76 examples of taxi-cab in sentences

" The taxi-cab turned swiftly into the shady avenue of Tanton Gardens, where Sir Horace Fewbanks lived, and in a few moments pulled up outside of Riversbrook.

He was delightfully vague about what had happened to him after his glorious day at Epsom, but unfortunately for you the taxi-cab driver who drove him remembered seeing the pin on him when he got out of the cab.

And he would pull off the right-hand onehe was not left-handedwhen the taxi-cab was nearing his home so as to be able to pay the fare.

I got from the police the number of the taxi-cab in which Sir Horace was driven from St. Pancras, and the driver tells me that no glove was left in his cab.

He would dismiss the taxi-cab at one of the hotels bordering on Hampstead Heath, for they were the resort of hundreds of visitors on summer nights, and his actions would thus easily escape notice.

"Did you notice anything strange about him, or was his manner much the same as on other occasions that he used your cab?" "Well, I don't see whether I should tell you whether he was or whether he wasn't," replied the taxi-cab driver, who was as surly as most of his class.

As the two police officials came out of Leicester Square Station on their way to Scotland Yard to obtain a warrant for Birchill's arrest, they saw Crewe in a taxi-cab.

When they came up with the taxi-cab they saw that Crewe had on a light overcoat and that there was a suit-case beside the driver.

It would take hours upon hours to look for those letters, and in the meantime" "In the meantime," remarked Fullaway as he signalled to a taxi-cab, "there's only one thing to be done.

So hasten home in this taxi-cab, get some lunch, have an hour's nap, and then begin putting your papers straight and looking for those references.

He glanced at its gates and at its sign now with an almost youthful awe and reverencethe reverence of the man of considerable wealth for the men of enormous wealthand while his eyes were thus busy a taxi-cab came along the Lane, stopped by the entrance to New Court, and set down Mrs. Marlow.

" Without a word, Chilverton turned, hurried out to the pavement, and leapt into a taxi-cab that was standing there unengaged.

In another instant the taxi-cab was off, and Allerdyke and Fullaway turned to each other.

"The otherAlberthas gone down to Cannon Street to see if he can trace the driver of the taxi-cab in which Rayner and Miss Slade drove away from there last night.

He found the taxi-cab driver an hour ago, and he got the information he wanted.

"Seems to be in force, sir, anyhow!" The taxi-cab pulled up at the little gate leading into Kensington Gardens by the pumping-station, and Blindway, followed by two other men, hurriedly descended and joined his superior.

Dawson did not come out of his berth at Euston until after Hagan had left the station in a taxi-cab, much to Cary's surprise, and then was quite ready, even anxious, to remain for breakfast at the hotel.

I have a taxi-cab at the door, sir.

["If taxi-cab fares are increased it will put a stop to tipping.

I have already set forth in some detail how it came to pass that we went forth from Brussels in a taxicab looking for the war; and how in the outskirts of Louvain we found it, and very shortly thereafter also found that we were cut off from our return and incidentally had lost not only our chauffeur and our taxi-cab but our overcoats as well.

"Isn't it true, Mrs. Lawrence, that you were the woman in the taxi-cab the night Mr. Warren was killed?

In the open taxi-cab he seemed to recover his sense of well-being, and leaned back, his hands on the knob of his stick, with the air of a man pleasantly aware of his privileges.

Two minutes later an empty taxi-cab came swiftly toward him and, as it passed, the driver lifted his hand from the wheel and with his thumb motioned behind him.

*** Improvement is reported in the condition of the taxi-cab driver who had a seizure in Piccadilly Circus while attempting to say "Thank you" to a fare.

" West picked up a taxi-cab for the trip, bidding the chauffeur to drive to a certain section of the city, and then up and down the various streets until told to stop.

76 examples of  taxi-cab  in sentences