688 examples of taunt in sentences

They had blankets to stretch on the floor for beds, a general basin to wash in, and for some time amused themselves watching through the barred windows the crowds outside that flocked to the place to see the Yankees, and, when not checked by the guards, to revile and taunt them.

Ridicule, deride, mock, taunt, flout, twit, tease.

Scoff, jeer, gibe, fleer, sneer, mock, taunt.

English newspapers began to taunt the Germans with permitting their navy to "rust in the Kiel Canal.

Mr. Daniels used to taunt me with having worn a livery, and has said more than once he could milk his cow, but that your honor's arms would never lift me into a comfortable seat for life; so I just sent him a message by the way of letting him know my good fortune, your honor.

Nor did he ever taunt her with her cowardice nor revert to his own exploit; but this was because Peter forgot the whole adventure in an hour, though Sarah remembered it to the end of her life.


She must have found out about my secret in some way, and thought to taunt me with it.

Plough-swains are blunt, and will taunt bitterly.

In these times had Echo's first fathers liv'd, No woman, but a man, she had been feign'd (Though women yet will want no news to prate); For men (mean men), the scum and dross of all, Will talk and babble of they know not what, Upbraid, deprave, and taunt they care not whom.

And the sting of the taunt lies in the probability of its truth.

DEDICATION TO THE FRIENDLY AND JUDICIOUS READER, Who will take these Papers, as they were meant; not understanding every thing perversely in the absolute and literal sense, but giving fair construction as to an after-dinner conversation; allowing for the rashness and necessary incompleteness of first thoughts; and not remembering, for the purpose of an after taunt, words spoken peradventure after the fourth glass.

"Who's trying to taunt you?"

The only person who dared oppose the wishes of the young Nawab was his mother, but her advice was of no avail, and her taunt that he, a soldier, was going to war upon mere traders, was equally inefficacious.

Either the night was very dark, or the whisky very strong; a tent-rope had avenged the taunt levelled at my companion's countrymen.

She took advantage of the favor of Sylvester and of her own exalted position in the hotel to taunt and to humiliate him.

The lowly stain upon each face, The taunt still fresh of prouder race, But speeds the step that springs a pace, To succor or to die! With rifles hotto waist-band nude; The brawn beside the pampered dude; The cowboy kingone graveand rude To shelter him who falls!

I will drive thee back, Deem not that Naples' throne is thine; For soon shall Murat's bivouac Keep watch upon thy tented line. "Nor taunt of enemy shall move, Nor bitterest suffering shall degrade, My heartfor with my people's love

It is never a good thing to taunt the dead!

The hill and the architectural beauties it carries aloft, are like a taunt flung out to sea and to the upper heights of air; for centuries they appear to have been crying aloud, "See what we can do, against your tempests and your futile tideswhen we try" ...

The taunt of treachery and ingratitude flung at them wherever they went stung and nettled.

At first he felt disposed to taunt Raoul with the contradiction between what he, Cuffe, conceived to be his general pursuits, and his present assumption of principles; but the unpretending calmness of the other's manner, and the truth of his feelings, prevented it.

I will not taunt him with any of the old tauntswhy does he not write complicated stories?

But one does not care to catalogue her mistakes and taunt her with them.

Thanks to thy husband's love? MEDEA (to the slave, ignoring Gora's taunt).

688 examples of  taunt  in sentences