and picturesque.

The walls also are coloured, and often very tastefully picked out with white or some other harmonizing tint.

At these evening parties, the brilliance of the lights, and the beauty of the flowers, which in the supper-room especially are very tastefully displayed, render the scene extremely attractive.

"I chanced to light on a withered old Irishman," she says, "wounded in the head, which caused that portion of his frame to be tastefully laid out like a garden, the bandages being the walks, and his hair the shrubbery.

The trees should be tastefully separated from each other at irregular but judicious distances.

My eyes wandered around the tastefully furnished room.

He wore a short pea-jacket, cut tight and tastefully; a little, low, and rakish cap, and full bell-mouthed trowsers, all in a spotlessly white duck; a material well adapted to the season and the climate.

142 examples of  tastefully  in sentences