14699 examples of tested in sentences

SEE Taylor Tested Recipes With Recommended Temperatures.


One would be prone to reiterate Patrick's exclamation of surprise, when he first shouldered a gun and tested the freedom of the forest in America.

Manures for different soils are tested with as much chemical precision as ever was quinine for human constitutions.

(c) Henry George, The Persistence of Poverty amid Advancing Wealth, in Book V of "Progress and Poverty:" George's exposition of the problem tested by your own experience.

I: The significance of habits, tested by your own experience.

She never spoke of her own feelings to any one but her husband; but Sarah writes to Sarah Douglass in August, 1869: "My cheerful spirit has been sorely tested for some months.

With others, the old and fair proejudicium against the claims of Rome, which had always asserted itself even against the stringent logic of Mr. Ward and the deep and subtle ideas of Mr. Newman, became, when closed with, and tested face to face in the light of fact and history, the settled conviction of life.

I suppose that at the bottom of his heart every man would like at times to have his courage tested, to see how he would act.

The usual winter anchorage in Cockburn Sound, being seven miles from the town of Fremantle, the colonists were naturally very anxious to see tested the equal security of one which we had chosen within half that distance.

Have you examined and tested them?"

I accordingly tested it, 'Yes?'

"When I reached home, I laid the pieces of the spectacles together, measured the frames very carefully, tested the left eye-glass, and wrote down a full description such as would have been given by the surgeon to the spectacle-maker.

In antiquity the metals were used as money in bulk; that is, the amount was weighed at each transaction and the quality was tested whenever there was doubt.

When a heedless and over-confident army ventures into an enemy's country without a knowledge of its geography, without a map, and without leaders that have been tested on the field of battle, the result can easily be foreseen.

Her ability to deceive had been tested in various ways.

This is a good example of the balance which must be struck in all new plans until they are tested.

In this way, we may put it down as a general rule (to be tested hereafter) that the least developed flowers are usually yellow or white; those which have undergone a little more modification are usually pink or red; and those which have been most highly specialized of any are usually purple, lilac, or blue.

His early experiments tested the possibility of using the earth as a conductor.

The American small boy is not idiotic; tested by his curiosity concerning automobiles, he is the fruition of the centuries, the genius the world is awaiting, the coming ruler of men and empires, orwho knows?the coming master of the automobile.

Even the piston can be reached with a flood of oil and tested.

A young and clever electrician across the way came over, bringing an electric bell, with which we tested the dry cells, finding them in good condition.

On arriving we took out the dry cells, tested each one, and then rewired the carriage complete and in a manner to defy rain, sand, and oil.

The negro troops have been tested, and, to their great joy, though not contrary to their own expectations, they have triumphed, not only over enemies armed with muskets and swords, but over what the black man dreads most, sharp and cruel prejudices.

Tested by this, no one of our States, except Texas, ever was a sovereignty; and even Texas gave up the character on coming into the Union, by which act she acknowledged the Constitution of the United States and the laws and treaties of the United States made in pursuance of the Constitution to be for her the supreme law of the land.

14699 examples of  tested  in sentences