844 examples of tease in sentences

"Send her up to Aunt Marthe, and then we can tease Papa to let us go to Newport.

The boys would tease the life out of us.

and I know what will please him; a bottle of wine to make him shine and Lucy Tait to tease him!" I thought there was an inhuman, devilish deftness in the rhymes.

" "You shan't tease her, Denham.

To Hannah More he wrote in all sincerity, referring to his elevation to the peerage: 'For the other empty metamorphosis that has happened to the outward man, you do me justice in believing that it can do nothing but tease me; it is being called names in one's old age:' in fact, he reckoned on being styled 'Lord Methusalem.'

Fred meant to give it up, but he meant to tease his sister first, and Edith, who had no patience to wait, snatched at the book.

Poor fellows, and yet they only did what many a reckless, mischievous school boy has done and is doing every day; they only meant to tease him a bit, to pay him off for being so spiteful all the way, and so cross to Fred when he spoke.

Why do you tease me with that?

Sometimes to tease usand perhaps being really tiredMr.

The other children did not like this, and they began to tease the little girl, and to take her things away from her.

Then you would clamber up my knees, And strive with every art to tease, When every art of yours could please.

Fielding goes bluntly to the point; Sterne lingers among the temptations and suspends the expectation to tease and excite it.

Besides, Betty was a great tease and the girls dreaded to have her with them, so no one said a word of encouragement.

The tease pricked once more: "Ah! all that day I am thinking of that Irbee.

Applicants are requested not to tease the officials.

ALEXANDER, HERBERT M. Strip tease; the vanished art of burlesque with candid camera photos.

"I know," said Nat, who was a tease; "it must be to bake a cake with!"

"When de war come dey used to tease him an' say, 'Bud, why don't you go to de war?'

"Why do you tease me?

"Tease me," she smiled.

Baldassare knew the cavaliere's weak point; he delighted to tease him.

Up There, they did not cease to tease me about you all and most especially on your account.

Nothing would satisfy him, after this, but to call me Damon, to tease me continually about Doctor Pythias, and to remind me at every turn of the desirableness of Arcadian friendships.

He had remembered too, signs of self-reproach mixed with his son's grief for his wife, and his extreme relief at the plan for going abroad, recollecting likewise that Charles had strongly disliked poor Peregrine, and had much resented the liking which young Madam had shown for one whose attentions might have been partly intended to tease the young husband.

" Charles's face flushed, and he made a step forward, but Robert gruffly answered: "No more than civility; but he had got Frenchified manners, and liked to tease Archfield.

844 examples of  tease  in sentences