1454 examples of the road to in sentences

Three times had he come to grips with Dupont and, though he had been outnumbered on the road to Nant, in Lanyard's sight the honours were far from easy.

Dupont, the road to Paris, seemed figments of some dream dreamed long ago... The tip of a pretty slipper, tapping restlessly, continued to betray Liane's temper.


This preference would be strengthened if it were supposed that this provincial career was the road to the Lieutenant-Governorship.

"Is that the road to London?"

And in the end of that time, I saw a little way into Life, with an understanding heart, and began presently to take my walks again past the gap; but truly Mirdath the Beautiful was never to my sight; though one evening I thought she might be not a great way off; for one of her great boar-hounds came out of the wood, and down into the road to nose against me, very friendly, as a dog oft doth with me.

Moving still onward, this grand funeral pageant, which had now assumed gigantic proportions, extending nearly a mile in length, soon reached the northeastern extremity of the town, when it took the road to the Virginia Military Institute.

He is a spiritual highwayman that robs on the road to heaven.

And it must be set down, sad as it is, that, seeing Jodoque coming up the road to claim her, accompanied by a sailorly-looking personage, she went in and shut the door with a deal of vigor.

From one of the neighbouring mountains there is said to be a very fine prospect of Pinang, a part of Malacca, and the sea, and, on the road to the mountain, a waterfall.

" With many deep and hearty thanks for the kindness he had shown them, the boys parted from him, and, setting their faces to the west, took the road to Odessa.

I saw where Aughrim was fought, and I turned aside from the road to see the tree where St Ruth was killed.

"We thought you were on the road to Peking until we heard some of the Chinks talking, not long after daybreak, then we thought you might be in trouble.

Yet 'tis a deed that the bravest might shake, Life and our heart's blood are set on the stake; Death alone points out the road to success.

" "Finding them obstinate and pertinacious in their contempt of his Majesty," the messengers, probably misled by some false information, took the road to New Netherland, the next day, in further prosecution of their business.

COOK, SIRIUS C. The road to the temple.

Famous Music Corp. (PWH); 28Nov69; R473892. (Time to) Hit the road to Dreamland.

The road to Buenos Ayres.

The road to revival.

Wilson: the road to the White House.

These old Scotch Presbyterians were opposed to all innovations that would afford their people paths of flowery ease on the road to Heaven.

After giving the overseer directions for the morrow, I recollected an invitation to spend the night at the house of a friend, three miles away, on the road to Natchez.

My very dear Friend: I have only time to thank you for your kind "welcome," and tell you how sorry I am not to see you to-day, and your precious Winnie, who I hope has really started on the road to recovery.

The Viliga Mountains which blocked up the road to Yamsk were cut by three gaps or passes, all of which opened into the valley, and in clear weather could be easily found and crossed.

Of course, none of them denied; it is capital to all these knights of the road to be making millions in the minds of the world, even though they never get any of the money.

1454 examples of  the road to  in sentences