1691 examples of telegram in sentences

If in the morning no telegram came from Acredale, it would be proof that her father was bent, implacably in his purpose to undo Jack, living or dead.

It will require a mere telegram to find out.

On reaching her lodgings she found a telegram waiting her.

This order was confirmed by telegram a quarter of an hour later as the brigadier was about to reconnoitre a line of approach.

A Vienna telegram published in Berlin informed the German public that: "News received from Warsaw deny the rumours that a revolution has broken out in Russian-Poland, but it is true that yesterday the entire citadel in Warsaw was blown up.

The Deutscher Kurier told its readers in a telegram from New York (?) that Americans fully expected Japan to attack Russia in the back and Japanese ministers were holding conferences all day and night.

Exactly at six minutes to one (midday) on August 1st, a telegram left Berlin instructing the German Ambassador in St. Petersburg to declare war on Russia at 5 p.m. if the latter State had not given a satisfactory answer to Germany's ultimatum by that time.

"Just before this telegram came into the Czar's hands, the Czar, on his side, begged the Kaiser for his help: the Kaiser should advise Vienna to be more moderate.

"As late as the afternoon of July 31st a telegram came from the Czar to the Kaiser in which the former pledged himself that his army should take up no provocative attitude against us.

] Germany had no earthly excuse to begin war on France, and imitating the noble example of Bismarck in forging the notorious Ems telegram which precipitated the 1870 war, the German military authorities forged the "news" of alleged attacks by French airmen and French troops.

In Prince Heinrich's telegram to the King of England, July 30th, the following passage occurs: "If you really and sincerely wish to prevent this terrible misfortune (a European war), may I propose that you should exercise your influence on France and Russia to keep them both neutral (in the Austro-Serbian quarrel).

His telegram to the King of England was a trick planned long ago.

[Footnote 110: On September 8th, 1914, the Kaiser sent a long telegram to President Wilson, in which he defended the German armies against the charges of ruthless atrocities.

Old Heck exclaimed, "it's a telegram!"

"He's mine, I reckon," Skinny retorted, "an' I figure it's nobody's darn' business how I ride himanyhow I brought Old Heck a telegram!"

Old Heck repeated, slowly turning the envelope over in his hand, "it's a telegram!

The arrival of the telegram telling of the coming of Carolyn June Dixon, Old Heck's niece, and Ophelia Cobb, her chaperon, filled with varying emotions the hearts of Old Heck, Parker and the cowboys.

It was marvelous news borne by the telegram Skinny brought.

" "Send them a telegram and say Old Heck's dead and not to come," Bert Lilly volunteered.

"Aw, you blamed idiot, they'd come anyhow then, just to attend the funeral" "I got an idea," Chuck Slithers exclaimed; it's a telegram too.

Answer by return telegram so I'll know your intentions.

I meant going straight down to Bryndermere; and I should have done so, but two days ago I received a telegram telling me that the place would not be ready, and that he would not be there until the eleventh, and asking me to fill up the interval by sending down some horses and carriages.

"Oddly enough, I received no telegram from my wife, but under the circumstances I could do nothing else than return to my home at once.

CHAPTER XXV JUDGMENT A telegram from Major Doyle corroborated Le Drieux's assertion that Jack Andrews had arrived at the port of New York via the Princess Irene on January twenty-seventh.

*** A Vienna telegram states that the Emperor KARL has handed the Grand Cross of St. Stephen to the GERMAN CHANCELLOR.

1691 examples of  telegram  in sentences