1590 examples of the other day in sentences

It was only the other day at the dépôt of the Chemin de fer du Nord that I saw a sick Bostonian sitting on his trunk outside the gates, waiting for a chance to get into the train, with a Skye-terrier between his legs wrapped in the American flag.

What do you think a very pretty Italian lady said to me the other day, when I remarked that 'it would live longer than Childe Harold'?

I took him to Barnet the other day, and he couldn't eat his vittles after it.

Brother North-End made me pipe my eye; so I'll make him laugh to pay for it, by telling a clerical joke I heard the other day.

"We spoke of that the other day.

"I heard from the folks in Emporia the other day and they are still talking over the time I and the two guys in the automobile pulled off.

The other day I had him under my gun.

ON SEEING OURSELVES A friend of mine who is intimate enough with me to guess my secrets, said to me quizzingly the other day: "Do you know 'Alpha of the Plough?'" "I have never seen the man," I said promptly and unblushingly.

I went to see him the other day, and he would have entertained me by repeating passages from Sir Eldred.

" "Then act as I suggested the other day.

I was informed only the other day by an officer, who was in the Punjab at that moment, that when visiting the settlements, he found the villagers disturbed in mind on this point.

The only question for us is whether there is such a situation in India to-day as to warrant the passing of the Act the other day, and to justify resort to the Regulation of 1818.

'Pears like thess the other day thet Mis' Wallace fetched little Mary Elizabeth over to look at Sonny, an' he on'y three days old.

Woodpeckers are somewhat uncommon here: I have not heard one in our garden by the river for a very long time, though a foolish farmer told me the other day that he had recently shot one.

"It is only the other day," said Eaton, "that you asked for eighty twenty-four pounders.

The other day I discovered my little boy doing a subtraction sum, and I found he was doing it in a slower, clumsier, less businesslike way than the one I was taught in an old-fashioned "Commercial Academy" thirty odd years ago.

"I paid a visit to Germantown, the other day," said Mr. Jackson Harmar.

James and I said the other day that they were the most forlorn looking gardeners we ever laid our eyes on.

I saw you talking a long while with Miss Orme the other day; and at the Meet you seemed to admire her.

"Moose Jones allers said that Baldy had plenty o' spirit; an' I kinda think he's like the ship she was tellin' us about the other day.

He "retires:" that is, he looks out for a cottage in the country, far removed from his former sphere of action, (as plain John Fawcett did the other day,) or he diverges to a snug box in the suburbs of London, still lingering about the great stage, as did honest Joseph Munden about seven years since.

They sent off a regiment that had neither arms nor uniforms and couldn't even keep step, the other day.

I thought it very becoming in him, when at Dinner the other Day he made an Apology for want of more Attendants.

My old Acquaintance scarce know me; nay I was asked the other Day by a Jew at Jonathan's, whether I was not related to a dumb Gentleman, who used to come to that Coffee-house?

He spoke to me earnestly about your Riband the other day, and said he had pressed to have it given to you.

1590 examples of  the other day  in sentences