14699 examples of testest in sentences

I was anxious to see how the door had withstood the test of that last assault.

What we can do with them is a test of our power.

The test of a man's call to the ministry is his power to seize the Sword of the Spirit: wield the spiritual forces of the world, insight, conviction, persuasion, truth.

The old wretch intimated that it was only "a freak of the boys"; that the young men had wanted to see if I was brave; in fact, they had only meant to test my bravery, and that the whole thing was a joke.

How are you going to maintain your position in society?" "I don't believe I care to test the question, Aunt Kate; but I think my position will maintain itself.

It is all very well to laugh," the doctor added, growing red with suppressed anger, "but I can tell you that is the true test.

we cannot use in our days, that which eighteen hundred years ago was the most simple and obvious test of our Lord's truthfulness, namely His miraculous powers.

Therefore, for good or evil, we should be driven back upon that test alone, which, after all, perhaps, is the most sure as well as the most convincingthe moral test- -the test of character.

Therefore, for good or evil, we should be driven back upon that test alone, which, after all, perhaps, is the most sure as well as the most convincingthe moral test- -the test of character.

All your vexations were but my trials of your love, and you have nobly stood the test.

Isinglass is much adulterated: to test its purity, take a few threads of the substance, drop some into boiling water, some into cold water, and some into vinegar.

Kingis Q. (1423), CXCVII. Test.

But again we get glimpses of the old trap of a feigned flight and ambuscade, into which they fell, and so again lose "possession of the place of death," the ultimate test of victory.

In our own country, however, though no one appears to have wholly devoted himself to the study of this philosophy, and he who does not will never penetrate its depths, yet we have a few bright examples of no common proficiency in its more accessible parts. - I never yet knew a man who made experiment the test of truth, and I have known many such, that was not atheistically inclined.

He must be born with the faculty, and along comes the occasion, like the tap on the test tube that induces crystallization.

To have it in a test-tube, indeed to possess it in large quantities in bottles, to be able to manipulate and examine it without fear of the co-action of admixed impurities, to see it with the eye, and to taste it with the tongue, was truly a marvel.

The tadpole as a reagent to test out the growth effects of different glands of internal secretion has also been employed for the pineal.

But on her way to school the paper on which the examples were solved had dropped out of her Geography, and she had been wholly absorbed in the "Lucy" book during the time that she had expected to study the test words in spelling.

It is to the eternal credit of the British Merchant Marine, which rendered service of absolutely inestimable value to the Empire throughout the war, that when put to the test by the adoption of the convoy system, officers and men proved that they could achieve far more than they themselves had considered possible.

I'm sorry I cheated on my last spelling test.

"You must tell your teacher and make up the test if you want to grow up to be a king like me.

" "I think," said Arthur, to test the man, "that Jones would have paid you double that amount to let him alone.

Time, he determined, should put that to the test.

The great scientific lights of our day may be insignificant, compared with those who are to arise, if profundity and accuracy of knowledge be made the test.

I loath life, I would not live always, Let me alone, for my days are as a breath, What is man, that thou exaltest him, That on him thou directest thy thought, That thou visitest him each morning, And testest him each moment?

14699 examples of  testest  in sentences