922 examples of tenderer in sentences

But if there was no innocence on the turf, rogues could not live; they are not cannibalsnot, at all events, while they can obtain tenderer food.

And that had been pity: for I assure you at a word, A better bird, a fairer bird, a finer bird: A sweeter bird, a younger bird, a tenderer bird: A daintier bird, a crisper bird, a more delicate bird: Was there never set upon any gentleman's board.

" "And who found a fairy godmother," responded Flora, subsiding into a tenderer tone.

On his younger brother, Hal, he had wasted all the better and tenderer side of his nature.

And believe me," he said, in a tenderer tone, "that, among all the beautiful women I have seen,and some have not disdained to show me favor,none ever touched my heart for a moment.

He will take upon him with oaths to pelt some tenderer man out of his company, and makes good sport at his conquest over the puritan fool.

there is a later portrait of himself in complacent middle age surrounded by his wife and children; but I like to think that, when he spent so many days at the Palace painting the young Princess, some tenderer influence than mere artistic skill lent cunning to his brush.

Might she but be so influenced by divine grace, that what in her was most truly human, most purely woman-like, should overcome the dark, cold, unmentionable instinct which had pervaded her being like a subtile poison: that was all she could ask, and the rest she left to a higher wisdom and tenderer love than her own.

Old Jocunda, with her tough, vigorous organization and unceremonious habits of expression, could not conceive the exquisite pain with which this whole conversation had vibrated on the sensitive being at her right hand,that what merely awoke her hard-corded nerves to a dull vibration of not unpleasant excitement was shivering and tearing the tenderer chords of poor little Psyche beside her.

Whether he will believe that he is "the wisest man of them all" is doubtful; but, however this may be, he will find himself in their company growing wiser, stronger, tenderer, and truer.

As my purse grew lighter my conscience became tenderer, and at length I humbly accepted the position of lackey in the house of a rich old nobleman, Don Vincent de Guzman.

Claudia, in these bad days, When man must tread perforce the flinty path Of duty, hard and rugged, fail not thou Duly at night and morning to give thanks To the all-gracious power that smoothed the way For woman's tenderer feet.

It is tenderer even than venison and it contains more juices.

The moon shone on the face and form of the sleeping girl, making softer their graceful lines, richer the shadows in the golden hair, tenderer the tint of cheek and lip.

The meat from that kitchen was tenderer than any other; the beef-tea was more savory.

Women have tenderer hearts than men for a purpose, and if they are hurt oftener than men's, why, that is for us to bear.

"One tenderer word, a little longer kiss, Would fill my soul with music and with song; And if you seem abstracted, or I miss The heart-tone from your voice, my world goes wrong.

Besidesand as doña Bernarda came to this part of her talk she grew tenderer and more insinuating stillhe was now the leading man of the District and so he must be the wealthiest.

And in her eager desire to compass all the Master's work, she did not hesitate to compromise her reputation for power and vigor by attempting roles of lighter or tenderer vein.

The inner life of things must be substantially akin anyhow to the tenderer parts of man's nature in any spiritualistic philosophy.

To quote words which I have used elsewhere, the believer finds that the tenderer parts of his personal life are continuous with a more of the same quality which is operative in the universe outside of him and which he can keep in working touch with, and in a fashion get on board of and save himself, when all his lower being has gone to pieces in the wreck.

But you, my liege, who bore in other days A tenderer name I may no longer speak, Before your feet, stirred to my soul, I kneel.

These passages display the tenderer side of Shirley's gift at its best, and prove that, had he but set himself the task, he possessed the very style needed for a successful imitation of the Italian pastoral adapted to the temper of the English romantic drama.

yet more repulsive in his tenderer companion-spirit, Ford.

Shall we, in our hearts, idealize those we love,so natural is it to believe in the perfection of those we love,and even if the time for forgiveness comes, and we show them the mercy that our own frailty teaches us to exercise, shall we still idealize them, since love continues only in the persuasion of perfection yet to come, and is the tenderer because it comes with struggle?

922 examples of  tenderer  in sentences