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688 examples of  taunt  in sentences

688 examples of taunt in sentences

If then, you taunt me, for want of a better escape, I shall turn it to a jest.

They had blankets to stretch on the floor for beds, a general basin to wash in, and for some time amused themselves watching through the barred windows the crowds outside that flocked to the place to see the Yankees, and, when not checked by the guards, to revile and taunt them.

Ridicule, deride, mock, taunt, flout, twit, tease.

Scoff, jeer, gibe, fleer, sneer, mock, taunt.

But this life was not for him,he remembered that; the girl was nothing to him now: he was not fool enough to taunt himself with false hopes.

But he would not tempt her,he would never vex her soul as he had done before: if she had come to him, as a sister might, because she thought he was dying, he would not taunt her with the old love she had for him.

"Do not taunt me, child!

English newspapers began to taunt the Germans with permitting their navy to "rust in the Kiel Canal.

The taunt was an unintentional eulogy; and a grave washed by the spray of the Sussex waves would have been the noblest burial-place for the martyr of Saxon freedom.

" Rustem, hearing this taunt from the tongue of Akwรกn Dรญw, prepared for fight, and threw his kamund with such precision and force, that the demon was entangled in it, and then he struck him such a mighty blow with his sword, that it severed the head from the body.

Ada's cruel taunt, directed with such a sneer at the Guerin sisters that every girl knew whom she meant, had sent Betty's temper to the boiling point.

Laugh arose above laugh, however, and taunt succeeded taunt more bitterly, as the boats came among the gorgeous palaces which lined the canal nearer to the goal.

Laugh arose above laugh, however, and taunt succeeded taunt more bitterly, as the boats came among the gorgeous palaces which lined the canal nearer to the goal.

Mr. Daniels used to taunt me with having worn a livery, and has said more than once he could milk his cow, but that your honor's arms would never lift me into a comfortable seat for life; so I just sent him a message by the way of letting him know my good fortune, your honor.

There was no denying the justice of the taunt.

Nor did he ever taunt her with her cowardice nor revert to his own exploit; but this was because Peter forgot the whole adventure in an hour, though Sarah remembered it to the end of her life.

But you'll keep the hateful picture of your sorrow an' your shame, An' it's bound to rise to taunt you, though you long have squared the debt, For the things you've done in meanness are the things you can't forget.



She must have found out about my secret in some way, and thought to taunt me with it.

Plough-swains are blunt, and will taunt bitterly.

In these times had Echo's first fathers liv'd, No woman, but a man, she had been feign'd (Though women yet will want no news to prate); For men (mean men), the scum and dross of all, Will talk and babble of they know not what, Upbraid, deprave, and taunt they care not whom.

With a scornful taunt that "he did not care an egg for them and their excommunications," he finally mounted his horse to ride off from the conference.

And the sting of the taunt lies in the probability of its truth.

There are so many men and women to whom it would seem simply a taunt to advise them to spend, now and then, a dollar for a pleasure.

" The taunt brought red to Dorothea's cheeks, and stung her into courage.

When, vineae having been brought up and a mound raised, they observed that a tower also was being built at a distance, they at first began to mock the Romans from their wall, and to taunt them with the following speeches.

To one who has learned to know their song in warm pleasant places by the Mediterranean, it seemed to taunt the country, and make it still bleaker by suggested contrast.

DEDICATION TO THE FRIENDLY AND JUDICIOUS READER, Who will take these Papers, as they were meant; not understanding every thing perversely in the absolute and literal sense, but giving fair construction as to an after-dinner conversation; allowing for the rashness and necessary incompleteness of first thoughts; and not remembering, for the purpose of an after taunt, words spoken peradventure after the fourth glass.

"Who's trying to taunt you?"

How dare you taunt me with being a pensioner on your brother's bounty?

The Little Red Doctor chose to ignore my taunt.

The only person who dared oppose the wishes of the young Nawab was his mother, but her advice was of no avail, and her taunt that he, a soldier, was going to war upon mere traders, was equally inefficacious.

the sneers of the crowd [Luke 23.35.] (somewhat expanded from the [Matt. 27.42.] Synoptics), and their taunt, He who raised the dead let Him save [Matt. 27.46.] Himself; also the cry of despair, 'My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?'

" The taunt stung Verplanck, for, like many of the more liberal Tories, he had deeply deplored the tragic ending of the gallant Hale, although forced to regard it as one of the stern necessities of war.

Either the night was very dark, or the whisky very strong; a tent-rope had avenged the taunt levelled at my companion's countrymen.

She took advantage of the favor of Sylvester and of her own exalted position in the hotel to taunt and to humiliate him.

" Joel received this taunt in silence, and, burying his head in his hands, tackled the story of Cyrus the Younger.

And do you dare taunt me with the name of that man whose friend you admit that I was, and whose assassin you confess yourself?

" The taunt went home.

The lowly stain upon each face, The taunt still fresh of prouder race, But speeds the step that springs a pace, To succor or to die! With rifles hotto waist-band nude; The brawn beside the pampered dude; The cowboy kingone graveand rude To shelter him who falls!

This was just his own opinion, and he would have suffered tortures if the wits of Seal Cove had been able to taunt him about his clever sister having bought her own fish.

"Do you think it is quite kind of you to taunt me with never having tasted the sweets of independence?"

I at once recognized this friendly paragraph as the one which had had its kindness extracted, and been abbreviated and twisted into that cruel taunt which I had heard in my childhood from the lips of "Picayune Butler.

So was Louis converted; and though the lips of the scorner Spared not in after-years the subtle taunt and derision, (What time, meeker grown, his heart held his hand from its answer,) Not the less lofty and pure her love and her faith that had saved him, Not the less now discerned was her inspiration from heaven

Sometimes a taunt was hurled from the enemy upon her allies for associating with a "girl;" but it always received a contemptuous answer,"You'd better look out, she could lick any one of you!"

I will drive thee back, Deem not that Naples' throne is thine; For soon shall Murat's bivouac Keep watch upon thy tented line. "Nor taunt of enemy shall move, Nor bitterest suffering shall degrade, My heartfor with my people's love

If Congress does not possess the power, why taunt it with its weakness, by asking its exercise?

If Congress does not possess the power, why taunt it with its weakness, by asking its exercise?

Every opportunity was maliciously seized to taunt the colored people with their complexion.

If Congress does not possess the power, why taunt it with its weakness, by asking its exercise?

If Congress does not possess the power, why taunt it with its weakness, by asking its exercise?

If Congress does not possess the power, why taunt it with its weakness, by asking its exercise?

"Mother," he said, "you don't mean to say you are letting yourself be influenced by a taunt like that of Mrs. Farron's, which she didn't even believe herself?" Mrs. Wayne was shocked.

You taunt me because you think I have no home.

It is never a good thing to taunt the dead!

And now, when she had planned her life, busy and useful and contented, why need God have sent the old thought to taunt her?

Besides these instances, the Americans may, perhaps, taunt us with the shameful treatment of a poor Negroe servant, who not long ago was put up to sale by public auction, together with the effects of his bankrupt master.

"You have no right to taunt me so.

"Taunt him with the license of ink; if thou thou'st him thrice, it shall not be amiss.

[Illustration: Taunt, Oxford.

The taunt, "Oakwood Squad, Awkw'd Squad," still rankled in her breast.

Perhaps I might get Greenleaf!" Marcia winced, but did not answer the taunt.

Dares Uri taunt us so? REDING.

Moving her head wearily and passing her hand over her eyes she murmured faintly but audibly, "Cruel, cruel mirage to taunt me thus!

That last taunt drew blood.

The hill and the architectural beauties it carries aloft, are like a taunt flung out to sea and to the upper heights of air; for centuries they appear to have been crying aloud, "See what we can do, against your tempests and your futile tideswhen we try" ...

The taunt of treachery and ingratitude flung at them wherever they went stung and nettled.

The beautiful Helen who caused the Trojan war by her adulterous elopement was a Spartan, and the Athenian Euripides makes Peleus taunt her husband Menelaus in these words:

It was a short document, written with ferocious directness, as a kind of public challenge or taunt to the man whom he wrongly deemed to be the author of his misfortunes.

They bore and would bear anything, it was said, and they got the name of Jacques Bonhomme (Jack Goodfellow); but this taunt they belied in a terrible manner.

At first he felt disposed to taunt Raoul with the contradiction between what he, Cuffe, conceived to be his general pursuits, and his present assumption of principles; but the unpretending calmness of the other's manner, and the truth of his feelings, prevented it.

It is not a pleasant work, often subjecting me to rudeness and coldness; but we are so frequently taunted with: 'Women don't want the ballot,' that we are trying to get one hundred thousand names of women who do want it, to reply to this taunt.

The taunt stung Dairรฉ, after his hospitality, and in wrath he sent them forth empty-handed, and so they came slighted to Meave.

There are those who taunt us with want of loyalty, and with the name of infidels.

I answered, thinking to taunt her, that she might reveal whether indeed she had the power she claimed.

He laughed and watched the yellow terror creep over the face of the Pilgrim at the taunt.

He had not intended to use his late pass, but Willie's taunt had altered everything.

I think, reader, I can throw some light on the general question, by replying to your taunt: Chance, or the conditions of life under which we live, sent, of course, thousands of creatures across my way who were powerless to benefit me; but then an instinct of which I knew nothing, of which I was not even conscious, withdrew me from them, and I was attracted to others.

I will not taunt him with any of the old tauntswhy does he not write complicated stories?

And that was, that if we succeeded in capturing him, we were to bring him before her, that she might, in his helplessness, taunt him for his perfidy towards her.

But one does not care to catalogue her mistakes and taunt her with them.

Only Young Bauer evinced a slight inclination to taunt him, but was curtly hushed up.

the first thing they did was to taunt Virginia with the fact that she could never be a knight because she was only a girl.

I would taunt him as a deceiving, heartless villain, and if he demand satisfaction, by heaven, it would be joy for me to give it!" "Has passion, then, indeed obtained so much ascendancy, it would be joy for you to meet him thus for blood?" demanded Herbert, fixing his large, melancholy eyes intently on Percy's face, on which the cloud was becoming darker, and his step even more rapid.

The boys could not resist calling out "Friend Mary" or "Hello, Roses Red," though each boy knew that his taunt would bring on a fight.

By sharp resentment, or belike to taunt 35 With spiteful gratitude the baffled League, That had stirred up her slackening faculties To a new transition, when the King was crushed, Spared not the empty throne, and in proud haste Assumed the body and venerable name

Bismarck began his answer by the taunt that the tendency to enthusiasm for foreign nationalities, even when their objects could only be realised at the cost of one's own country, was a political disease unfortunately limited to Germany.

It was, however, an unjust taunt, for no one had done more than Sybel himself in his historical work to point out the necessity, though he recognised the injustice, of the part Prussia had taken in the partition of Poland; nobody had painted so convincingly as he had, the political and social demoralisation of Poland.

Nevertheless, Bismarck was not ashamed publicly in the Reichstag to taunt his opponents with the action, and to declare that whether they would or not their party was Kuhlmann's party; "he clings to your coat-tails," he said.

Stung by this, or, as some say, by a taunt of Despard's, he led the way at Ohaeawai with utterly reckless courage, and, to the regret of the brave brown men his enemies, was shot at close quarters by a mere boy.

(throw him out!) is another angry taunt which I can distinguish in the bedlam.

He is thus enabled to play upon her fears, and taunt her with their mutual secret and its concealment, until she may be involved, guilelessly, in a web of apparent guilt, from which she can never extricate herself without risking the happiness of her future life.

When she became the mother of a child, the highest honor that could come to a Semitic woman, she could not resist the temptation to taunt Sarah.

The cold politeness of manner with which he had taken my taunt, his perfect self-mastery, filled me with wonder.

The duel took place; and when the two champions found themselves face to face, Martin Gonzalez began to taunt Rodrigo, telling him that he would never again be able to mount his favorite steed Babieรงa, or see his wife, as he was doomed to die.

" "Sir," I said with consummate dignity in the face of this reiterated taunt, "I have stolen nothing" M. le Juge's hand was already on the bell-pull.

For all that, the taunt brought him down a step, and Bartley, still standing like a rock, attacked him again.

Thanks to thy husband's love? MEDEA (to the slave, ignoring Gora's taunt).

"What difference does it make to you," was the contemptuous taunt flung at the anxious envoys who sought his camp, "whether the name of your king is Karl or Frederik so long as you are safe?"