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116202 examples of  telling  in sentences

116202 examples of telling in sentences

The next day, telling the landlord that they should leave the lame horse with him until their return, they started as before, Mike walking instead of riding.

There they left their donkey with a peasant, telling him they would return in a fortnight's time and claim it.

Harry wrote to the colonel, telling him of his intention to go to Virginia and settle there until either Cromwell's death, and the dying out of old animosities, or the restoration of the king permitted him to return to England, and also that he was writing to ask Lucy Rippinghall to accompany him as his wife.

A ship would, he found, be sailing in three days, and he wrote to his father telling him that he had been in London for a day or two, but was forced by the illness of Jacob to return at once; but that upon his friend's recovery he would come back to Abingdon for a short time before leaving.

Upon Harry telling her that Lucy, who was about to become his wife, would willingly take her to England and receive her as a companion until such time as some opportunity for furthering her way in life might appear, Zita accepted the proposal with tears of joy.

The time of publication is indeed unfortunate for the Kaiser, who has been telling us how bitterly he hates war.

Proportional Representation has been knocked out for the fifth time in this Parliament; and we have to thank Sir Mark Sykes for telling us that the Whip's definition of a crank is "a wealthy man who does not want a Knighthood, or a nobleman who does not want to be an Under-Secretary.

I say not this in derogation to Virgil, neither do I contradict anything which I have formerly said in his just praise, for his episodes are almost wholly of his own invention; and the form which he has given to the telling makes the tale his own, even though the original story had been the same.

The matter and manner of their tales, and of their telling, are so suited to their different edncations, humours, and callings, that each of them would be improper in any other mouth.

But Chaucer has refined on Boccace, and has mended the stories which he has borrowed, in his way of telling; though prose allows more liberty of thought, and the expression is more easy when unconfined by numbers.

"We could get the woman at the post office down there to send up a letter to Bubbles, explaining that you had to go away unexpectedly, and telling her to follow you to town to-day.

All the same, she had felt disconcerted and a little pained, that the man who was fond of telling her that she was his only real friend in the world had concealed from her so important a fact as that of his marriage.

She was telling herself that it was quite, quite impossible that Helen knew anythingbut as Helen, who had begun crying again, shook her head, Blanche asked: "Does Lionel know that you want to leave to-day?"

Of the five people to whom she told the untrue tale so quickly and so cleverly imagined by their host, only one suspected that she was not telling the truth.

" Panton's good-humour had come back; he was telling himself, with some amusement, how very small the world is, after all!

To the good Father she could at least talk about Hans, and he was able sometimes to cheer her fading hopes, by telling her that the day might yet come when Hans would return to spend the rest of his life with her.

I took a keen delight in illuminating the intelligent mind of Server Pasha as to the true condition of the country, telling him what I had seen and reported to the "Times;"

" The earnest tones in which the last words were spoken convinced his comrades that O'Riley was telling the truth, so having a decided objection to be placed in similar circumstances, they danced and beat each other until they were quite in a glow.

His face flushed a little, but he answered pleasantly,telling who he was, as if the little man's infirmity gave him a right to ask any questions he wanted to.

But when the Roman general saw him entering actually on foot, with fillet cast off, and prostrate on the earth doing obeisance, he felt an impulse of pity; so starting up hastily he raised him, bound on the headband and seated him upon a chair close by, and he encouraged him, telling him among other things that he had not lost the kingdom of Armenia but had gained the friendship of the Romans.

I couldn't keep back the tears, while Aristide was telling me.

It was under the softening and expanding influence of the big, yellow moon upon the hills and valleys and ghostly river that Laurent told his secreta secret that in the mere telling, and still more in itself, was to have a profound influence upon the persons of this narrative.

A favorite humorous device in his style is a stately and roundabout way of telling a trivial incident, as where, for example, Mr. Roker "muttered certain unpleasant invocations concerning his own eyes, limbs, and circulating fluids;" or where the drunken man who is singing comic songs in the Fleet received from Mr. Smangle "a gentle intimation, through the medium of the water-jug, that his audience were not musically disposed."

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At one table Arthur H. Frazier, of the American embassy, would be telling an English officer that a captain of his regiment who was supposed to have been killed at Courtrai had, like a homing pigeon, found his way to the hospital at Neuilly and wanted to be reported "safe" at Lloyds.

Does the fact that they do not love him and are not grateful to him for telling them the news distress the boy in the grand stand?

I had on me a three-thousand-word story, written that morning in Rheims, telling of the wanton destruction of the cathedral.

And then, well, I don't mind telling you, but it must not go any further.

He was even delighted when, another day, I brought him a dirty dress, telling him that she had worn it.

" She began then to weep and lament; but I comforted her, and said: "Do you not remember speaking to a certain muni, and telling him of the loss of the child?

You can be introduced to the queen as a woman skilled in charms and fortune-telling.

" He hesitated for a moment, and looked very hard at me; but at last he said: "What harm can there be in telling you?

"'The devoted attendants kept the whole affair secret, removed the infant as soon as it was born, and telling the mother it was dead, gave it to a savari woman, who carried it to the public cemetery and left it there.

Like the sudden emanation that crimsons all the east, the beautiful and earliest blush of morning, came the driven blood into the maiden's cheek, telling of discovery and shame.

I can't keep[10] from telling you that I have succeeded in avenging myself.

2. By telling his stories, the story-teller keeps himself from forgetting them.

She must amuse the children by telling them amusing stories.

So people were not quite sure whether Mr. Twyne was telling lies or truth, and the principal fact that corroborated his story was Sir Bale's manifest hatred of his secretary.

Mrs. Julaper there knows how welcome he was to stay the night; but he would not; he had made up his mind, it seems, without telling any person.

" "Three hundred pounds," repeated the Baronet, as he emptied the purse, which Feltram had just placed in his hand, upon the table; and contemplating them with grave interest, he began telling them off in little heaps of five-and-twenty each.

After supper he would discourse to Branwen of remote kingdoms, through which, as aimlessly as a wind veers, he had ridden at adventure, among sedate and alien peoples who adjudged him a madman; and she, in turn, would tell him curious tales from the Red Book of Hergest,telling of Gwalchmai, and Peredur, and Geraint, in each one of which fine heroes she had presently discerned an inadequate forerunnership of Richard's existence.

But I've often wondered if I really taught him a lesson, or if he always kept on telling his twisters in his new place!

I'm telling you.

R64357, 10Jul50, West Publishing Co. (PWH) I'M TELLING YOU, an address by Aaron Hoffman.

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What you should know about fortune telling.

The heavens are telling.

SEE VON BERGE, H. The heavens are telling.

"Have you been telling Mr. Raut of all these contrasts of flame and shadow you think so splendid?" said the woman, turning now to her husband for the first time, her confidence creeping back again, her voice just one half-note too high"that dreadful theory of yours that machinery is beautiful, and everything else in the world ugly.

The lamplight fell for a moment on their faces, showing only unmeaning pale patches, telling nothing of what she still feared, and doubted, and craved vainly to know.

"That's the cone I've been telling you of," shouted Horrocks; "and, below that, sixty feet of fire and molten metal, with the air of the blast frothing through it like gas in soda-water.

Out of your greatness daring no lies, daring no pleas, but telling the truth of my iniquities before all mankind.

She stood dazed for a moment, surprised at the chance that had put such telling words into her mouth.

You're only telling me now because I'm going away.

"Do you mind telling me where you're going to?" "I'm going to Mummy."

Just as much as if Ronicky Doone himself were telling me.

Telling the boy to laugh at the danger of exposure, Doone could snatch him away to the West.

"He has a great pride in his city, and it won't suffer from his telling," said Master Benjamin.

"Are you holding your knowledge tight in your pockets, or whistling to keep from telling it?" Nat scowled a minute and then said frankly, for every one was frank with Olive, "I really don't know what sort of an animal a bird is, though I'm sure it is an animal.

"Mammy says that room is full of birds, and that we must never go in there. Suppose when the door opens they should get out and fly away?" "Mammy was right in telling you not to go in without asking, because there are a great many books and papers there that father values, and you might upset them.

Oh, yes, my boy, I know all about it, you see; Cousin Olive has been telling tales.

I've often had them run along in front of me on the beach, piping as sad as if they were telling me how little and helpless they were, and begging me to ask folks not to shoot them.

But Dodo thought that he was joking, and as soon as they were in the sharpie she whispered: "Uncle Roy, you must tell me four tablesOlaf knows the birds by sight, but he doesn't make them sound as distinct as you do in the telling.

Hallam laughed and talked, telling her about something or othershe did not know whatbut all she listened to was the steady footsteps passing, repassing.

"Celia," she said, looking up, "would you mind telling me what it is that you dislike about my old and very dear friend, Colonel Arran?" Celia continued her needlework for a few moments.

As an institution, however, the position of the Irish State Church was undoubtedly a difficult one to defend, the very same arguments which tell most forcibly for the State Church of England telling most forcibly against its numerically feeble Irish sister.

'That's telling!'

The other thing was Mr. Dunborough, who, seated at his ease on the step of the post-chaise, appeared to be telling a story, while he nursed his injured arm.

By the time he got thru telling the girls, Mr. Coon called to Mr. Rabbit that he was ready to go.

It was a letter from the young man's mother, in which she thanked him for having sent her part of his wages to relieve her in her misery, and finished with telling; him that God would reward him for his dutiful affection.

He was, by his own desire, taken to the room where the corpse lay, and was much moved when he saw the tears of the poor women who had been fed and clothed by the charity of Dorcas, and who were telling each other how much good she had been the means of doing them.

Mrs. Lear first informed me of these letters ten or twelve years ago when in Washington, and offered them to my perusal and examination, telling me to take them home and retain them as long as I chose, and use them as I thought best, for she knew I would not abuse this privilege.

He terminates the letter by telling him that his public avocations will not admit of more than a flying trip to Mount Vernon this summer, and that this not suiting Mrs. Washington he has taken a house in Germantown

Then they laughed, and she ran off with him without telling anyone.

Telling them that they were responsible for his cow while he was away, he hastened off to the cave where the jackals lived.

[Footnote: A probably truthful tradition reports that when the Virginian commissioners offered Clark the sword, the grim old fighter, smarting under the sense of his wrongs, threw it indignantly from him, telling the envoys that he demanded from Virginia his just rights and the promised reward of his services, not an empty compliment.

They would then call on any man who owned a fiddle and spend the evening, with interludes of singing and story-telling, in dancingan amusement they considered as only below hunting.

Accordingly he wrote to Robertson telling him that he could disband his troops, as there was no longer need of them.

so when in his company, if only for the sake of getting the goods he had to distribute; and of course they brought him word whenever the Georgians killed a Creek, either innocent or guilty, without telling him of the offence which the Georgians were blindly trying to revenge.

At the same time the Administration wrote to Shelby telling him what was on foot, and requesting him to see that no expedition of the kind was allowed to march against the domains of a friendly power.

Would you mind telling me what you know about it if I promise you that I, too, have something to reveal?" The lieutenant leaned back and watched Kennedy closely without seeming to do so.

"Now I don't mind telling you in strict confidence," continued the lieutenant, "that it's my theory that old Cesare has seen Paoli here, knew he was wanted for that murder of the old music master, and gave me the tip to look up his record.

" The guard interrupted by telling her it wasn't permitted to speak to the convicts while out of bounds, and so we had to ride on.

3 On the third day a despatch came from Frederic Cullen telling his father he would join us at Lamy on No. 8 that evening.

I think she was pleased by my offer to go away, for she talked very pleasantly, and far more intimately than she had ever done before, telling me facts about her family, her Chicago life, her travels, and even her thoughts.

Telling the sheriff to guard the bags of the party carefully, I took two of the posse and rode over to Moran's Point.

Telling the sheriff to keep those in the camp under absolute surveillance, I took a single man, and saddling a couple of mules, started down the trail.

I knew she only said this out of kindness, and told her so, telling also of my struggles over that pink-beribboned and belaced affair, in a way which made her laugh.

" Considering that it was about six-thirty, I wanted to ask who was telling a taradiddle now; but I resisted the temptation, and replied "No.

Puzzle as I did over the words, I managed to eat a good breakfast, and then went into the Cullens' car and electrified the party by telling them of Camp's and Fred's despatches, and how I had come to overhear the former.

There had been much conversation during the sitting, the Medium telling me not to keep my mind on the slates, but to put myself into a condition of "passivity."

From a summing-up: "If the plaintiff was telling the truth, he had only himself to blame.

As Teddy Snatched the priceless plan and fled, he Also pinched the polished hat, Saying, as he vanished, that, When in England far from here, He would like a souvenir Of the pleasant time he'd spent In a German General's tent, As a proof for English eyes That he wasn't telling lies.

When these scandalous "carryings-on" at the Luxembourg Palace reached the Regent's ears and he ventured to read his daughter a severe lecture on her conduct, she retaliated by snapping her fingers at him and telling him in so many words to mind his own business.

"He has been so good to the child, amusing him by the hour with his microscopes and collections of insects, telling him those delightful old German folk-lore tales, and putting him to sleep every night to the music of his violin.

She had been elected to tell it, but before it was done all three had had a part in the telling, and all three were waiting with wistful eyes for her answer.

It would appear from the following letter that Sir William Herschel was inadequately rewarded, and that his sister felt this keenly: "There can be no harm," she says, "in telling my own dear nephew that I never felt satisfied with the support your father received towards his undertakings, and far less with the ungracious manner in which it was granted.