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1454 examples of  the road to  in sentences

1454 examples of the road to in sentences

"Aye, always," comes the sleepy answer, "for my opium is good, the daily subscription but small; and there be many whom trouble and sorrow have taught the road to peace.

The task which we must undertake with our inmost feeling, with all the ardour of our faith, is to find once more the road to peace, to utter the word of brotherly love toward oppressed peoples, and to reconstruct Europe, which is gradually sinking to the condition of Quattrocento Italy, without its effulgence of art and beauty: thirty States mutually diffident of each other, in a sea of programmes and Balkan ideas.

He met some Alpini on the road to whom he said, "Fa bel tempo," and they replied, "Le montagne sono sempre belle;" also an old man who had never seen British soldiers before, and was tremendously excited and pleased, and shouted with joy.

At San Trinitร , just outside Bassano on the road to Marostica, is a very fine cypress avenue.

These are miserable thoughts to come to a man on the road to Canterbury, but they are inevitable to-day in England of my heart.

The present name of this road, Jewry Street, indicates its character all through the Middle Ages, when here by the North Gate, upon the road to London, the Jews had their booths, and the quarter of Winchester which this road served was doubtless their ghetto, the richest quarter of the city.

The battle ground traversed by the opposing forces occupied a semi-circle of about three and a half miles from the town of Pittsburg, the Union forces being stationed in the form of a semi-circle, the right resting on a point north of Crump's Landing, the center being directly in front of the road to Corinth, and the left extending to the river in the direction of Harrisburga small place north of Pittsburg Landing.

So saying, he arose and left them, crossed the road to the shrine, and there stood, waiting for the sorrowful knight to come near him.

Three times had he come to grips with Dupont and, though he had been outnumbered on the road to Nant, in Lanyard's sight the honours were far from easy.

Dupont, the road to Paris, seemed figments of some dream dreamed long ago... The tip of a pretty slipper, tapping restlessly, continued to betray Liane's temper.

These railways delivered into German hands the control of Persia, whence the road to India may be made easy: through Syria lies the route to the Suez Canal and Egypt, which was used in February, 1915, and will probably be used again this year.

The fugitives were on the road to Scotland, whence they intended immediately to return to London and to wait the commands of their parents.


So we took the road to Pine Creek, but at the threshold of the village our fancy was taken by the particularly quaint white wooden meeting-house, surrounded on three sides with tie-up sheds for vehicles, each stall having a name affixed to it, like a pew: "P. Yawger," "A.W. Gillum," "Pastor," and so on.

On the margin of i. 315 Baretti has written:'Johnson mused as much on the road to Paris as he did in his garret in London as much at a French opera as in his room at Streatham.'

I will spread a report that thou hast taken the road to India.

This preference would be strengthened if it were supposed that this provincial career was the road to the Lieutenant-Governorship.

"Is that the road to London?"

And in the end of that time, I saw a little way into Life, with an understanding heart, and began presently to take my walks again past the gap; but truly Mirdath the Beautiful was never to my sight; though one evening I thought she might be not a great way off; for one of her great boar-hounds came out of the wood, and down into the road to nose against me, very friendly, as a dog oft doth with me.

It was at this period that he repeatedly exclaimed, while he bit his own shoulder, "The first white man I catch after this I will eat him." {176b} 'Meanwhile about sixteen of the mutineers, led by the daring Ogston, took the road to Arima; in order, as they said, to commence their march to Guinea: but fortunately the militia of that village, composed principally of Spaniards, Indians, and Sambos, assembled.

Moreover, I am oppressed with the possibilities of delay on the road to the station.

Moving still onward, this grand funeral pageant, which had now assumed gigantic proportions, extending nearly a mile in length, soon reached the northeastern extremity of the town, when it took the road to the Virginia Military Institute.

He is a spiritual highwayman that robs on the road to heaven.

It was indeed a turning point, whence Mahomet proceeded irrevocably upon the road to success and fame.

The three men were once more gazing at the steps which led down from the road to the well.

The directions were, to pursue as far as could be done with safety, Sergeant Champe, who was suspected of deserting to the enemy, and of having taken the road to Paulus Hook; to bring him alive to camp, that he might suffer in the presence of the army, but to kill him if he resisted or attempted to escape after being taken.

(The new Protestant Cemetery is outside the city on the road to the Certosa.)

Then Publius Valerius commanded Titus Herminius, with a small force, to lie in ambush at the second milestone on the road to Gabii, and Spurius Larcius, with a party of light-armed youths, to post himself at the Colline gate while the enemy was passing by, and then to throw himself in their way to cut off their return to the river.

Mount Calvary was very steep on its eastern side, facing the town, and a gradual descent on the western; and on this side, from which the road to Emmaus was to be seen, there was a field, in which I saw Luke gather several plants when he and Cleophas were going to Emmaus, and met Jesus on the way.

And it must be set down, sad as it is, that, seeing Jodoque coming up the road to claim her, accompanied by a sailorly-looking personage, she went in and shut the door with a deal of vigor.

They took the road to Bologna, where Lorenzino had the two broken fingers removed, and his hand dressed, and then on they posted without further halt.

One of the Shekh's sons, who was deaf and dumb, came and sat before me, and described by very expressive signs the character of the road to Scanderoon.

At noon to-day we were again in the saddle, and took the road to the Baths of Caratraca.

The scenery on the road to Avenches is very like the scenery in all the rest of the Canton de Vaud, viz., alternate mountain and valley, lofty trees, and every spot capable of cultivation bearing some kind of produce; corn just ready for the sickle and fruit such as cherries and strawberries in full bloom.

It is in truth very likely that had Roman literature been permitted to run its own natural course, without being overwhelmed, as was the Italian literature of the renaissance, it would have progressed much farther on the road to Romanticism.

To him Mr Brandon went one day, and said: "Israel, I want you to go to work on the fence rows on my side of the road to Howlett's.

From one of the neighbouring mountains there is said to be a very fine prospect of Pinang, a part of Malacca, and the sea, and, on the road to the mountain, a waterfall.

" With many deep and hearty thanks for the kindness he had shown them, the boys parted from him, and, setting their faces to the west, took the road to Odessa.

I buckled on my knapsack, inquired the road to Amboy, and struck off, resolutely, with the feelings of an explorer on the threshold of great discoveries.

I saw where Aughrim was fought, and I turned aside from the road to see the tree where St Ruth was killed.

The writer stands revealed in all his distress, with his pressing, irresistible desires, but on the road to a new and distant happiness, earnestly sought.

Never can you take up the police-book at the hotels, on the road to Italy, without Sir John Leach staring you in the face.

He had found the road to triumph.

To Sutton, distant eight miles, on the road to Lichfield.

To Coleshill, distant ten miles, on the road to Atherstone.

He made his home one of the stations of the "Underground Railway," as the road to freedom for escaping slaves was called.

"We thought you were on the road to Peking until we heard some of the Chinks talking, not long after daybreak, then we thought you might be in trouble.

A week was spent on the road to Taku, and the lads enjoyed every minute of the time.

We walked seven or eight miles along the bank of the Elbe, to Tetschen, there left our companions and took the road to Teplitz.

It was late night now, and they rode swiftly and silently along the road to Strelsau.

Yet 'tis a deed that the bravest might shake, Life and our heart's blood are set on the stake; Death alone points out the road to success.

In this there was a map of Normandy and Brittany and after a long search she found the name she was looking forPassysouth from Evreux on the road to Dreuxthis was the town from which Hermia's telegram to Titine had been sent.

They held the hills above Canea, whence all their movements were visible, and the next operation of Mustapha was to clear the road to their headquarters at Theriso, a very strong position in the foothills of the Sphakian mountains, from which the insurgents raided the plain.

" "Finding them obstinate and pertinacious in their contempt of his Majesty," the messengers, probably misled by some false information, took the road to New Netherland, the next day, in further prosecution of their business.

He now took at once the road to Chesterton, trying as he did so to make for himself in his own mind a plan or map of the premises.

He looked back over the top of the coach down the road to see what had become of the driver.

If no arrangement on a principle of give and take is made between them, the road to the East, which from the point of view of the Germanic powers lies through Serbia, will sooner or later inevitably be forced open, and the independence, first of Serbia, Montenegro, and Albania, and later of Bulgaria and Greece, will disappear, de facto if not in appearance, and both materially and morally they will become the slaves of the central empires.

Olga! Blood!" "But the road to the beach begins there too," Mrs. Brenner cried, above the cracked voice, "and Tobey saw his pa before he came home.

I am looking for a man who knows the road to Constantinople.

The road to Buenos Ayres.

Southwest on the Turquoise Trail; the first diaries on the road to Santa Fe.

DUTTON (E. P.) & CO., INC. Along the road to Bethlehem.

A workbook to accompany The road to Latin.

COOK, SIRIUS C. The road to the temple.

Famous Music Corp. (PWH); 28Nov69; R473892. (Time to) Hit the road to Dreamland.

The road to victory.

The Road to reason.

The road to Xanadu.

The road to Buenos Ayres.

On the road to Allah's heaven.

The road to revival.

SIGMAN, JAMES G. On the road to civilization.

The road to disappearance.

The road to fulfillment.

DE SAUZE, E. B. The road to Latin.

Wilson: the road to the White House.

So the Honourable on the tall four-in-hand saluted with marked emphasis the humble gig that pulled right out of the road to give him the way, and the Lady Blanche waved her hand to the dowdy in the dusty black silk with her sweetest smile.

The tunes whistled by the ploughboy as he goes down the road to his work in the dawn were not written for him.

Hundreds of human skeletons were strewed around; as far as the eye could penetrate these mournful relics presented themselves; they were very perfect, and had evidently not been disturbed since death; some had more the appearance of the shrivelled-up remains which we find in the Morgue on the road to the Grand St. Bernard, and lay about us in all the varied positions induced by their miserable fate.

The road to Fairfax Court House was deep in red mud, set with runnels and pools of gold reflecting corners of blue sky.

You go back to Devizes Cornercorner of the road to De-vizesyou understand?

[Illustration] PLATE 6 The Road to Brindaban Illustration to the Bhagavata Purana Kangra, Punjab Hills, c. 1790 National Museum, New Delhi With Plates 3 and 5, part of the series attributed to Purkhu.

The line is here," and he drew a broad line in the dust from one side of the road to the other.

These old Scotch Presbyterians were opposed to all innovations that would afford their people paths of flowery ease on the road to Heaven.

* It is supposed by commentators that Joseph travelled from Bethlehem across the hilly country of Judea, taking the road to Joppa, and then pursuing the way along the coast.

Also that, to facilitate progress, he would need another team of two horses on the road to Wittenberg, which way, though roundabout, was the only one he could take to come to him, for reasons which it would require too much time to explain.

After giving the overseer directions for the morrow, I recollected an invitation to spend the night at the house of a friend, three miles away, on the road to Natchez.

My very dear Friend: I have only time to thank you for your kind "welcome," and tell you how sorry I am not to see you to-day, and your precious Winnie, who I hope has really started on the road to recovery.

"Fellow-travellers on the road to heaven," said Darrel, raising his glass, "St. Peter is fond of a smiling face.

When I, a don, must give the road to a gringo lower than the peons whom I flog for less impertinence, it is time we ceased taking them by the hand as though they were our equals!"

That was at my left in the road to Richmond.

The shore is rocky, and though the ebb tide uncovers a considerable stretch of mud in the bay, along the road to Walton the sea is never far away, even at low water.

Three days after our departure we met, on the road to Penzhina, a special messenger from Gizhiga, bringing a letter from the Major dated Okhotsk, January 19th.

The Viliga Mountains which blocked up the road to Yamsk were cut by three gaps or passes, all of which opened into the valley, and in clear weather could be easily found and crossed.

Of course, none of them denied; it is capital to all these knights of the road to be making millions in the minds of the world, even though they never get any of the money.

The preรซminence which the Appian Way, regina viarum, held among the great streets leading from Rome,not only as the road to the South and to the fairest provinces, but also because it was bordered along its course by the monumental tombs of the greatest Roman families,was retained by it, as we have seen, as the street on which lay the chief Christian cemeteries.

They also occupied as well the road to the right, leading from the village of Passay, and the approach by the beach was also in their possession.

In the foregoing paragraphs I have strayed away to a long distance from the road to Stratford-on-Avon; for I remember no such stone fences as I have been speaking of in Warwickshire, nor elsewhere in England, except among the Lakes, or in Yorkshire, and the rough and hilly countries to the north of it.

I thought of all those wise men, poets, artists before me who had suffered, wept, and smiled on the road to truth.

Talk of the circles at each end as "houses" and the lines as "hogs," and you are well on the road to become a curler.