1590 examples of the other day in sentences

The other day, after old man Hildreth came, before the directors had their meeting, (he always does come just before that, to prime Peters, you know,) what did he do but make Peters send for me to shut the transoms over his office doors, so that none of us fellows outside could hear what they were saying!

It was but the other day that you wronged them by causing the horse Dahir to be wounded, and thus erred from the path of justice.

"I don't know when I have laughed at anything as much as I did at him the other day," said Miss Laura.

In a Michigan paper, the other day, I came across one writer's opinion on the subject.

He asked Miss Laura the other day, if she thought that the old Italian would take him into partnership.

I found, the other day, some lines by Fabera Catholic poetso beautifully giving this last thought of our sermon that I will read them to you: "Oh God!

Look out for "la main de fer sous le gant de velours" (which I printed in English the other day without quotation-marks, thinking whether any scarabaeus criticus would add this to his globe and roll in glory with it into the newspapers,which he didn't do it, in the charming pleonasm of the London language, and therefore I claim the sole merit of exposing the same).

I was much struck by a passage I met with the other day in reading the life of one of the greatest men of his age and countryWattwhich seemed to me to illustrate very forcibly the nature of the danger to which I am now referring as well as its remedy.

*** At Neath Fair, the other day, a soldier just home from the Front entered a lions' den.

While looking over some old swords the other day, I noticed one of exquisite temper, but with a shorter blade than usual.

A friend of mine, an old doctor, told me the other day that in his youth the great plague of his life was the hysterical female.

Why, if you ask meI heard a shrewd sermon the other day on that same idleness and immorality text of the Abbot's.'Twas Conrad, the Princess's director, preached it.

Or, if Erminia will let me, I'll bring Abdel-Kadr, the little Shetland you rode the other day.

They were out the other day with a brand-new plan.

That occurrence is now three years since, and it was only the other day that I again met the pair of turtles.

*** It is rumoured that at a provincial Tribunal the other day an applicant asked for a further six months' exemption as he had a wife and a position in a butter queue to maintain.

I could manage to retire upon a very decent income, in spite of my losses the other day.

We made a sham stereoscope, the other day, with no glasses, and an opening in the place where the pictures belong, about the size of one of the common stereoscopic pictures.

Pulteney was not in the House: he was riding the other day, and met the King's coach; endeavouring to turn out of the way, his horse started, flung him, and fell upon him: he is much bruised; but not at all dangerously.

And, gentlemen, that's the man I sawunder the name of Sir Gilbert Carstairson the bench at Berwick only the other day!

Fighting has gone out in schools, and none but decayed clubmen dare to deplore it: corporal punishment has diminished, and isn't needed, because children don't do savage things; bullying is extinct in decent schools; crimes of violence are much more rare; duelling is no longer a part of social life, except for an occasional farcical performance between literary men or politicians in FranceI saw an account of one in the papers the other day.

I was reading the life of a man the other day who simply could not believe that anyone could think a thing wrong and yet do it.

You were kind enough the other day to send me some very excellent brandy.

The other day his wife was in the jewelry store when the 'phone rang.

Miss Anna continued fondly in a lowered voice: "You should have heard him the other day when he pulled open a drawer: 'Why, Anna,' he cried, 'where on earth did I get all these new socks?

1590 examples of  the other day  in sentences