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844 examples of  tease  in sentences

844 examples of tease in sentences

"Send her up to Aunt Marthe, and then we can tease Papa to let us go to Newport.

Little things began to tease me, notably the ache of my swollen wrists, and the intolerable cramp in my legs.

The boys would tease the life out of us.

Don't mind my chatter; I only do it to tease you.

" <Harass, annoy, irritate, vex, fret, worry, plague, torment, molest, tease, tantalize.

Ridicule, deride, mock, taunt, flout, twit, tease.

But they tease him, and coax him, and can't do without him, and feel all over his poor weak head until they get their fingers on the fontanelle, (the Professor will tell you what this means,he says the one at the top of the head always remains open in poets,) until, by gentle pressure on that soft pulsating spot, they stupefy him to the point of acquiescence.

The four had many excursions and picnics into the country together; but Kenneth and Patsy were recognized as especial chums, and the other girls did not interfere in their friendship except to tease them, occasionally, in a good natured way.

Yet though he tease and baulk your listening ear, He makes one useful point exceeding clear; Howe'er ingenious on his darling theme A sceptic in philosophy may seem, Reduced to practice, his beloved rule Would only prove him a consummate fool; Useless in him alike both brain and speech, Fate having placed all truth above his reach; His ambiguities his total sum, He might as well be blind and deaf and dumb.

Don't tease him about my other beaux.

He believed she spoke lightly, girlishly, to tease himthat she was only a gay-hearted girl, fancy-free and just a little proud of her conquest over even him.

well [10] remember which upbore The bending body of my active sire; His seat beneath the honied sycamore Where the bees hummed, and chair by winter fire; 220 When market-morning came, the neat attire With which, though bent on haste, myself I decked; Our watchful house-dog, that would tease and tire

De naughty boys in de village used to tease de little monkey, and he runned up a tree one day.

" "I wonder," went on Dotty to herself, "if they should tease God very hard, would he let their eyes come again?

When she did see Prudy again,the sister who pretended to love her so much,she wouldn't take the presents out of her trunk for ever so long, just to tease the naughty girl!

" "If she's cross, it's because you and Johnny tease her so," said Prudy.

"O, Lina," sighed she, in ecstasy, "where do you get your silver and gold?" "Tease for it," replied the little Jewess.

"You can't tease away my owny dony pearl, Lina, if it is brass; so you needn't try.

" "Well, there; you've got the dreadfulest mother, Lina, and I'm real sorry; but it's no use to tease me; I wouldn't go back, not if you should cut me up into little pieces as big as a cent.

"Yes." "Morris, I won't tease you with nonsense!

The young hero was hunting, and seeing the old man, he ordered two of his attendants to tease him.

and I know what will please him; a bottle of wine to make him shine and Lucy Tait to tease him!" I thought there was an inhuman, devilish deftness in the rhymes.

[Illustration: "HE WOULD SHOUT OPPROBRIOUS WORDS AFTER THE OTHER IN THE STREETS"] Accordingly he set himself assiduously at work to tease and torment the good man with every petty and malicious trick his malevolence could invent.

Do you not see that this is a preposterous lie, and that he is telling it to you to tease and to mortify me?" At this Captain Obadiah favored his brother with a look of exaggerated and sanctimonious humility.

Tease, with two needles set in small handles, a bit of raw, lean meat, on a slip of glass, in a little water.

Take out a morsel on the slip of glass, and tease as directed for the voluntary muscle.

Tease out a small portion of the tendon or ligament in water, and examine with a glass of high power.

Tease the specimen with needles, mount in salt solution and examine under a high power.

Tease out a small piece of ligament from a rabbit's leg in salt solution; mount in the same, and examine as before.

Gently tease apart some muscular fibers, noting that they are attached to each other by connective tissue.

Tease the specimen in salt solution and mount in the same.

Take a very small portion from one of the tendons of a rabbit, or any animal recently dead; place upon a glass slide with a drop of salt solution; tease it apart with needles, cover with thin glass and examine with microscope.

Tease out a small piece of ligament from the rabbit's leg in salt solution; mount in the same, and examine under a high power.

Is it not plain, my dear, that he designs to vex and tease me?

"On such wild days as this they usually play indoors, for they're little things and the Snow Witches love to tease them," said the Tree Man.

Here snakes and all vile reptiles crawl around you as you walk, But these you never hear about in Mr. Jordanโ€™s talk; Mosquitoes, too, and sandflies, they will tease you all the night, And until you get quite colonised youโ€™ll be a pretty sight.

At first Lady Maud imagined this extraordinary document to be a stupid practical joke, invented by some half-fledged cousin to tease her.

And afterwards, they that lived, ran beyond the beast, and gat up into a second tree, and the one that was chased, did entice the creature to follow, and so did tease it once more to pass beneath the other men; and they very swiftly again to the back of the creature; and so from my sight, striking with the great stones, and the beast bellowing very loud and piteous.

And Mine Own did make good her promise an hundred times, as you shall say, and did prepare me a great and hearty meal; and did tease me utter that I did be a glutton, as I did eat, and kist me, lest that I have ever a chance to say aught in mine own defence.

displease, annoy, incommode, discompose, trouble, disquiet; faze, feaze^, feeze [U.S.]; disturb, cross, perplex, molest, tease, tire, irk, vex, mortify, wherret^, worry, plague, bother, pester, bore, pother, harass, harry, badger, heckle, bait, beset, infest, persecute, importune.

V. aggravate, render worse, heighten, embitter, sour; exacerbate; exasperate, envenom; enrage, provoke, tease. add fuel to the fire, add fuel to the flame; fan the flame &c (excite) 824; go from bad to worse &c (deteriorate) 659.

The menagerie included a dozen llamas, whose supercilious expression, inoffensive looks, and small sizethey are only three feet high at the shoulder tempted some little urchins to tease them.

" "You shan't tease her, Denham.

To Hannah More he wrote in all sincerity, referring to his elevation to the peerage: 'For the other empty metamorphosis that has happened to the outward man, you do me justice in believing that it can do nothing but tease me; it is being called names in one's old age:' in fact, he reckoned on being styled 'Lord Methusalem.'

"It is rotten of you, mater," he said, "to tease that kid.

She was not afraid that Adam would tease her with love-making and flattering speeches; he had always been so reserved to her.

One day, when Jarro and Caesar lay on the usual spot before the fire, Clawina sat on the hearth and began to tease the wild duck.

Don't tease, besides, you don't look a bit cute with your hair all wet and draggled, and as for your dressgoodness!"

Next was the highborn blonde and coquettish Jeannette d'Honrath, who used to tease him by singing ironical love ditties.

At last, when I saw that he would not stop it, and that he was going too far, I said to him severely: Monsieur le Curรฉ, if you continue to tease me in this way, you shall see something.

"Shiny" said to them: "Come along, don't tease him," and thereby won my undying gratitude.

"Because she does nothing but tease me all day long.

Now, don't tease me, Pa; say yes, and I will tell you.

THE FAIR ONE Cease here to tease us any more, I pray.

He wingle (tease) us, and wingle us; de book-keeper curse us and treaten us; de constable he scold us, and call hard names, and dey all strive to make we mad, so we say someting wrong, and den dey take we to de magistrate for insolence.

Fred meant to give it up, but he meant to tease his sister first, and Edith, who had no patience to wait, snatched at the book.

Poor fellows, and yet they only did what many a reckless, mischievous school boy has done and is doing every day; they only meant to tease him a bit, to pay him off for being so spiteful all the way, and so cross to Fred when he spoke.

Why, he wondered, did she want to tease him to-night, of all nights in his life?

"Very well, Marmaduke," said Marian softly, after a pause: "I wont tease you any more.

Why do you tease me with that?

Sometimes to tease usand perhaps being really tiredMr.

The other children did not like this, and they began to tease the little girl, and to take her things away from her.

Martin was so distrait for a time that father absolutely ventured to tease him a little, whereupon he turned stoutly about and declared: "I have never denied the inspiration and value of congenial female society, and the mere fact that circumstances have shut me from it so much of late years makes me all the more appreciative of present privileges.

" "How about your cousin Lydia?" asked father, who could not resist a chance to tease.

Then you would clamber up my knees, And strive with every art to tease, When every art of yours could please.

Bubbles had laughed at that and exclaimed: "I only said it to tease you, old thing!

Frank stood before her, wondering in his little heart how any boy could vex or tease so gentle and so sweet a mother.

But the earnestness in Madelene's voice made her father and her sister feel that to tease her further would be impertinent.

" Howland did not like Ross; but when Theresa told him she was going to marry him she had only to cry a little and sit in the old man's lap and tease.

Churchill copies this remark, and adds; "Dryden has you as the nominative, and ye as the objective, in the same passage: 'What gain you, by forbidding it to tease ye? It now can neither trouble ye, nor please ye.' Was this from a notion, that you and ye, thus employed, were more analogous to thou and thee in the singular number?"Churchill's Gram., p. 25.

Fielding goes bluntly to the point; Sterne lingers among the temptations and suspends the expectation to tease and excite it.

"How you do tease me," she murmured.

Besides, Betty was a great tease and the girls dreaded to have her with them, so no one said a word of encouragement.

The tease pricked once more: "Ah! all that day I am thinking of that Irbee.

Applicants are requested not to tease the officials.

I know I used to tease you, when you came home for the first time; when you used to think of nothing but the Latin authors.

ALEXANDER, HERBERT M. Strip tease; the vanished art of burlesque with candid camera photos.

But she has naturally a more irritable constitution than the black horse; flies tease her more; anything wrong in her harness frets her more; and if she were ill-used or unfairly treated she would not be unlikely to give tit for tat.

"I know," said Nat, who was a tease; "it must be to bake a cake with!"

They always tease me.

Miss Cullen began to tease me over my sudden access of energy, declaring that she was sure it was a pose for their benefit, or else due to a guilty conscience over having slept so late.

"I ought not to have tried to tease you.

I hope I do not tease thee about teetotalism: it lies near my heart, and has done so for a long time; and though I too find it an effort sometimes to give up an evening to a meeting of that sort, it is such a comfort to be able to do any thing to show on which side I am, that I think I ought not to mind that.

"Do not tease me about it any more, Philippa," he remarked, "I cannot quite tell why, but you make me feel both insignificant and vain; yet nothing would have been further from my mind than the ideas you have filled it with.

At times, too, she would tease Lord Arleigh about his ideal woman but that was always in her husband's presence.

He had often heard the duke tease his wife about her room, and say that no one was privileged to enter it; why, then, was such a privilege accorded him?

"When de war come dey used to tease him an' say, 'Bud, why don't you go to de war?'

"Why do you tease me?

"Tease me," she smiled.

"An' you is righd," persisted the tormentor, still unfastening; but the daughter's tears gushed forth, and the repentant tease threw herself upon her knees, drew her child's head into her bosom and wept afresh.

I will imagine that one of these boys is called away a few minutes, and leaves his paper on his desk, and that another boy, of an ill-natured and morose disposition, happening to pass by and see his paper, thinks he will sit down and write upon it a few lines, just to tease and vex the one who was called away.

Papa is such a tease.

Her invention was put to the rack to tease and offend.

Baldassare knew the cavaliere's weak point; he delighted to tease him.

Up There, they did not cease to tease me about you all and most especially on your account.

Nothing would satisfy him, after this, but to call me Damon, to tease me continually about Doctor Pythias, and to remind me at every turn of the desirableness of Arcadian friendships.

He had remembered too, signs of self-reproach mixed with his son's grief for his wife, and his extreme relief at the plan for going abroad, recollecting likewise that Charles had strongly disliked poor Peregrine, and had much resented the liking which young Madam had shown for one whose attentions might have been partly intended to tease the young husband.

" Charles's face flushed, and he made a step forward, but Robert gruffly answered: "No more than civility; but he had got Frenchified manners, and liked to tease Archfield.

Only once, in order to tease me, my colleagues made her believe that I wanted some of her cakes.

AGACER, 'Tease.'