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2480 example sentences with  the flame

2480 example sentences with the flame

"Master," said Roger, "they should burn well, I trow, and yet" "And yet," quoth Walkyn, "these beams be thick: methinks, when the others go, one man should stay to tend the fires until the flame gets fair hold" "And that man I!" said Roger.

It was a wretched light at best, for it came from a lamp with smoky chimney which the old hag carried, and at the raising and lowering of her hand the flame jumped and died in the throat of the chimney and set the hall awash with shadows.

It had not gone out, although the flame had sunk to a faint red jet that would not be seen in the dust.

Do they sometimes burst?" "They carry the flame from the furnace through the water.

The flame that filled thy royal heart as yet had passed away.

But if the affair was not to succeed, the incense did not come near the fire, or if it fell into the flame, it started out and fled.

Lo, the flame Hath thee, and we, thy children, pass away To slavery....

I can see them over "Manfrone; or the One-handed Monk," the room dark, the street silent, the hour ten, the tall, red, lurid candlewick waggling down, the flame flickering pale upon Miss Caroline's pale face as she read out, and lighting up honest Becky's goggling eyes, who sat silent, her work in her lap; she had not done a stitch of it for an hour.

all these were set on to boil in a great kettle, or cauldron, which, as fast as it grew too hot, was cooled with a baboon's blood: to these they poured in the blood of a sow that had eaten her young, and they threw into the flame the grease that had sweaten from a murderer's gibbet.

The flame at the club shot up threefold, with a crash; and a glorious criss-cross multitude of sparks flew hissing through the treetops, like fiery tadpoles through a net.

Blow, thou wind, upon the flame, Raise it ever higher, hotter, Till, like clay before the potter, Soft become the iron frame, Bending at the worker's will, All his purpose to fulfil Ho!

I will not thrust my hand into the flame, and [I] need not; 'tis not good to have an oar in another man's boat; little said is soon amended, and in little meddling cometh great rest; 'tis good sleeping in a whole skin; so a man might come home by Weeping-Cross: no, by lady, a friend is not so soon gotten as lost; blessed are the peace-makers; they that strike with the sword, shall be beaten with the scabbard.

The flame lighted the whole valley.

Parson Jones had now caught the flame of excitement that was blazing up so strongly in Tom's breast.

And so he did, twisting it up and setting it to the flame of the candle.

I could not make out the words by the light of the tall lamp, so I lit a wax match from my match-box, and protecting the flame in the hollow of my hand, began studying the strange message.

A child is playing with a piece of paper and brings it near the flame of a candle; another child looks on.

The wind, the flood, the flame; I will not bow the votive knee To wisdom, virtue, liberty; There is no god, but God for me, Jehovah is his name.

The priest tyrannized over the soul and the knight over the body, but the flame of piety burned steadily and warmly.

A moment later he was on his knees, and the flame of the sulphur match sputtered a blue light into the dead face of Quade, staring upward to the stars.

Will the flame that you're so rich in Light a fire in the kitchen?

The flame of insurrection in 1820 did not, however, first break out in the territory of Greece, but in Wallachia,a Turkish province on the north of the Danube, governed by a Greek hospodar, the capital of which was Bucharest.

The flame having abated a little, and a tower having been brought up in a particular place and touching the rampart, the centurions of the third cohort retired from the place in which they were standing, and drew off all their men: they began to call on the enemy by gestures and by words, to enter if they wished; but none of them dared to advance.

Yet was the Diskos more than the sword; for it did in truth seem to live with the fire and the flame of the Earth-Current that did beat within it.

Shine on our working and weaving; Shine on the whole race of man, Believing and unbelieving; Shine on us now through the night, Shine on us now in Thy might, The flame of our holy love and the song of our worship receiving.

He is somewhat like the salamander, and lives in the flame of love, which pains he expresseth comically.

The caravan returned to its native city, and there remained little for Mahomet to do except to wait for the arrival of next year's pilgrims, and to keep shining and ambient the flame of his religious fervour.

Yet all the time I kept in my fingers this handful of light stuff; and when the flame burnt up again I held the thing against the light, and saw that it was no wisp of seaweed, but something black and wiry.

A miscreant named Tyckelaer fanned the flame against Cornelius by declaring that he had bribed him to assassinate William, the newly-elected Stadtholder.

In a little time the flame and smoke appeared to die out, and we proceeded to make an examination for the cause.

Maddened probably by terror and pain, it made straight for the line of fire, and bounded unhesitatingly right into the flame.

Thus wak'd to rage, by musick's dreadful pow'r, He bids the sword destroy, the flame devour.

The flame continued to flicker, but the hand holding the candlestick failed to move, and Bobby knew that the eyes didn't waver, either.

"You, supplying as it were fuel to the flame, have sent to your armies a youth burning with the desire of sovereign power, and seeing but one road to his object, if by exciting war after war, he may live surrounded by arms and legions.

Thick blew the smoke across the stream, And faster flashed the flame: The water plashed in hissing jets As ball and bullet came.

Saint Magnus' Church, at the foot of the bridge, was next seized by the flame, and Leonard watched its destruction.

The desired college was, therefore, boomed as an institution to give the common schools vigor, "to kindle the flame of emulation," "to open to beginners discerning the mysteries of arithmetic other mysteries beyond," and above all to serve them as Yale or Harvard did as the capstone of the educational system of the other race.

We have analyzed the flame that burns in our lamp, and the flame that burns in the sun, by the same instrument,connecting by a common affinity, at the same instant and under the same eye, two agents, the farthest removed in place and the most subtle in essence.

But he did not move, or answer, and Stella, looking at him, seeing the flame that glowed in his eyes, could not speak.

It is no joke, my friends, to be among all those tons of powder, with the knowledge that if the flame of the explosion should penetrate through one thin door our blackened limbs would be shot higher than the Castle keep.

One morning before sun-rise I was looking towards the east in the spiritual world, and I saw four horsemen as it were issuing from a cloud refulgent with the flame of the dawning day.

We could easily add to the illustrious list; but suffice it to say, that our Poets do in general bear their faculties meekly and manfully, trusting to their conscious powers, and the susceptibility of generous and enlightened natures, not yet extinct in Britain, whatever Mr. Coleridge may think; for certain it is, that a host of worshippers will crowd into the Temple, when the Priest is inspired, and the flame he kindles is from Heaven.

He burnt them one by one, shielding the flame with his hand lest it should attract some passer-by, and when the last was burnt he feared no longer anything.

Holding this to the blaze, it seemed to her as if it would never catch the flame.

The flame had flickered and died down to a smouldering ash.

The flame from the gun ignited their cartridge boxes, and the poor wretches were terribly scorched and injured.

Among those whose presence especially conduced to keep alive the flame of spiritual inquiry was a gentleman named Stilton, the editor of a small monthly periodical entitled "Revelations from the Interior."

And last, to take from Jebusites all odds, 540 Their altars pillaged, stole their very gods; Oft would he cry, when treasure he surprised, 'Tis Baalish gold in David's coin disguised; Which to his house with richer relics came, While lumber idols only fed the flame:

"Little brother," said Kwitoff, and he rose from beside the flame and stood erect, for he was tall, "will you give your life?"

They were in their glory the first ten days we were there "The golden and the flame-like flowers."

Donsterswivel, with much talk of planetary influences, and spirits, and "suffumigation," presently set fire to a little pile of chips, and when the flame was at the highest flung in a handful of perfumes, which produced a strong and pungent odour.

The magic touch of a Promethean elicited my "grand agent" to the thick laid post; it consumed rather sluggishly, but the dry pine wood of the broken model caught the flame and entered into fair combustion, cracking and sparkling, and now and then sending out a hiss of pyroligenous vapour; hissing yourself thought I.

When the scribe is searching The writing pale and damp, At midnight, and the flame Is dying in the lamp.

While the devouring fire was burning fast, Rich jewels in the flame the wealthy cast; And some their shields, and some their lances threw, And gave their warrior's ghost a warrior's due.

remarked O'Riley, smacking his lips, as he swallowed a savoury morsel of the walrus and tossed the remnant, a sinewy bit, to Dumps, who sat gazing sulkily at the flame of the lamp, having gorged himself long before the bipeds began supper.

This, however, is not surprising when we reflect upon the theoretical conditions upon which the construction of the new chimney is basedthe strong influx of air having the result of causing a more active combustion of the liquid, and consequently of raising to white heat the particles of carbon disseminated through the flame.

He gives life by kindling in our hearts the flame of sacred love.

Hananiah, Azariah, Mishael believed, And were rescued from the flame.

If it be feasible to keep the flame out of contact with solid surfaces, however, perhaps even this difficulty can be overcome.

The smoking flax He will not quench, but will fan the flame into victory.

The flame, Saint Catherine of Siena.

EATON, JEANETTE. The flame, Saint Catherine of Siena.

The flame, Saint Catherine of Siena.

WILLIAMS, SAMUEL B. The flame of devotion.

Mandrake the magician and the flame pearls.

The flame of the fire fell upon Lord Cadurcis' face as he read the letter; he was still standing, while his friend was stretched out in his easy chair, and inwardly congratulating himself on his comfortable prospects.

The flame vanished, as if the wicks had been suddenly nipped between a finger and a thumb, leaving the wick neither glowing nor smoking, but black.

"Gonda, being obedient, made an effort to fly above the flame, which only tinged some of her feathers red.

Sleep is more than a longing of the body to be free of the flame which consumes it: the flame itself aspires to be freethat is to say, consciousness, tiring of its tool, the brain, and of the world, its workshop, takes a turn into the plaisance of the fourth dimension, where time and space are less rigid to resist the fulfillment of desire.

It just detracts at the supreme moment from the generosity of the scene; it has the accent of the priestess, not of the true lover; and thus at the moment when one longs to be in the very white-heat of emotion, one is subtly aware of an improving hand that casts water upon the flame.

'Her body is wholly tormented by the heat of the flame of desire; But only of you, so loved, she thinks in her langour, Your extinguishing body; secluded she waits, all wasted A short while, perhaps, surviving she lives.

But Mrs. Merrill seized a feather-bed and, tearing it open, threw it on the embers; the flame and stifling smoke leaped up the chimney, and in a moment both Indians came down, blinded and half smothered, and were killed by the big resolute woman before they could recover themselves.

These requisites were found to be afforded by air-tight lanterns, of various constructions, supplied with air from tubes or canals of small diameter, or from apertures covered with wire-gauze, placed below the flame, through which explosions cannot be communicated; and having a chimney at the upper part, for carrying off the foul air.

Why, that women are to exert their influence in private life to allay the excitement which exists on this subject, and to quench the flame of sympathy in the hearts of their fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons.

The taste of these negationists is an admirable shears to cleanse the extremities of genius; their enlightenment a great snuffer for the flame of enthusiasm; and their reason a mild laxative for immoderate passion and love.

"You will watch the flame to-night," Ahmad Din ordered.

Jerry Simpson brought two matches from his pocket, inspected them gravely and returned one carefully; lighted the other with the same care, applied the flame to his tobacco, made sure that the pipe was going to "draw" well, blew out the match, and tucked the stub down out of sight in a crease in the bark of the log upon which he was sitting.

Madam, but one word more; Since you are so resolved, That you may see, bold as my passion was, 'Twas only for your person, not your crown; I swear no second love Shall violate the flame I had for you, But, in strict imitation of your oath, I vow a single life.

It carried the flame of the candle in the opposite direction.

All sectarian barriers were for the time burned away by the flame of sympathy, and wonderful to tell, the Universalist clergyman who married us was allowed to pronounce the eulogy in an orthodox Congregational church.

Cuissard tells us that he himself witnessed in Touraine and Poitou the superstitious practices which he describes as follows: "The most credulous examine the ways in which the flame burns and draw good or bad omens accordingly.

When the fire burns still lower, the young girls leap the flame, and those who leap clean over three times back and forward will be certain of a speedy marriage and good luck in after-life, with many children.

Having been thus elicited, the flame was fed with wood of seven kinds.

Two pieces of dried wood are then rubbed together until fire be produced; with this a quantity of straw is kindled, juniper is thrown into the flame, and the cattle are repeatedly driven through the smoke.

The flame of love will not dazzle, the smoke of love will not suffocate, my conscience.

But these relations began to assume an aspect of distrust and severity on the one hand and sullen resentment on the other when the war of extermination between whites and blacks in Santo Domingo and the establishment of a negro republic in Haiti made it possible for the flame of negro insurrection to be wafted across the narrow space of water that separates the two islands.

Sun-stroke and fever, vibration between opiates at night and tonics at noon,but the flame was too strong to fan away lightly, it must burn itself out, the spirit was too quenchless,pain, wretchedness, exhaustion.

But the flame within was not to be quenchedwas, indeed, perpetually finding fresh fuel.

This architecture was the first flowering of the Gothic race; they had no Homers; the flame found vent not by imaged words and vitalized alphabet; they vitalized stone, and their poets were minster-builders; their epics, cathedrals.

I thought my grandfather took it, but the flame of my wax match showed her fingers, clasping the wires of the lantern.

Although it could only shoot fire for around 7 seconds and the flame was only effective out to around 20–40 meters.

The flame heats up the metal so much that it melts.

If the gas runs out, the flame extinguishes and the voltage across the thermopile decreases, which causes the electric gas valve to close.

Ordinary candles emit harmful soot particles when the flame flares and gives off black smoke.

The flame will be brought back to Tokyo but Tokyo 2020 has not decided where to keep it before the torch relay starts next year.

When the flame comes close to the water the water appears to catch fire.

But when the soul is well-nourished, the flame ignites and becomes unquenchable.

Continue to merge with the flame, and visualize being immersed in bright and golden sunlight.

They tried hard to extinguish the flame of the struggle when it just started.

World Cup Parade relay participants Hunter Burns and Bria Holden look on as Hugh McDermid lights the flame at the annual Front of Yonge Minor Soccer event in Mallorytown on Friday evening.