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14699 examples of  tested  in sentences

14699 examples of tested in sentences

I have myself tested several of your methods, and find that you speak from thorough and circumstantial knowledge of your subject In bread-making, for instance, we find that when the cat reposes in the dough, it (the dough) will not rise, though the cat does.


But in that land it is never permitted that one who stands bravely and fails not shall be left without succor; for it is no longer needful there to stand even to death, since all dying is over, and all souls are tested.

Mr. Merrick, who had tested these girls in more ways than one, was watching them carefully, and fully approved their spirit and courage under such trying conditions.

How, having tested it, could she look forward to a life like that?

The social value of encouraging the mother's natural feeling of responsibility toward her child by putting into her hands a state pension is being, let us note, widely tested, and may demonstrate the wisdom and economy of devoting public funds to mothers rather than to crรชches and juvenile asylums.

And why should they not have faith; the farm has already tested them out, and they have not been found wanting.

But when carefully tested by scientific men in Padua, his attempts to discover buried metals completely failed; and at Florence he was detected trying to find out by night what he had secreted to test his powers on the morrow.

This violent and prolonged attack, whilst it showed to what infamous lengths the tongues of slander, envy, and bigotry could go in attempting to destroy a noble woman's reputation, tested to the utmost Hannah More's fine qualities of Christian forbearance and courage.

The latter instrument consisted of a spring whose deflection by a given weight upon the equator had been very carefully tested.

Our compasses and pedometers were tested at the station; we knew that we could rely upon them.

We recognize the signs of the age, and We have tested the trend of popular opinion; and We now, with the Emperor at Our side, invest the Nation with the Sovereign Power and decree the establishment of a constitutional government on a republican basis.

Its political life was so varied that, in modern constitutions, hardly a method of constituting an upper or popular house has thus far been suggested, of which the character and operation had not already been tested in the experience of our fathers.

The swinging rack of these big white wanderers looks easy enough when you see it; but when the fleet staghounds are slipped, as has been more than once tested in Newfoundland, try as hard as they will they cannot keep within sight of the deer for a single quarter-mile, and no limit has ever yet been found, either by dog or wolf, to Megaleep's tirelessness.

He was being tested.

My nerve was tested a bit as the baidarka swept by the shore, for had it once got well started we should have been drawn into the rapids and then into a long line of angry breakers beyond.

We are told that God "tempted," or tested, the obedient faith of Abraham, by suggesting to him that it was his duty to sacrifice that only son as a burnt-offering, to prove how utterly he trusted the Lord's promise; for if Isaac were cut off, where was another legitimate heir to be found?

Beyond attending the lectures and going up to be tested, they have no direct intercourse with their professors.

I have tested this theory.

Your theory has been tested and proved correct.

The 1st of May of the ensuing year was fixed for their meeting; and the arrangements for and the management of an assembly, which, as not having met for nearly two hundred years, could not fail to present many of the features of an entire novelty, were a task which would have severely tested the most statesman-like capacity.

Accordingly he took a survey of the plane from tip to tip of the wings; looked over the motor, tested every strut and stay, leaving nothing to Jack, who was fairly quivering with the intensity of his feelings.

Tom tested the engine, and pronounced himself satisfied, while Jack looked over the field ahead of them.

His first words, though of little moment in themselves, gave me a curious satisfaction, as when a coin, tested, rings true gold, or a hero, tried, is heroic.

You see what a heavy book this is?" I tested it in my hand: it was a heavy book.

He had acted upon them, as far as was possible, even in Jamaica; and in their soundness as applied to a colony like Canada he had that firm faith, grounded on original conviction, which alone could have enabled him to maintain them, as he afterwards did, single-handed, in face of the most violent opposition, and in circumstances by which they were most severely tested.

This serum is tested on a small animal that has been inoculated with a deadly dose of the diphtheritic poison; if it saves the little creature from death, it is assumed to be potent enough for use on human beings, and, handled with all possible precautions against putrefaction or any contamination with pathogenic bacteria, it is furnished to physicians, its degree of potency being designated in "units.

Boswell's originality and merit may be tested by comparing his book to the ponderous performance of Sir John Hawkins, or to the dreary dissertations, falsely called lives, of which Dugald Stewart's Life of Robertson may be taken for a type.

Horses were tested and riders selected by weight and power of endurance.

Things fought for, tested, mellowed by our fathers and mothers, and their fathers and mothers?

He listened to her sing, then tested the range and flexibility of her voice.

This done, I went down among the ships by the wharves, and fixed upon the first old green air-boat that seemed fairly sound, broke open a near shop, procured some buckets of oil, and by three o'clock had tested and prepared my ship.

Our enthusiastic "going on leave" ardour was severely tested, and nearly broke down before we reached Boulogne, which we did late that night.

" At the commencement of his letter, Mr. S. says, "Intending, as I do, that my statements shall be relied on, and knowing that, should you think fit to publish this communication, they will come to this country, where their correctness may be tested by comparison with real life, I make them with the utmost care and precaution.

Tested by its own laws, in all that facilitates and protects the hateful process of converting a man into a "chattel personal;" in all that stamps the law-maker, and law-upholder with meanness and hypocrisy, it certainly has no present rival of its "bad eminence," and we may search in vain the history of a world's despotism for a parallel.

The brick should be sufficiently hard to resist the fire, and should therefore be tested before using.

" XXIV INTO THE PRIMITIVE Tested upon purely diplomatic principles, Miss Van Brock's temper was little less than angelic, exhibiting itself under provocation only in guarded pin-pricks of sarcasm, or in small sharp-clawed kitten-buffetings of repartee.

Its positiveness of statement is puzzling, when tested by what is known from other sources of the nature of the discoveries and inventions of that early time; and were there reason to question Bacon's truth, it would seem as if he had mistaken his dreams for facts.

"Observe how they tested us.

In the spring of 1865 she was induced, by the entreaty of friends who had themselves tested his skill, to consult Dr. Schieferdecker, a noted hydropathist, and later to place herself under his care.

I feel as if I had got to be tested yet; this sweet peace, of which I have so much, almost startles me.

Everard had promised to have my talents tested by good judges.

The judge declared to himself that Dick's single oath, which could not now be tested by cross-examination, amounted to nothing.

The exact arrangements are difficult to describe without the aid of drawings, but the result is to measure the difference of temperature between the medium to be tested and the atmosphere at the position of the instrument.

She tested the liquid, rolling up her eyes like a greedy tabby.

Was not Abraham found faithful when tested?

Satisfied as to the character of Aaron King, as it had been tested in those days of unhampered companionship; and seeing, as well, his growing love for the girl, the woman had been content not to meddle with that which she conceived to be the work of God.

Every man as spruce as ever, but with an added air of tested capability that inspired all beholders.

SEE Taylor Tested Recipes With Recommended Temperatures.


One would be prone to reiterate Patrick's exclamation of surprise, when he first shouldered a gun and tested the freedom of the forest in America.

Manures for different soils are tested with as much chemical precision as ever was quinine for human constitutions.

We cannot decide it until we have weighed, measured, sifted, and tested a great mass of heterogeneous facts; and then, supposing the process to have been ever so skilfully and laboriously performed, no proposition could be established as the outcome, that would be an adequate reward for the pains of the operation.

The editor of a periodical of public considerationand the Edinburgh Review in the hands of Mr. Napier was the avowed organ of the ruling Whig powersis sorely tested in the same way.

(c) Henry George, The Persistence of Poverty amid Advancing Wealth, in Book V of "Progress and Poverty:" George's exposition of the problem tested by your own experience.

I: The significance of habits, tested by your own experience.

She never spoke of her own feelings to any one but her husband; but Sarah writes to Sarah Douglass in August, 1869: "My cheerful spirit has been sorely tested for some months.

With others, the old and fair proejudicium against the claims of Rome, which had always asserted itself even against the stringent logic of Mr. Ward and the deep and subtle ideas of Mr. Newman, became, when closed with, and tested face to face in the light of fact and history, the settled conviction of life.

I suppose that at the bottom of his heart every man would like at times to have his courage tested, to see how he would act.

The usual winter anchorage in Cockburn Sound, being seven miles from the town of Fremantle, the colonists were naturally very anxious to see tested the equal security of one which we had chosen within half that distance.

The best qualities of seeds are tested and distributed gratuitously among the farmers.

Have you examined and tested them?"

I accordingly tested it, 'Yes?'

"When I reached home, I laid the pieces of the spectacles together, measured the frames very carefully, tested the left eye-glass, and wrote down a full description such as would have been given by the surgeon to the spectacle-maker.

Occasionally Waring rode up and tested the wire with his hand.

In antiquity the metals were used as money in bulk; that is, the amount was weighed at each transaction and the quality was tested whenever there was doubt.

When a heedless and over-confident army ventures into an enemy's country without a knowledge of its geography, without a map, and without leaders that have been tested on the field of battle, the result can easily be foreseen.

I tested it by obtaining employment in the auditing department of one of the largest and most respectable stores in New York.

That this is no fanciful or mystical idea may be tested by simple examples.

It was the tone used that affected him in a manner reminding him of the Swedish Punch of which he had tested a few drops now and then.

If specimens from such a beam are tested in the ordinary testing machine it will be found that the application of the dead load did not affect the stiffness, ultimate strength, or elastic limit of the material.

Of the total number tested 165 were air-seasoned, the remainder green.

Knife edges for supporting the ends of the specimen to be tested, are securely bolted to the base of the machine.

A small block of the wood to be tested is fixed in one clamp and a similar block of some wood chosen as a standard, as sugar maple, at 10 per cent moisture, in the opposite, and held against the same zone of sandpaper by a weight of 26 pounds each.

The wood to be tested is cut into blocks 3" X 3" X 1', and these are weighed to the nearest grain just before placing in the apparatus.

The wood to be tested is cut square with the grain into rectangular blocks measuring 2" X 2" X 6".

Two penetrations each are made on the tangential and radial surfaces, and one on each end of every specimen tested.

This makes the cross section to be tested 2" X 3".

A form of specimen is suggested, however, and is as follows: "A rod of wood about one inch in diameter is bored by a hollow drill from the stick to be tested.

This makes the cross section to be tested 1" X 2".

Trees from one to three localities will be used to represent each species until most of the important species have been tested.

DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS Part of Tree to be Tested (a)

[Illustration: FIG. 50.Method of cutting and marking test specimens.] Only straight-grained specimens, free from defects which will affect their strength, will be tested.

Green material: The material to be tested green will be kept in a green state by being submerged in water until near the time of test.

The material used for determining the effect of height in tree will be tested in such order that the average time elapsing from time of cutting to time of test will be approximately the same for all bolts from any one tree.

Her ability to deceive had been tested in various ways.

This is a good example of the balance which must be struck in all new plans until they are tested.

In this way, we may put it down as a general rule (to be tested hereafter) that the least developed flowers are usually yellow or white; those which have undergone a little more modification are usually pink or red; and those which have been most highly specialized of any are usually purple, lilac, or blue.

His early experiments tested the possibility of using the earth as a conductor.

The American small boy is not idiotic; tested by his curiosity concerning automobiles, he is the fruition of the centuries, the genius the world is awaiting, the coming ruler of men and empires, orwho knows?the coming master of the automobile.

Even the piston can be reached with a flood of oil and tested.

A young and clever electrician across the way came over, bringing an electric bell, with which we tested the dry cells, finding them in good condition.

On arriving we took out the dry cells, tested each one, and then rewired the carriage complete and in a manner to defy rain, sand, and oil.

The negro troops have been tested, and, to their great joy, though not contrary to their own expectations, they have triumphed, not only over enemies armed with muskets and swords, but over what the black man dreads most, sharp and cruel prejudices.

Fall of Fort Sumter, April, 1861.The strength of Lincoln's resolve was soon tested.

I saw it with my own eyes in a shop at Medina del Campo in Old Castile, where the Court was passing the winter; and to my great admiration I handled it and tested its weight.

Although he had already tested and had reason to fear our arms and our tactics, he had allowed himself to be partly won over.

Twice on the following day, when the Adelantado marched on with his men, the natives tested the fortune of war; hurling themselves against the Spaniards with fury, they wounded many before they could protect themselves with their shields, but the latter, getting the better of them, pursued them, cutting some in pieces, and taking a large number prisoners.

Tested by this, no one of our States, except Texas, ever was a sovereignty; and even Texas gave up the character on coming into the Union, by which act she acknowledged the Constitution of the United States and the laws and treaties of the United States made in pursuance of the Constitution to be for her the supreme law of the land.

That strength, that ever was my proudest boast From youth, once tested, proved but craven weakness.