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635 examples of thatched in sentences

Ambrose the Hermit had builded him a hut; had built and framed it of rude stones and thatched it with grass and mosses.

They were housed in a thatched shed and were chained to the perch in the order of size.

The thatched roofs, which were of unequal thickness, looked like brown velvet and could resist the fiercest gales.

O, that somebody had the sense to set his thatched suit on fire, and so lighted him out: if I had but a jet ring on my finger, I might have done with him what I list.

Will Summer, after Harvest goes out, calls him, on this account, "a bundle of straw," and speaks of his "thatched suit.

Marian Evans was born in Warwickshire, about twenty miles from Stratford-on-Avon,the county of Shakspeare, one of the most fertile and beautiful in England, whose parks and lawns and hedges and picturesque cottages, with their gardens and flowers and thatched roofs, present to the eye a perpetual charm.

Carpets of flowers; green grass; waterfalls; a thatched hut to the twenty square miles, with a scattering of mean black tents between; every stone building in ruins; goats where fat kine ought to be; and a more or less modern railway screeching across the landscape, short of fuel and oil.

Scarcely eighteen months had passed since then, and already there Mitchell Street, Violin Street, Duboulay Street, Farfan Street, had each its new houses built of cedar and thatched with palm.

The two first settlers regretted the days when the house was a mere palm-thatched hut, where they sat on stumps which would not balance, and ate potted meat with their pocket knives.

Other sheds hold the servants and hangers-on, the horses and mules; and as the establishment grows, more will be added, and the house itself will probably expand laterally, like a peripheral Greek temple, by rows of posts, probably of palm-stems thatched over with wooden shingle or with the leaves of the Timit {233} palm.

An arrow shot from the church fatally wounded one of Campbell's men, and so enraged were the besiegers at this that they set fire to the heather-thatched building.

Through thee the earthen pot is an enamelled urn, The clout hung out to dry a noble banner, The hay-rick by thy favour boasts a golden cape, And the rick's little sister, the thatched hive, Wears, by thy grace, a hood of gold!

A shiver of blue runs across the thatched roofs.

There is a small thatched hut where the meals were cooked, and where the owner and his family could sleep during the rains.

Tati said that when the church was dedicatedit was a box-like structure of wood and coral, whitewashed and red-roofedthree thousand Tahitians had feasted in a thatched house erected for the arearea.

It is said that it was originally thatched, the lead roof being placed by Bishop Edyngton in 1340.

There are still a number of old thatched cottages here and a Perpendicular church with a Norman door.

Behind the church is a beautiful old manor house, and the village has some delightful examples of the unspoilt and typical thatched stone cottage of Dorset.

An arrow with a fiery tail, shot by one of the clergy of the town church, lodged in the temporary thatched roof of the new choir and caused the fire which did much damage, even melting the bells in the tower.

Meanwhile in all the environs of Rathgor, and in the thatched villages of Lower Targamon, he was well liked: and when the young people gathered in the evening to drink brandy and eat nuts and gingerbread, nobody danced more merrily than Squinting Manuel.

The Dominie's own twelve are all children "of parts" and all have left the thatched schoolhouse for the education of the city.

Just behind it is the thatched shed, carefully walled in, which serves as the dissecting room.

The roof thatched with millet stalks, the low-hanging palmyra rafters hung with purple everlastings, the earth-floor covered with bamboo matting, all proclaimed that here was a church built and adorned by the hands of its worshippers.

When I saw my thatched roof again, among the fir-trees, I felt as solemn as if I were going to prayers.

Built of the half-cylindrical strips of pine bark, and thatched with the same material, it had a certain picturesque rusticity.

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