14624 examples of the sun in sentences

The church is somewhat dark and particularly in the spot where the shrine is placed, and when we went to see it the sun was near setting and the weather cloudy; nevertheless I saw the ruby as if I had it in my hand.

"The sun was declining when the King, drawing his bow and letting fly an arrow; slightly wounded a stag which passed before him; and keenly gazing followed it still running a long time with his eyes, holding up his hand to keep off the power of the sun's rays.

Again the sun shoots forth his rays, Nature is deck'd in beauty's robe For mighty Harun's sceptre sways, And Yahia's arm sustains the globe.

Some few small patches of snow still lingered on in spots sheltered from the sun, but now they were ebbing away in thin trickles.

The knight answered: He lieth without the town with one of his fellows, and his visage is covered with thy keverchief, and she answered and said: I have now seen Peter and Paul enter into the city clad with right noble vestments, and also they had right fair crowns upon their heads, more clear and more shining than the sun, and hath brought again my keverchief all bloody which he hath delivered me.

The sun will shine, although the day's a grey one....

It's pretty work going in blazing while the sun is warm, and the woods like a great bonfire with the maples.

At the top he marked a new line for the next day's sport, and then as the sun was getting low the party started home by the old stone-boat road.

The skins of some beasts supply men with the finest and best linings, in the countries that are most remote from the sun.

This was all very well on the still days, when the sun shone with cloudless brilliancy in a clear sky, and the dogs tore along like mad creatures, and the whole of the expedition would seem like a frolic; but there were other days when things were very different.

The first house on the opposite side of the way is the blacksmith'sa gloomy dwelling, where the sun never seems to shine; dark and smoky within and without, like a forge.

What is there above nature but the sun?"

They replied, "The Sun is bad enough even while he is single, drying up our marshes with his heat as he does.

They were both very tired, yet Toby, nevertheless, quickened his weary pace at a gentle hint from Father Orin, and they got to the doctor's house just as the sun went down behind the cottonwoods on the other shore.

Bayonets were seen gleaming in the sun; while some of the seamen, in the exterior of the crowd, were already laying their hands on the half-pikes that formed a warlike ornament to the foot of the mast.

=The Bee, Clover, and Thistle= A bee from the hive one morning flew, A tune to the daylight humming; And away she went o'er the sparkling dew, Where the grass was green, the violet blue, And the gold of the sun was coming.

And beyond is the land of Beulah, where the flowers, the grapes, and the songs of birds never cease, and where the sun shines night and day.

The water of the Channel was smooth as glass and as the sun rose, the far chalky cliffs gleamed along the horizon, a belt of fire.

It was delightful weather; the air was mild as the early days of spring, the pine forests around wore a softer green, and though the sun was but a hand's breadth high, even at noon, it was quite warm on the open road.

Timothy Saunders, who had by that time brought round the horses in the stanhope, ventured the opinion that they might be below, paddling in the duck pond, as all the village children gathered there at the first warm weather, "jest fer all the world like gnats the sun's drawd oot.

It was a bright and soft spring morning: the dewy vistas of Cherbury sparkled in the sun, the cooing of the pigeons sounded around, the peacocks strutted about the terrace and spread their tails with infinite enjoyment and conscious pride, and Lady Annabel came forth with her little daughter, to breathe the renovating odours of the season.

THE ANCIENT OF DAYS A child sits in a sunny place, Too happy for a smile, And plays through one long holiday With balls to roll and pile; A painted wind-mill by his side Runs like a merry tune, But the sails are the four great winds of heaven, And the balls are the sun and moon.

The light of the sun even in chains, is pleasant; and life, though supported but by the damp exhalations of a dungeon, is desirable.

*** "No harm to the moon will result from the eclipse of the sun on May 28th," states a writer in an evening paper.

The sun is not only a painter but a sculptor.

14624 examples of  the sun  in sentences