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18377 examples of the law in sentences

A strange picture, surely, this man who so devoutly wished to free another from the danger of the law in order that he might take a life into his own hands.

But beside that evil, beside the downfall of the families it attacks, M. Zola portrays the triumph of rectitude, the triumph which follows faith in the powers of life, and observance of the law of universal labor.

The end of the law is the redress of wrong, the protection of right, and the preservation of happiness; and the law is so far imperfect as it fails to produce the end for which it is instituted; and where any imperfection is discovered, it is the province of the legislature to supply it.

I'm sorry, but that's the way it stands under the law.

[person who violates the law] outlaw, bad man &c 949.

In the seat of justice he is the grace of the law, and in the judgment of right the honour of reason.

" It was gravely replied, that Protector was a new, King an ancient, title; the first had no definite meaning, the latter was interwoven with all our laws and institutions; the powers of one were unknown and liable to alteration, those of the other ascertained and limited by the law of custom and the statute law.

What will the law set forth by the representatives of all France be worth?

The words "quadroon" and "mestizo" are employed in some of the law books, tho not defined; but the term "octoroon," as indicating a person having one-eighth of Negro blood, is not used at all, so far as the writer has been able to observe.

It having been ascertained that the identical claim provided for in this act was liquidated and paid under the provisions of the general act of August 4, 1790, and of the special act of January 24, 1795, the First Comptroller of the Treasury declined to give effect to the law first above referred to without communicating the facts for my consideration.

Sometimes these things come into the hands by themselves, as it were; in that case, of course, I am a loyal citizen, and ready to help the law.

Since, then, Congress is the sole legislature within the District, and since its power is limited only by the checks common to all legislatures, it follows that what the law-making power is intrinsically competent to do any where, Congress is competent to do in the District of Columbia.

The word of truth was continually on her lips, and opening her mouth of wisdom, she spake of the best things, which she had heard in sermons; eructating from her heart good words, and the law of clemency was heard on her tongue.

All these exceptions brought grist to the mills of the gentry, and so did the failure to carry into effect many of the provisions of the law.

By sufferings rose, and gave the law to fate!

He's at the head of a very powerful colony nevertheless, and no matter what its inter-relations are, it hangs together against the law and the outside world.

At the far end of the room was a great generaldrinking croûte-au-pot with the simple appetite of a French poiluwho would have been a splendid mark for anyone careless of his own life and upholding the law of frightfulness as a divine sanction for assassination.

FERSON, M. L. Restatement of the law of contracts, containing Ohio annotations.

Cases and other materials on the law of debtors' estates.

The law of trusts and trustees, with forms.

While in the realm of thought we are disembodied spirits, uncontrolled by the law of gravity and free from penury.

This statement is to the effect that so long as the law is on the books, it is the duty of officers to enforce it.

As we went on our way I thought over how severely the law would allow me to punish the calumniators.

Why should I be?" "The law requires it.

This seems to be the law in all the arts; imitation first, self-development and originality afterwards.

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