6 examples of tenebrous in sentences

To make of nought reason sentencious Clokynge a trouthe wyth colour tenebrous.

Black as the tenebrous Arctic night was my soul.

These sturdy-looking brown boats stood rocking gently there with slow-creaking noises, as of things whining in slumber, without the least damage, awaiting the appalling storms of the winter months on that tenebrous sea, when a dark doom, and a deep grave, would not fail them.

She held a dismal little oil lamp, and they descended a tenebrous spiral structure into an underground breakfast-room lit by gas that shone through a partially frosted globe with cut-glass stars.

Never had she looked to Ray so like an eagle, so keen, so fierce, so fit for braving either sun or tenebrous cavern.

She saw the road of life they would take together; how they would stand on peaks of lofty desire, in sunlight; how, unfaltering, they would pace tenebrous valleys.

6 examples of  tenebrous  in sentences