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I say not this in derogation to Virgil, neither do I contradict anything which I have formerly said in his just praise, for his episodes are almost wholly of his own invention; and the form which he has given to the telling makes the tale his own, even though the original story had been the same.

The matter and manner of their tales, and of their telling, are so suited to their different edncations, humours, and callings, that each of them would be improper in any other mouth.

But Chaucer has refined on Boccace, and has mended the stories which he has borrowed, in his way of telling; though prose allows more liberty of thought, and the expression is more easy when unconfined by numbers.

" The earnest tones in which the last words were spoken convinced his comrades that O'Riley was telling the truth, so having a decided objection to be placed in similar circumstances, they danced and beat each other until they were quite in a glow.

A favorite humorous device in his style is a stately and roundabout way of telling a trivial incident, as where, for example, Mr. Roker "muttered certain unpleasant invocations concerning his own eyes, limbs, and circulating fluids;" or where the drunken man who is singing comic songs in the Fleet received from Mr. Smangle "a gentle intimation, through the medium of the water-jug, that his audience were not musically disposed."

Does the fact that they do not love him and are not grateful to him for telling them the news distress the boy in the grand stand?

I had on me a three-thousand-word story, written that morning in Rheims, telling of the wanton destruction of the cathedral.

And then, well, I don't mind telling you, but it must not go any further.

I can't keep[10] from telling you that I have succeeded in avenging myself.

2. By telling his stories, the story-teller keeps himself from forgetting them.

She must amuse the children by telling them amusing stories.

So people were not quite sure whether Mr. Twyne was telling lies or truth, and the principal fact that corroborated his story was Sir Bale's manifest hatred of his secretary.

Mrs. Julaper there knows how welcome he was to stay the night; but he would not; he had made up his mind, it seems, without telling any person.

But I've often wondered if I really taught him a lesson, or if he always kept on telling his twisters in his new place!

I'm telling you.

R64357, 10Jul50, West Publishing Co. (PWH) I'M TELLING YOU, an address by Aaron Hoffman.

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Telling fortunes by tea leaves.

She stood dazed for a moment, surprised at the chance that had put such telling words into her mouth.

"He has a great pride in his city, and it won't suffer from his telling," said Master Benjamin.

As an institution, however, the position of the Irish State Church was undoubtedly a difficult one to defend, the very same arguments which tell most forcibly for the State Church of England telling most forcibly against its numerically feeble Irish sister.

'That's telling!'

[Footnote: A probably truthful tradition reports that when the Virginian commissioners offered Clark the sword, the grim old fighter, smarting under the sense of his wrongs, threw it indignantly from him, telling the envoys that he demanded from Virginia his just rights and the promised reward of his services, not an empty compliment.

They would then call on any man who owned a fiddle and spend the evening, with interludes of singing and story-telling, in dancingan amusement they considered as only below hunting.

It would appear from the following letter that Sir William Herschel was inadequately rewarded, and that his sister felt this keenly: "There can be no harm," she says, "in telling my own dear nephew that I never felt satisfied with the support your father received towards his undertakings, and far less with the ungracious manner in which it was granted.

116202 examples of  telling  in sentences