1004 examples of temperance in sentences

With such temperance in diet, that his daily food would appear to most people not sufficient to support the common functions of life, he chearfully sustained the hardships of long travel, through regions where travelling is most difficult and dangerous.

He had on an old overcoat, and a basket of tools was thrown over his shoulder with which to earn his food in case temperance lecturing failed.

One day John Cassell was working at the Manchester Exchange when he was persuaded to go and hear Dr. Grindrod lecture on temperance.

In the evening, seeing that a temperance meeting was to be held in a hall off the Westminster Road, he went to it; and asked to be allowed to speak.

Other temperance meetings he addressed; for his heart and mind were full of that subject.

" Struck by his manifest sincerity, the gentleman introduced him next day to a friend who took a warm interest in the temperance cause.

" John Cassell now went forth as a disciple of the temperance cause.

A temperance paper thus speaks of him in 1837: "John Cassell, the Manchester carpenter, has been labouring, amidst many privations, with great success in the county of Norfolk.

He carries his watchman's rattlean excellent accompaniment of temperance labour.

In those days the opposition to the Gospel of Temperance was keen and bitter.

John Cassell scattered the seed of temperance liberally.

" He had hitherto been doing something to assist the temperance cause by the sale of tea and coffee, and he now turned his attention to the issue of publications calculated to benefit the cause.

At these, not only did he preach the Gospel of Christ, but he made a point of telling the men the blessings of temperance; and it was by his influence that later on a society was formed in the regiment, and various attractions were placed before the men to keep them from intemperance.

F.P. " R.W. Sawyer Sergt " S. Jenkins Coker Sergt " Emanuel R. Palmer Sergt A TEMPERANCE LEADER.

The leader of the great temperance movement in EnglandJoseph Livesey, of Prestonhad a very bad start in life.

He was not only a temperance advocate, but an earnest worker for the good of others in various directions.

After that followed temperance work.

She was working hard at meetings for the promotion of the temperance cause when a desperate drunkard, a chimney sweep by trade, came to her at one of the meetings and was going to sign the pledge.

Before Miss Weston had been long at work she thought it would be useful if she went on board the vessels, and had a chat about temperance with the men.

" At the present day on board every ship in the service there is a branch of the Royal Navy Temperance Society, and thus our sailors are being encouraged to become sober as well as gallant men.

This is a serious matter to contemplate, and if I were a zealous temperance advocate I should strive to get those grocers' licences wiped out.

Different poets describing the spring or the sea would mention the zephyrs and the flowers, the billows and the rocks; reflecting on human life, they would, without any communication of opinions, lament the deceitfulness of hope, the fugacity of pleasure, the fragility of beauty, and the frequency of calamity; and for palliatives of these incurable miseries, they would concur in recommending kindness, temperance, caution, and fortitude.

[and] joy, [and] peace, [and] long suffering, [and] gentleness, [and] goodness, [and] faith, [and] meekness, [and] temperance.

"Industry, honesty, and temperance are essential to happiness.

Hungary lies under the so-called temperate zone, but there does not seem much temperance in the climate when we think of the terrible, almost Siberian winters that come often enough and the heat waves occasioning frequent droughts in the lowlands.

1004 examples of  temperance  in sentences
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