2088 examples of tenth in sentences

It was in that red gash of crosstown brickWest Tenth Streetthat the new life began.

Without training, without experience, without definite knowledge of the need to be met, with only a strong desire and a mixed ideal, and almost without his own volition, he found himself now sitting at a desk in West Tenth Street, with two employees, and nothing to do.

And it seemed to Joe, seeing all this life from a Tenth Street viewpoint, that here was a great city of wealth and idleness.

How could he from shabby Tenth Street send out a sheet of paper that would compete with these flashing avenues?

John Rann and his family were moved down to a flat farther west on Tenth Street, and a feeder, a compositor, and a make-up man were hired along with him.

I'm doing the inclosed, and doing it in West Tenth Street.

"But what brings you here?" "I live hereWest Tenth.

They have just now, amidst a long string of decrees, the objects of which are of the first consequence, inserted one for the destruction of all the royal tombs before the tenth of August, and another for reducing the expences of the King's children, particularly their food, to bare necessaries.

There was as great a Change in the Hill of Mony Bags, and the Heaps of Mony, the former shrinking, and falling into so many empty Bags, that I now found not above a tenth part of them had been filled with Mony.

The Tenth and last Species of Women were made out of the Bee; and happy is the Man who gets such an one for his Wife.

Mr. SPECTATOR, I am Wife to a Clergyman, and cannot help thinking that in your Tenth or Tithe-Character of Womankind you meant my self, therefore I have no Quarrel against you for the other Nine Characters.

She is called by ancient Authors the Tenth Muse; and by Plutarch is compared to Cacus the Son of Vulcan, who breathed out nothing but Flame.

Returning to the West, we find that in the succeeding period, from Charlemagne to the first crusade, the popular devotion to the Virgin, and the multiplication of sacred pictures, continued steadily to increase; yet in the tenth and eleventh centuries art was at its lowest ebb.

Towards the end of the tenth century the custom of adding the angelic salutation, the "Ave Maria," to the Lord's prayer, was first introduced; and by the end of the following century, it had been adopted in the offices of the Church.

But though his general merit has been universally acknowledged, I am far from thinking all the productions of his rural Thalia equally excellent; there is, indeed, in all his pastorals a strain of versification which it is vain to seek in any other poet; but if we except the first and the tenth, they seem liable either wholly or in part to considerable objections.

The first and the tenth pastorals, whatever be determined of the rest, are sufficient to place their author above the reach of rivalry.

But notwithstanding the excellence of the tenth pastoral, I cannot forbear to give the preference to the first, which is equally natural and more diversified.

By the tenth day he was running around town joyfully exhibiting his rapidly healing body to every one who would look at it.

" This year, 1875, a figure from the picture, the "Tenth Bengal Lancers at Tent-pegging," was published as a supplement to the Christmas number of London Graphic, with the title "Missed."

The tenth edifice of the great temple at Tenochtitlan was a wall surrounding an artificial rockery planted with these bushes.

Smarting under the terrible taxation of one tenth of everything, Bennett grew poorer and poorer and at last resolved that he must go away, but his wife could not leave her own people, and so he set off with his children, somewhat afraid he might be shot down, but he reached Los Angeles Co. in safety.

The papers and the police, after groping for weeks in search of the answer, turned it over to the solution of Time, with the comforting assurance that MURDER WILL OUT. BOOK TENTH.

In second stories, in third stories, in fourth stories, in the rear of ground floors, in one or two basements, among all the more fashionable gambling dens, which, at that period, lay between Fulton and Tenth streets, he picked his way.

The boy walked up and down between Tenth and Fourteenth streets, thinking what it would be best to do next.

The appointment of that musician as organist to the Electoral Court bears date February 15, 1781, when Ludwig had but just completed his tenth year, and the sixth year of his musical studies.

2088 examples of  tenth  in sentences