2367 examples of the flame in sentences

" "Why, this I knew; there is a lewd song already made thereon, as thus: "They gave Garthlaxton to the flame, Be glory to Duke Beltane's name, And unto lusty Giles the same, Dixit!" "Forsooth, a naughty song, a very gallows' song, in faith.

But O, upon a day, I found a new world wherein Love came to me a love so deep and high, so pure and noble, that fain would I have died amid the flame than thus speak forth my shame, slaying this wondrous love by my unworthiness.

Let us not then despise it when it lies Still as a sleeping lion, while a swarm Of gnat-like evils hover round its head; Nor doubt it when in mad, disjointed times It shakes the torch of terror, and its cry Shrills o'er the quaking earth, and in the flame Of riot and war we see its awful form Rise by the scaffold, where the crimson axe Rings down its grooves the knell of shuddering kings.

If the flame spread farther than is necessary, so much the worse!

render violent &c adj.; sharpen, stir up, quicken, excite, incite, annoy, urge, lash, stimulate, turn on; irritate, inflame, kindle, suscitate^, foment; accelerate, aggravate, exasperate, exacerbate, convulse, infuriate, madden, lash into fury; fan the flame; add fuel to the flame, pour oil on the fire, oleum addere camino [Lat.]. explode; let fly, fly off; discharge, detonate, set off, detonize^, fulminate.

A pretty woman may fan the flame of distant adorers by harassing them, but if she lets one of them make her his wife, the point of view from which he will look at her poutings and tossings and mysterious inability to be pleased will be seriously altered.

All this was like oil on the flame, and the effect was soon felt.

Surely the wise mother can devise a thousand ways by which to kindle the flame of love in her child until her fond dreams for the little ones are transformed into living realities.

The red flame from the torch was clearly reflected in the night-dark lake; and the brilliant light must have lured the fish, for round about the flame in the deep a mass of dark specks were seen, that moved continually, and changed places.

To the repeated appeals to procure a light, that it might be placed before a picture of the mother of God which Conrad produced, he objected his Protestant faith, the impossibility of maintaining the flame while the bark pitched so violently, and the divided opinions of the passengers.

This emotion is so single and absorbing that there is some gleam of it in each varying view, and every sentiment is warm with it, however the flame may lurk as beneath a crust of lava.

She had ever been different from most of her sex, in intensity of feeling; and had come near dying, while still a child, on the occasion of the direful catastrophe of my father's loss; and the decease of even our mother, though long expected, had come near to extinguish the flame of life in the daughter.

You undertake the conversion of a sinner like myself?" The flame of his eye caught hers in spite of herself.

If two lamps of the same size be observed, one of which is fitted with the new chimney and the other with the old style, we shall be struck with the difference that exists in the color of the flame as well as in its intensity.

WILLIAMS, SAMUEL B. The flame of devotion.

WILLIAMS, SAMUEL B. The flame of devotion.

Between the Indians and the white men peace nominally reigned, but rumors were flying of impending uprisings, and the Red Man's smouldering hate was soon to burst into the flame known as Lord Dunmore's War.

"Nothing can cool the flame of my love," he continues, "neither a bed of fresh flowers, nor moonlight, nor strings of pearls, nor sandal ointment applied to the whole body.

The flame in her lantern suddenly ended its feeble life.

Like the flame, That ever hidden in the secret depths Of ocean, smoulders there unseen.

The men who kept alive the flame of learning and piety in the Middle Ages were mainly vegetarians.

Every thing in which he had so long and so trustingly confided, fell to pieces, and shrivelled up in the flame of indignation.

One of the workmen, who had come up, descended with a lighted pine-branch as a torch: the flame illumined the dark rocky wall, and by degrees became only a faint streak of light which soon vanished.

Suddenly the king saw a flame at a distance which shone like the morning star; he said to himself, "In this storm and darkness this light cannot shine without art, or it may be a talisman; for if nitre and sulphur be sprinkled in the lamp, around the wick, then let the wind be ever so strong, the flame will not be extinguishedor may it not be the lamp of some holy man which burns?

The flame, picked up by the gale, tore for itself a wider breathing space through the roof and sent up an audibly roaring column of blinding red.

2367 examples of  the flame  in sentences