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844 examples of tease in sentences

The minx could read my mind like an open book, whether I was moping in one corner of the churchyard or on the bench beside her, and she loved to tease me by pretending great admiration for this man or that, and consulting me about him as she would have done a brother.

well [10] remember which upbore The bending body of my active sire; His seat beneath the honied sycamore Where the bees hummed, and chair by winter fire; 220 When market-morning came, the neat attire With which, though bent on haste, myself I decked; Our watchful house-dog, that would tease and tire

I guess it's a pretty good plan, too, for I notice that I get just as much as I did when I used to tease you for things," Teddy added, sagely.

He was a great tease, and he delighted in getting me to make a simpleton of myself.

De naughty boys in de village used to tease de little monkey, and he runned up a tree one day.

" "You're not to tease Marian," said Patty reprovingly.

"I won't tease you," he said penitently.

How he used to tease her about having by and by to color her hair white and put on spectacles, or else she would have to call her husband "papa."

Don't get in the fire, don't play in the water, don't tease the kitty, don't trouble the doggy, don't bother the lady, don't interrupt, don't contradict, don't fidget with your brother, and don't worry me now; while perhaps in this whole tirade, not a word has been said of something to do.

In this he was unlike the King, who, writes Horace Walpole,' expecting only an attack on Chambers, bought it to tease, and began reading it to, him; but, finding it more bitter on himself, flung it down on the floor in a passion, and would read no more.'

and I know what will please him; a bottle of wine to make him shine and Lucy Tait to tease him!" I thought there was an inhuman, devilish deftness in the rhymes.

'Are women only to tease, I trow?

The sex may thank themselves for teaching me to out-tease them.

"On such wild days as this they usually play indoors, for they're little things and the Snow Witches love to tease them," said the Tree Man.

* * For Providence, disposed to tease us, Can use what instruments it pleases; To pay a tax, at Peter's wish, His chief cashier was once a fish.

Oh! shocking, cousin,' said Mr. St. Clare, who loved to tease.

So I should have had it at all events, you see;papa is such a tease I The other things were mamma's wedding-veil, that point there, which once was her mother's, and some pearls.

Why, he wondered, did she want to tease him to-night, of all nights in his life?

And if you dare to eat me, boy, upon Thanksgivin' Day, I'll come at night and tease you in a frightful sort of way.

George Weller (A); 27Sep67; R418703. Strip tease.

But she has naturally a more irritable constitution than the black horse; flies tease her more; anything wrong in her harness frets her more; and if she were ill-used or unfairly treated she would not be unlikely to give tit for tat.

" "Tease him!

Say yeoppress'd by some fantastic woes, Some jarring nerve that baffles your repose, Who press the downy couch while slaves advance With timid eye to read the distant glance; Who with sad pray'rs the weary doctor tease, To name the nameless, ever new disease;

They all admired the jewelry and then began to tease me with hypothetical cases of future ownership.

The task never became a toil, not even a tease.

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