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154 examples of  the framework  in sentences

154 examples of the framework in sentences

Rather she should feel such respect and even reverence for this side of a child's education that the framework and setting can only be of the best, always remembering at the same time what is framework and setting, and what is essence.

The pitiless light went into me like a knife; but even my cries were stopped by the framework in which I was bound.

And the Larch, with all its fibres, Shivered in the air of morning, Touched his forehead with its tassels, Said, with one long sigh of sorrow, "Take them all, O Hiawatha!" From the earth he tore the fibres, Tore the tough roots of the Larch-Tree, Closely sewed the bark together, Bound it closely to the framework.

His departure has left a sad vacuity in the framework which he helped to uphold and adorn.

It was attached by strong elastic fastenings to a frame consisting of four light poles rising from the framework in which the axles turned; completely dispensing with the trouble of springs, while affording a more complete protection from anything like jolting.

I would tell the schoolboys and schoolgirls that alcohol will destroy the framework of their beautiful bodies, and that cruelty to any of God's living creatures will blight and destroy their innocent young souls.

The pituitary acts more upon the framework of the body, the skeleton and the mechanical supports and movers.

The framework of this mortal form may rot within the mould, But in my soul a love exists which never shall grow cold.

Whether, however, this backing represented a reasoned view of the Constitutional points involved and of the position, prerogatives, and organization of a Second Chamber in the framework of British Government, whether it implied that our people were really interested in and had deeply pondered the relative merits of the Single and Double Chamber systems, is much more doubtful.

He seized one of the supporting poles of the framework.

He perched across the top of the framework and raised his head.

The bones, thus forming the framework of the body, are hard, tough, and elastic.

At its university Peter Lombard was preparing to publish his Sentences, which were to form the framework for the dogmatic theology of centuries to come.

Here, save that the glass of the skylight of the main cabin had been broken, and some portion of the framework shattered, there was no extraordinary litter; so that it appeared to us as though she had been no great while abandoned.

Now, as we worked, I glanced occasionally towards Jessop, and saw that he stitched a band of the light duck around each end of the framework which he had made, and these bands I judged to be about four feet wide, in this wise leaving an open space between the two, so that now the thing looked something like to a Punchinello show, only that the opening was in the wrong place, and there was too much of it.

Now he even dared take his awed gaze from the heaving waters beneath the framework of the aeroplane, and give a thought to those whom they had chased overland and water for nearly three hours.

Perhaps the quick-witted Casper Blue had looked out for just such a contingency, and found a way to free the framework from the dead weight of the motor.

yelled Andy, as he saw the man clutch hold of the framework of the hydroplane, and struggle desperately to work his way along to where the others were.

It rushed frantically against the framework; the strong timbers withstood the shock; the curved shape of the wood gave them great power of resistance; but they creaked beneath the blows of this huge club, beating on all sides at once, with a strange sort of ubiquity.

~A Bit of Lace.~ It lay upon a pillow white, The framework of a beauteous sight Wherein its mistress laid a bright Ecstatic face, And when each night it proudly bore Her wavy wealth of "cheveux d'or" It seemed a very Heaven for The bit of lace.

They are the framework into which all analysis of special, detailed problems must be fitted.

The laws enunciated in the preceding chapter constitute the framework and skeleton of all economic analysis; but they do not carry us very far.

This at first sight looks like a strange tongue to one conversant with modern English only; but the language that we employ to-day has the framework, the bone and sinew, of the earlier tongue.

During the inspection, by accident, a knob in the framework of the jewel-box was pushed, and a secret drawer sprang out

A magnificent person, a sound physique, inherited wealth, high social position, official dignity, with eighty-three years of earthly existence, compose the framework of this illustrious life.

The framework of society does not fit the facts of nationality, and so the framework has gone to pieces.

Such is the framework or skeleton of all forms of disputation; for to this every kind of controversy may be ultimately reduced.

Even if it is just the framework for a much more substantial future version, it is based on a fundamentally flawed vision of push-button politics.

Two deep cuts give an angular shape to the stem; and when its two sides are wide enough apart to admit of a cross-stem being placed between them, they can be employed as roof-ridges or for the framework of tables and chairs; a quantity of flat split pieces of bamboo being fastened on top of them with chair-cane.

Closely sewed the bark together, Bound it closely to the framework.

The superabundance of private riches and the enervation of idle leisure destroyed the framework of domestic economy; "Di fare il Signore!"to play the gentlemanwas the current mode.

The pews, the pulpit, the front of the gallery, the organ, and the framework of the roof, which was all exposed, were of oak, which had been made to resemble in colour wood that has stood the test of 400 or 500 years.

At the back, a glass bay has been thrown out, and forms a little conservatory, for ever fresh and gay with tropic ferns and flowers; gaudy orchids dangle from the roof, creepers hide the framework, and you hardly see where the room ends, and the winter-garden begins; and in the centre an ottoman invites you to lounge.

By day it lighted the fractional floor space of a little stationer, who supplemented a slim business by a sub-agency for railroad and steamship lines; but to-night this window seemed the framework of a marvel of coincidence.

It did not take them long to get the framework up; it was only three walls, as they were building out from the other.

A.The cylinders are placed in the same horizontal plane as the axle of the driving wheels, and the connecting rod which is attached to the piston rod engages either a crank in the driving axle or a pin in the driving wheel, according as the cylinders are inside or outside of the framework.

Q.Will you describe the structure of the framework on which the boiler and its attachments rest, and in which the wheels are set?

The cutting apparatus, the device to raise and lower the cutters, the levers, the platform, the wheels, the framework, had all been used before McCormick's time.

The Constitution devised by our forefathers as the framework and bond of that system, then untried, has become a settled form of government; not only preserving and protecting the great principles upon which it was founded, but wonderfully promoting individual happiness and private interests.

It was in the library at Hunt's cottage, where an extemporary bed had been made up for him on the sofa, that he composed the framework and many lines of the poem on "Sleep and Poetry,"the last sixty or seventy being an inventory of the art-garniture of the room.

The shapes of beasts and birds, of reptiles and fishes, vary in every conceivable degree; yet a single vertebra is the pattern and representation of the framework of them all, from eels to elephants.

But such a right is never included in the framework of organized civil society.

I got Frohman's approval on the framework of the play to-day, and ran for the first train.

"You're looking at the framework.

The remains of a window blind and half its roller hung in the space left by the absent window, and mournfully tapped against the remnant of the framework in the light, cold breeze that was blowing in from outside.

The imagination of the author suddenly kindled over the recital, and in a few hours he had scribbled off the framework of his renowned story, and was reading it to his sister and her husband.

he slips in quite incidentally the true identity of man with the horse, the bat, and the porpoise: The framework of bones being the same in the hand of a man, wing of a bat, fin of a porpoise, and leg of the horse, the same number of vertebrae forming the neck of the giraffe and of the elephant, and innumerable other such facts, at once explain themselves on the theory of descent with slow and slight successive modifications.p.

Their law and procedure has never been remodelled upon the framework of modern ideas; their minds are still set to the tune of mediaeval bickerings, traditionalism, and State blindness.

If Germany has a right to claim the whole realm of the abstract, if Frenchmen understand the framework of society better than we do, there is in the national dramas of Shakespeare an historical secret, which neither the philosophy of the one nor the acute observation of the other can discover.

Yet all this is but the framework on which is reared some helpful, inspiring Biblical truth which is the crown, the climax, and which because of its careful upbuilding by story and homely illustration is fixed on the hearer's mind and heart in a way never to be forgotten.

The chimney was built up like a ladder and clay and straw was stuffed in the framework.

These, however, in the framework of wood, have a very picturesque and pleasing effect.

So well the shuttle threw, And severed from the framework As closelywov'n a warp: And who could wake with masterhand Such music from the harp, To broadlimbed Pallas tuning

The sticks for the framework of these lodges are cut only by renowned warriors, each warrior cutting one, and, as he brings it in and lays it down, he counts a coup, which must be of some especially brave deed.

The framework represents the sky, which far off, on the horizon, reaches down to and touches the world.

The rich costumes of the Eastern kings, their train of servants, their hawks and horses, hounds and monkeys, are painted by him with scrupulous fidelity; and nothing can be more true to nature than the wild flowers he has copied in the framework of this picture.

They are crowded with naked mendrinking, dancing, leaning forward, twisting themselves into strange attitudes, and adapting their bodies to the several degrees of the framework.

Wright and Forde have almost completed the absolute hut, a patchwork building for which the framework only was broughtbut it will be very well adapted for our needs.

The walls had no apparent seams, and the door was set into the framework so closely that there seemed to be no space between the door and the edge of the wall into which it slid.

" The framework of modern history is, for the most part, constructed out of the material supplied by national transactions described in official documents and contemporaneous records.

Surmounting the framework of the press was a bronze eagle with wings out-spread for flight.

"What are the characteristics of the framework?" "It has big bones and little ones," cried Della.

Within the framework of the Empire the municipal liberty of the city-state had been stifled and extinguished by the waxing jungle of bureaucracy, and the spiritual culture which the city-state fostered, and which was more essential to Hellenism than any political institutions, had been part ejected, part exploited, and wholly compromised by a new gospel from the east.

He did, however, live to see not only the germ of a nation emerge from chaos, but also the framework of an organization for governing it well or ill.

Each of the hooked rods in Fig. 2 is connected to the framework through a swivel joint, so that the whole gyrostatic framework may be rotated about the axis of the hooked rods in order to annul the moment of momentum of the framework about this axis due to rotation of the fly-wheels in the gyrostat.]

Each of the hooked rods in Fig. 2 is connected to the framework through a swivel joint, so that the whole gyrostatic framework may be rotated about the axis of the hooked rods in order to annul the moment of momentum of the framework about this axis due to rotation of the fly-wheels in the gyrostat.]

BURR, JOHN G. The framework of battle.

The sides of the apartment consisted of a lattice-work of wood reaching nearly to the ceiling, and connecting the mud pillars which supported the roof; the framework was richly carved, and on slides, so as to enable the owner to increase or diminish the quantity of light and air at his pleasure.

They were most familiar with the government of the county; and therefore they adopted this for the framework of their little independent, self-governing commonwealths of Watauga, Cumberland, and Transylvania.

The framework of our shelter rocked to and fro in the gale and we felt as if upon the sea; the straw and the hay jumped up as if alive, and great lumps of thatch were rent out of the roof, showing the sky and letting in the rain.

Through the framework of the door Spinrobin saw this picture: Skale, like some awful Cyclops, stood upon the floor of the hall some twenty feet below, yet rearing terrifically up through the well of the building till his head and shoulders alone seemed to fill the entire space beneath the skylight.

In little more than a week they had the framework all up, and the roof all made.

How was he going to undertake the heavy work of carrying the framework and fixing it together?

Your lectures to crowded and promiscuous audiences on a subject manifestly, in many of its aspects, political, interwoven with the framework of the government, are practical and powerful assertions of the right and the duty of woman to labor side by side with her brother for the welfare and redemption of the world.

Joseph is seen building up the framework of a house, assisted by an angel; Jesus is boring a hole with a large gimlet: an angel helps him; Mary is winding thread. 10.

In exposition a view of the framework may not hinder clear understanding, but in argument it may be of distinct advantage to have the orderly arrangements of our arguments definitely known to him whom we seek to convince.

The Framework of a Sentence+ has been already described as consisting of the subject, the verb, and, if the verb be incomplete, of some completing element, object or attribute complement.

We are the cup that holds the sea And the framework of the peak that parts the sky.

The tripod that supported the framework of Bushido was said to be Chi, Jin, Yu, respectively Wisdom, Benevolence, and Courage.

It was among plants that naturalists first perceived those general traits of resemblance which exist everywhere among the members of natural families, and added this kind of group to the framework of their system.

Stout poles from 14 to 16 feet high formed the framework of these snug hutsfor

Yet these stories did little more than furnish the framework for the poem, by far the greater part of which is the original work of Hugo.

In the present case this means that the men of the North brought the new ideas that were to form modern history, and let their growth be directed and assisted, while they were yet too young to stand alone, by some of the framework which had been built up by the long experience of their Southern neighbors.

In the flush of triumph the rough hand of the barbarian overthrew the framework of administration, and at first failed to recognize the necessity of replacing it by any other.

Lower, plainer, somehow deadlier than a gibbet with its flamboyant beam, which one never sees empty without imagining the malefactor aswing upon it; the heading-block did not frown, it grinnedyes, grinned like the eye-holes of a skeleton with a candle behind them, while the torches glinted through the interstices of the framework as it was being nailed together.

The union was a natural one, for the pastoral, whether in its Arcadian or chivalric guise, was well suited to supply the framework for graceful poetry and elaborate dances alike, while the rustic and burlesque elements were equally capable of furnishing matter for the antimasque, when the form had reached that stage of structural elaboration.

I dashed headlong at my work, conjured up my images of horror or of mirth, and boldly built the framework of my story, and set my puppets moving.

The framework was covered with loose boards, which the carpenters were about to nail down.

But the great feature of the scene was a magnificent paper chandelier of nine candles, which hung from the centre of the framework, and made every spectator, while he admired, tremble with fear that it would set the house on fire.

On watch they rested there, while dull umbers of nightfall glowered through the framework of Nissr, tossing in the surf.

At the same time, the socialist-communist variant of the bourgeois state pattern is providing the framework within which the institutions and practices needed for the transition from civilization to a newer and more universal social order are being matured.

We have to place what is useable in nationalism within the framework of a political world order that is morally and socially responsible as well as physically one.

A crackling fire of resinous pine boughs burned brightly upon the ground in the centre, illuminating redly the framework of black, glossy poles, and flickering fitfully over the dingy skins of the roof and the swarthy tattooed faces of the women who squatted around.

Where any portion of the framework has fallen into dilapidation and decay, the gaunt skeleton bones of the ruined structure are decked and covered with leaves and flowers.

A tell-tale mark on the surface of the fly-wheel showed friction against something, and we found that while the wheel ran freely if we were out of the machine, with the load in, and especially on up grades with the chain drawing the framework closer to the running gear, the rim of the wheel just grazed a bolt-head in a small brace underneath, thereby producing the peculiar grating noise we had heard and materially checking the motor.

And he also gives a curious description of the framework used by the besiegers of the fortress.

It is not by concealing the framework, but by making it distinct, that we obtain more character.

Against the framework thus formed the sails are stuck up on end side by side to the number of three or four, occasionally even five, and kept in their places by long sticks placed transversely, their ends as well as those of the mast being sharpened to serve as skewers which in the first instance secure the sails.

But I know where the framework came from!

But there are many kinds of 'belles รฉnergies,' and some of them certainly do not fit into the framework of 'le Beylisme.'