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420 examples of  tattoos  in sentences

420 examples of tattoos in sentences

Beneath the swirl of a gown that lay in an iridescent avalanche of sequins about her feet, her foot, tilted to an unbelievable hypothenuse off a cloth-of-silver heel, beat a small and twinkling tattoo, her fingers tattooing, too, along the chair-sides.

"Give me Olive, two-one-o." The toe of her boot beat a quick tattoo.

But the dog, redoubling the tattoo with his tail, remained obstinately at his post.

He had traveled in the face of the wind, and as he howled, a bull moose crashed through the scrub timber ahead of him, his horns rattling against the trees like the tattoo of a clear birch club as he put distance between himself and that cry.

This Raoul was a kind of Sioux or other redskin, who only wanted tattoo and feathers in his hair to be complete.

Those jewels!" she declared bitterly, "which we would have been fortunate never to have heard of!" She threw herself back in her chair and showed them a scornful shoulder, compressing indignant lips to a straight, unlovely line, and beating out the devil's tattoo with her slipper.

Sing Pete stepped from the door and beat a tattoo on the iron triangle suspended by a piece of wire from the lowest branch of a mesquit tree at the corner of the house, announcing by the metallic clamor that the work of the day was finished and supper was ready and waiting.

As if it were an echo to her thoughts there came the throbbing tattoo of hoofs pounding the earth.

Bogle had sworn that Roger had no tattoo marks when he left England.

In point of fact he had, and Bogle had to fit them to the Claimant, who had had tattoo marks of a very different kind from Roger's.

"How do you know Roger had no tattoo marks?" asked Mr. Hawkins.

He fumbles the cross on his breast, adjusts his jewels, scratches his cosmos, plays the devil's tattoo, gets up nervously and looks behind the throne, holds his breath to listen.

The sounds of the child's cheerful tattoos upon Mrs. Coombe's door accompanied them down the stairs, but when they had waited a few minutes, Jane came quietly into the room alone.

Then Destyn arose; the chair nodded to him and leaned back, playing a tattoo with her pencil tip against her snowy teeth.

" "No: I should say it is a tattoo mark.

A moment later he was beating a rousing tattoo on the bathroom-door.

He tore back through the winter night like a man possessed, with Ina Rose's scoffing warning beating a devil's tattoo in his brain.

It was of Jeanie that Avery was thinking as she stood there huddled against the railings while the sleet beat a fierce tattoo on her levelled umbrella and streamed from it in rivers on to the ground.

He began to tap a careless tattoo with his whip on the toe of his boot.

muttered Hugh, as he beat a rat-tattoo on the window-pane.

Roll N. roll &c v.; drumming &c v.; berloque^, bombination^, rumbling; tattoo, drumroll; dingdong; tantara^; rataplan^; whirr; ratatat, ratatat-tat; rubadub; pitapat; quaver, clutter, charivari^, racket; cuckoo; repetition &c 104; peal of bells,

devil's tattoo; reverberation &c 408.

V. be variegated &c adj.; variegate, stripe, streak, checker, chequer; bespeckle^, speckle; besprinkle, sprinkle; stipple, maculate, dot, bespot^; tattoo, inlay, damascene; embroider, braid, quilt.

ex cathedra pronouncement [Lat.], edict, decretal^, dispensation, prescription, brevet, placit^, ukase, ukaz [Rus.], firman, hatti- sherif^, warrant, passport, mittimus, mandamus, summons, subpoena, nisi prius [Lat.], interpellation, citation; word, word of command; mot d'ordre [Fr.]; bugle call, trumpet call; beat of drum, tattoo; order of the day; enactment &c (law) 963; plebiscite &c (choice) 609.

It was not the heavy tattoo of one who had come to awaken him on a matter of business.

You may see that this is so by the way in which people who have no work or nothing to think about, immediately begin to beat the devil's tattoo with their knuckles or a stick or anything that comes handy.

And if there is nothing else to be done, a man will twirl his thumbs or beat the devil's tattoo; or a cigar may be a welcome substitute for exercising his brains.

Tattoo it on your forehead"4) amount to a whitewash of regional cultural values.

And so, admiring the roses and the pomegranates, the lantanas and the honeysuckles, or chatting with some dusky fellow-pilgrim, I mounted the hill to the city, and likely as not saw before me a red-headed woodpecker sitting on the roof of the State House, calling attention to his patriotic selfin his tri-colored dressby occasional vigorous tattoos on the tinned ridgepole.

Unfortunately, in the Philippines the greater part of the early tattoo designs have been lost and the art itself is also nearly eliminated.

But since the journey of Carl Semper it has been known that not only Malays but also Negritos tattoo; indeed, this admirable explorer has decided that the "Negroes of the East Coast" practice a different method of tattooing from that of the Mariveles in the west, and on that account they attain different results.

The custom of tattooing, which appears to have ceased with the introduction of Christianity, for the clergymen so often quoted (Thevenot, p. 4) describes it as unknown, cannot be regarded as a characteristic of the Bisayans; and the tribes of the northern part of Luzon tattoo at the present day.

Keeping time with the clatter of the shoes was a softer tattoo that told me that a barefooted runner was racing beside the man we were pursuing.

I love to see the bur-khi-is Sweep stately o'er the mossy rocks; And tsabi in a wild like this, Hear the tattoo of red woodchucks.

With a sudden indrawing of breath he freed himself from his reverie, and bending over from his saddle patted a buckskin neck in affectionate tattoo.

" Again the palm of John Wingfield, Sr.'s hand ran back and forth over his knee and the foot that was against the chair leg beat a nervous tattoo; while he drew a longer breath than usual, which might have been either of surprise or relief.

Pamela Wolcott stood in the sitting-room window and sighed softly, as she gazed out at the November landscape, letting her fingers beat soft tattoo against the lozenge-shaped pane.

His brown forearms were covered with tattoo-marks.

They tattoo their upper lip blue.

He sat drumming a heavy tattoo on the tabletop, forehead corrugated in a frown of intensive thought.

He flung himself out of bed and into his clothes, his teeth beating a tattoo, his knees fighting a boxing-match, and his hands all thumbs with the cold.

Bobbles ran into the outstretched fist with great enthusiasm at first, but after a moment's daze he dodged round and under that arm and devoted himself to playing a tattoo on Jaynes' solar plexus.

They were also inclined to grant him the greater number of points on his form in general, and especially on account of the disparity in size and reach; and when they counted the tattoo-marks on each, they found that here also Bobbles had made the highest score, and they did not hesitate to award him the prize.

Picking up a tin pan, she commenced beating a military tattoo upon it with a thick stick; while Phil, with a trumpet improvised from a roll of birchbark, produced an ear-splitting din which must have carried far through the quiet woods.

" I told him everything, while he sat back with his eyes half closed, and his fingers beating a tattoo on the arm of his chair.

He hobbled around on his three legs, with the splint beating a sort of tattoo on the floor, but he stayed back in the kitchen with me, or in the yard.

At last, when the songs have been sung and the hundred rumors of the day discussed, at ten the intrusive drums and scolding fifes get together and stir up a concert, always premature, called tattoo.

She was standing there now beating a tattoo on the window pane.

So he reflected with humor and affection, watching Katie beat the tattoo on the window.

Fyfe put his foot up on the stove front and drummed a tattoo on his mackinaw clad knee.

Five minutes later the tattoo of knives and forks and spoons told of appetites in process of appeasement.

Eddie Elf laughed, Tilly and Timothy Toad chuckled, Gerty Gartersnake giggled, Wallie Woodpecker beat a tattoo on wood, Billie Bumblebee buzzed and Winnie Woodchuck sang a woodchuck song.

It was nothing to them that every now and again the house above them shook and quivered to the shock of a heavy shell exploding somewhere on the ground round the house, that the rattle of rifle fire dwindled away at times to separate and scattered shots, brisked up again and rose to a long roll, the devil's tattoo of the machine guns rattling through it with exactly the sound a boy makes running a stick rapidly along a railing.

The schoolmaster's cane beat an angry tattoo on the hearth.

Here come the boys!" Just at that moment two little, futile, frenzied fists began to beat a mad tattoo on Jo Hertz's broad back.

On her way kitchenward she stopped for a sharp tattoo at the door of the room in which Pa and Al slept.

me"but he's got tattoo marks.

" "You can't rub out tattoo marks," ses the skipper.

In the second year following, the slave and free negro arrests for being "out after the beating of the tattoo without tickets, fighting and rioting in the streets, following military companies, walking on the battery contrary to law, bathing horses at forbidden places, theft, or other violation of the city and state laws" advanced for some unexplained reason to an aggregate of 1424.

"Suddenly the tattoo sounded,not loud and shrill, as on ordinary occasions, but in a subdued and cautious manner, as if fearful of being heard by the British, whose white tents might be seen in the distance.

We have sat, night after, night, beside the same camp-fire, shared the same rough soldiers' fare; we have together heard the roll of the reveille, which called us to duty, or the beat of the tattoo, which gave the signal for the hardy sleep of the soldier, with the earth for his bed, the knapsack for his pillow.

Tell me now!" Someone was knocking a careless tattoo upon the outer door.

But one can tattoo both of them with the same pattern.

Likewise Ratty 'ad got too fa-amous as a timber-scrounger oop th' line, and it was thought that if 'e was left in th' middle of a forest, wheer it didn't matter a dang if he scrounged wood fra' revally to tattoo, it might reform him.

Jone said we'd better tattoo Corinne, for them marks would always be there, but I wouldn't agree to have the little creature's skin stuck with needles, not even after Jone said we might give her chloryform; so we agreed to stamp initials on her with Perkins's Indelible Dab.

Mr. Sandford balanced his knife, sliced his bread into figures, then hummed and beat a tattoo upon the table,sure indications of forgetfulness in one so scrupulous as he.

The man who had spent the afternoon having tattoo marks painted on him by a sign painter skulked on the edge of the crowd, blushing furiously when any one told him he was sure to get it.

For a moment I heard nothing; the hail was playing the devil's tattoo on the corrugated zinc of the roof.

We were asked to subscribe, a few days later, at Pahlgam to provide the postman with a new pony, his late lamented "Tattoo" having been startled by a flash of lightning at that very spot, and having paid for the error with his life.

We quitted Palhallan as the Lot family quitted Sodom and Gomorrah, but with no lingering tendency to look backward; we cast our eyes unto the hills, and kicked the best pace we could out of our "tattoos," halting for breakfast soon after crossing the hot, white road which runs from Baramula to Srinagar.

It was uncommonly hot in the full glare of the sun as Hesketh in his dandy, Jane on her "tattoo," and I on foot set forward for the forest house at Harwan, which lay some five miles away across the fields, where the rice is now being busily cut.

Tattoo, A pony.

The pleasure which children take in beating their hands upon a table, in rapping out a tattoo with a stick, in putting together unmeaning structures of rhyme, is not necessarily an artistic thing at all; what lies at the root of it is the pleasure of the conscious perception of similarity and regularity.

" St. John says that "a man is supposed to tattoo one finger only, if he has been present when an enemy has been killed, but tattoos hand and fingers if he has taken an enemy's head."

Eskimos: No morality or chastity; Not modest or coy; Ungallant; Risking life for a woman; Assaults; Mutilations; Tattooing; Tattoo marks and husbands; Filthy; "Love-unions;" Capacity for love.

Soon were heard the deep breathings preceding the trance, then the 'Indian' began to manifest, at first somewhat sullenly, as if not pleased with the conditions, some of the instruments sounded, and at last the drumsticks began their tattoo.

Slender, silvery drumsticks Beat the long tattoo God, the Great Musician, Calling life anew.

Lillian's foot beat a quick tattoo beneath the table.

Her hoofs beat a swift tattoo; our runners sang beneath us.

"They'll sit and watch you two, and they'll gloat over the spectacle" A brisk tattoo of knuckles on the oaken door stopped him.

Until we find a nation which has never attempted to emerge from the circle of its mere animal wantswhich has never exhibited the least inclination to develop the most ordinary artswhich not only rejects clothing, but is absolutely indifferent to ornamentwhich leaves its weapons uncarved, its skin unpainted, free from tattoo, we must not despair of the general efficacy of civilization.

Sir Marmaduke had his back to the light: he was sitting astride a low chair, his high-booted foot tapping the ground impatiently, his fingers drumming a devil's tattoo against the back of the chair.

It was on this trip that I let the cook tattoo this anchor on my forearm, and thus got the reputation among the people of the prairies of having been a sailor, and therefore a pretty rough character.

My brisk tattoo on the little brass knocker brought to the door no less a person than Thorndyke himself; and the warmth of his greeting made me at once proud and ashamed.

His muscular fingers fell to tapping the prayer-rug on the table, drumming out an impatient little tattoo.

But a din of horns, kettles, and tea-trays, and a wild tattoo of door-knockers, sounded along the streets behind the stores and houses that lined the water-side.

We had heard the evening gun and the trumpets sounding tattoo over at the fort, but their warnings of the closing day were not for us.

Chapter X of the original book contained a diagram of a tattoo, and another diagram appeared in Chapter XX.

" "All right," Churchill said, at the same time kicking a tattoo on the ribs of the snoring Antonsen.

" I heard her beating a tattoo on Veronica's door next.

Jackson sprung upright on his pillows, the hectic passed from either gaunt and sallow cheek, leaving the red and blue tattoo marks visible in most ghastly distinctness, while the sweat poured in drops down his hollow temples.

Again, the lines may be winding and spiral, so that on looking at certain cliffs it might be thought possible that the Maoris had got from them some of their curious tattoo patterns.

Among the many legends concerning their demi-god Maui, a certain story tells how he showed them the way to tattoo by puncturing the muzzle of a dog, whence dogs went with black muzzles as men see them now.

As Turi could not write, Hongi made the ingenious suggestion that his moko, or face-tattoo, should be copied on the deed.

As we drove away for the second time I remembered that they were having "torchlight tattoo" at the barracks, and we decided to stop for a moment.

Yet many of these show that they study personal appearance quite as much as the most fashionable of Parisian belles; for they bestow much labour, time, and thought, and endure much actual suffering in the elaborate patterns with which they tattoo, and, as they vainly suppose, embellish their faces and persons.

And like a phantom in a vision he saw the black horse start into a sharp gallop; saw the great dog sail across the fence first; saw the horse and rider shoot into the air against the stars; heard the click of hoofs against the top rail; heard the thud of hoofs on the near side of the fence, and then the horseman flashed about the corner of the barn and in an instant his hoofs were beating a far distant tattoo.

And my heart began to perform strange tattoos on my ribs I was going to the house of a gentleman who did not know of my existence, to see a girl who was his guest, to whom I had never, as the conventions go, been presented.

His fingers drummed a careless tattoo upon the table-edge.

He was alone once more in the darkness and the drenching rain; alone with a little gibing voice that seemed to come from within and yet was surely the voice of a devil jeering a devil's tattoo in time to his horse's hoof-beats, telling him he was mad, mad, mad!