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14624 examples of  the sun  in sentences

14624 examples of the sun in sentences

We finished our evening meal while the sun was yet above the western hills, and sat with our pipes around a smudge, made upon the broad flat rock, which recedes with a gentle acclivity from the shore, where the Bog River enters the lake, looking out over the stirless waters.

And the old are in the sun, Seeing that the work is done As it was when age was young; And the harvest song is sung; And the quaint and jocund tale Takes the stint-key from the ale, And as free and fast it runs As a June rill from the sun's Dry and ever-drinking mouth: Mirth doth alway feel a drowth.

Did the sun shine in far-away New England, and could the water be as blue as her dear Atlantic, with the gay ripple on its bosom and the music of its waves?

The sun rising and setting in the north.

Jack helped her out, shivered a moment, doubtingly, as he exclaimed: "The sun is nearly down now, though the air is transparent, or would be if we were in the free play of daylight.

The very forest and herbage, the pellicle of the earth, must acquire a bright color, an evidence of its ripeness,as if the globe itself were a fruit on its stem, with ever a cheek toward the sun.

The afternoon passed quietly and without unusual incident; but when the sun was just about to set we observed the Indians crossing the river from their encampment to the meadow at a point near the creek, where it was possible for us to hold them in plain view, while they were yet beyond range of any except the heavier guns, which could not be brought to bear upon them.

Further out it was quite calm, its surface everywhere flushed with changing violet, green, and rosy tints: in a little while these lovely colours faded as from a sunset cloud, and it was all deep dark blue: for the sun had gone, and the shadows of evening were over land and sea.

I would say that the sun, being in our meridian, gave us no shadow; but this I was enabled many times to demonstrate to all the company, and took their testimony of the fact.

The church is somewhat dark and particularly in the spot where the shrine is placed, and when we went to see it the sun was near setting and the weather cloudy; nevertheless I saw the ruby as if I had it in my hand.

"The sun was declining when the King, drawing his bow and letting fly an arrow; slightly wounded a stag which passed before him; and keenly gazing followed it still running a long time with his eyes, holding up his hand to keep off the power of the sun's rays.

Again the sun shoots forth his rays, Nature is deck'd in beauty's robe For mighty Harun's sceptre sways, And Yahia's arm sustains the globe.

The sun was setting when a loud noise aroused us, the door of the hall was violently burst open and a horrible giant entered.

Here sits on her hill the weird old Etrurian nurse of Florence, withered, superannuated, feeble, warming her palsied limbs in the sun, and looking vacantly down upon the beautiful child whose cradle she rocked.

June in Manitoba, when the tender green of grass and leaf is bathed in the sparkling sunshine; when the first wild roses are spilling their perfume on the air, and the first orange lilies are lifting their glad faces to the sun; when the prairie chicken, intent on family cares, runs cautiously beside the road, and the hermit thrushes from the thickets drive their sweet notes into the quiet evening.

How dazzling the sun!

That was a great conception, which now seems to us so simple, that the earth turns upon its axis, and a still greater one that it revolves about the sun (to show this last was worth a man's lifetime, and it really almost cost the life of Galileo).

Some few small patches of snow still lingered on in spots sheltered from the sun, but now they were ebbing away in thin trickles.

The cloud tents are widened out to shut in the valley and an outlying range or two and are drawn tight against the sun.

At first no one could believe Guy's prophecies would come true, but in a few moments the cool breeze was distinctly felt, the sun went under a cloud, and the boat began to move.

Passing the love of woman was his love, indeed; and of him Jonathan was but such a type, as the light in the dewdrop is the type of the sun in heaven.

And on that gay day of spring the dazzling, singing, fragrant countryside was steeped in it all, triumphal with that beauty of the mother, who, in the full light of the sun, in view of the vast horizon, sat there nursing her child.

The flying cinders of burning hay or wood, as they alighted upon the sun-dried shingles of the roof, needed to be swept off as fast as they fell, before they had time to fulfil their errand of mischief.

To say truth, we never anticipated our usual hour, or got up with the sun (as 'tis called), to go a journey, or upon a foolish whole day's pleasuring, but we suffered for it all the long hours after in listlessness and headachs; Nature herself sufficiently declaring her sense of our presumption, in aspiring to regulate our frail waking courses by the measures of that celestial and sleepless traveller.

Just as the sun was setting a gondola swept slowly up to the water-gate of the ducal palace.

On the following morning, with the sun, he was on his way to the house in which he had been born, and which he had never left for twenty-four hours at a time in his life.

The knight answered: He lieth without the town with one of his fellows, and his visage is covered with thy keverchief, and she answered and said: I have now seen Peter and Paul enter into the city clad with right noble vestments, and also they had right fair crowns upon their heads, more clear and more shining than the sun, and hath brought again my keverchief all bloody which he hath delivered me.

One evening, as the sun was sinking, Hilary Joyce rode slowly down the old caravan road.

The sun will shine, although the day's a grey one....

He there frequented all the places and schools of the philosophers, and even visited the oracle of the sun, which Esculapius had constructed for himself.

" "I think you wouldto die in the sun!"

Wonders in the Sun, or The Kingdom of Birds; a Comic Opera; performed at the Queen's Theatre in the Hay-Market. 28.

It's pretty work going in blazing while the sun is warm, and the woods like a great bonfire with the maples.

The princess and her lady retired; the madness of the astronomer hung on their minds, and they desired Imlac to enter upon his office, and delay next morning, the rising of the sun.

The sun had gone down,the last sunset which the Sea-flower would look upon here,the last sunset!

And others break across the gory plain In mad career till they the mountain gain; And snorting on the hills in wild dismay, One moment glance below, then fly away; Away from sounds that prove their masters, fiends, Away to freedom snuffing purer winds, Within some cool retreat by mountain streams, Where peacefully for them, the sun-light gleams.

36 His corn shall not be high and the sun shall not remember (him).

It was a delicious morning, the air fresh and sweet, the sun comfortably warm, a little too warm, perhaps, presently, when they had trodden the narrow path by the Tongue Ghyll, and were beginning to wind slowly upwards over rough boulders and last year's bracken, tough and brown and tangled, towards that rugged wall of earth and stone tufted with rank grasses, which calls itself Dolly Waggon Pike.

Under the temple there are large vaults, which we found filled up with young kids, who had gone in there to escape the heat of the sun.

At the top he marked a new line for the next day's sport, and then as the sun was getting low the party started home by the old stone-boat road.

One of them crowed and called out with such gusto that it sounded as if he wanted to be heard clear up to the sun: "This is Herr Dybeck's estate; the same this year as last year; this year as last year.

"This goes off right merrily, Herr Bailiff;" exclaimed the baron, animated by that encouraging smile, as the blood is quickened by a genial ray of the sun's heat when it has been long chilled and deadened by cold.

The sun was scarcely yet visible in the deep glens, when those who were destined for St. Bernard were again in the saddle.

"I feel the sun fairy can make you welcome now.

By a curious coincidence, the engagement was announced at a reception, just after a total eclipse of the sun.

The maiden is the dawn from whose virgin womb rises the sun in the fullness of his glory and might, but with his advent the dawn itself disappears and dies.

The skins of some beasts supply men with the finest and best linings, in the countries that are most remote from the sun.

But at the end of a minute or two he knew it was an owl, and soon after he was fast asleep and did not think again till the sun was shining brightly, and he sat up waiting for old David to come and pull him up on the horse again.

This was all very well on the still days, when the sun shone with cloudless brilliancy in a clear sky, and the dogs tore along like mad creatures, and the whole of the expedition would seem like a frolic; but there were other days when things were very different.

During the afternoon of that day it rained for at least two hours, and it did not clear up and let the sun out, so there was plenty of dirt and mud at nightfall.

"Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun.

"Then, to satisfy the envious birdlings of the moor, the pomegranate slowly half-opens its fruit; the thousand vermeil seeds glitter in the sun; the thousand timorous sisters with rosy cheeks peep through the arched window: and the roguish birds come in flocks and feast at ease on the beautiful coral-grains; the roguish lovers devour with kisses the fair blushing sisters.

The first house on the opposite side of the way is the blacksmith'sa gloomy dwelling, where the sun never seems to shine; dark and smoky within and without, like a forge.

Its outline was so level as to appear like a thick fog on the horizon; but, as the sun rose, we were undeceived.

Its gods were originally physical forces and phenomenanature worship,which was once common to all men, the sun, fire, water, light, wind, the procreative and productive energies and the mystery of sex and birth, which impressed with wonder and awe the mind of primitive humanity.

What is there above nature but the sun?"

All things which proceed from the Lord, or from the sun, which is from him, and in which he is, pervade the created universe, even to the last of all its principles, 389.

It flies from light into the sun; from heat, into devouring fire; and from the voice of God into the thickest of His thunders.

3. TEFNUT was the twin-sister of Shu; as a power of nature she typified moisture or some aspect of the sun's heat, but as a god of the dead she seems to have been, in some way, connected with the supply of drink to the deceased.

I'm wondering if our lives are not like the going and coming of the sun.

They replied, "The Sun is bad enough even while he is single, drying up our marshes with his heat as he does.

They were both very tired, yet Toby, nevertheless, quickened his weary pace at a gentle hint from Father Orin, and they got to the doctor's house just as the sun went down behind the cottonwoods on the other shore.

The Tahitians had a legend of the god Maui, that "he brought the earth up from the depths of the ocean, and when mankind suffered from the prolonged absence of the sun and lived mournfully in obscurity, with no ripening fruits, Maui stopped the sun and regulated its course, so as to make day and night equal, as they are in Tahiti.

Bayonets were seen gleaming in the sun; while some of the seamen, in the exterior of the crowd, were already laying their hands on the half-pikes that formed a warlike ornament to the foot of the mast.

=The Bee, Clover, and Thistle= A bee from the hive one morning flew, A tune to the daylight humming; And away she went o'er the sparkling dew, Where the grass was green, the violet blue, And the gold of the sun was coming.

The skies were mine, and so were the sun and moon and stars; and all the world was mine, and I the only spectator and enjoyer of it....

Between dawn and daylight the land leaped out of the sea, all clear blues and purples, incomparably fresh and incomparably 111 wistful in that one golden hour of the tropic day before the sun has risen very highthe disembodied spirit of an island.

And beyond is the land of Beulah, where the flowers, the grapes, and the songs of birds never cease, and where the sun shines night and day.

The Sun himself gave increase day by day To his child's herds: whatever diseases spoil The farmer, came not there; his kine increased In multitude and value year by year: None cast her young, or bare unfruitful males.

The water of the Channel was smooth as glass and as the sun rose, the far chalky cliffs gleamed along the horizon, a belt of fire.

It was delightful weather; the air was mild as the early days of spring, the pine forests around wore a softer green, and though the sun was but a hand's breadth high, even at noon, it was quite warm on the open road.

Timothy Saunders, who had by that time brought round the horses in the stanhope, ventured the opinion that they might be below, paddling in the duck pond, as all the village children gathered there at the first warm weather, "jest fer all the world like gnats the sun's drawd oot.

But as the sun in water we can bear Yet not the sun, but his reflection there, So let us view her, here, in what she was, And take her image in this watery glass: Yet look not every lineament to see; 140 Some will be cast in shades, and some will be So lamely drawn, you'll scarcely know 'tis she.

Anyhow, we can push out as soon as it begins to get too dark for them to see us from the village across therethat is, as soon as the sun has gone down behind the hills to the south.

Barnard says, "In the sentence, 'There is one glory of the sun,' &c., the adverb there qualifies the verb is, and seems to have the force of an affirmation, like truly"Analytical Gram., p. 234.

The heavy frame was mounted on a brick pier, and the whole surrounded by a wooden case to protect it from the sun.

The sun never sets, the story of England in the nineteen thirties.

Grand Central Station; clergyman standing in an attitude of prayer, the sun streaming down on him through the skylight windows.

It was a bright and soft spring morning: the dewy vistas of Cherbury sparkled in the sun, the cooing of the pigeons sounded around, the peacocks strutted about the terrace and spread their tails with infinite enjoyment and conscious pride, and Lady Annabel came forth with her little daughter, to breathe the renovating odours of the season.

' 'The stars are as beautiful as the sun, Venetia.'

A little hood covered her hair, which, undressed and unpowdered, hung in a club behind; and she held up a plain fan between her complexion and the sun.

I welcomed the sun.

THE ANCIENT OF DAYS A child sits in a sunny place, Too happy for a smile, And plays through one long holiday With balls to roll and pile; A painted wind-mill by his side Runs like a merry tune, But the sails are the four great winds of heaven, And the balls are the sun and moon.

[The pit begins to applaud; meanwhile the scene is changed, the fire and water taken from the MAGIC FLUTE begin to play, above appears the open temple of the sun, the sky is clear and Jupiter sits within it, beneath Hell with Terkaleon, cobalds and witches on the stage, many lights, etc.

Now, as the sun grew very hot, And he a heavy gun had got, He lay down underneath a tree And went to sleep, as you may see.

And as they lookedand as the burning disk of the sun, falling down and down behind forest, mountain and plain, bade its last adieu to the land of the wild, there came to them, strangely clear and beautiful, the notes of a bugle.

The house was too dark for any sight to see very clearly; the full, strong, healthy light of the sun, could not find its way into it, and day after day Dolly became more like one of those plants growing in shady places, which live and shoot up, but only put out pale and sickly leaves, and feeble buds.

The sun rolled up and struck at him, burning into the pocket of rock where he lay motionless gazing down the slope.

The sun brightly lit up the fresh grass in the church-yard and the many-colored dresses and kerchiefs of the women.

The light of the sun even in chains, is pleasant; and life, though supported but by the damp exhalations of a dungeon, is desirable.

*** "No harm to the moon will result from the eclipse of the sun on May 28th," states a writer in an evening paper.

Nothing grew on the bank of this stream and the bed was of hard clay, which glistened in the sun.

As the year grows apace, as the evenings draw themselves out, and the sun every day puts on fresh strength, we seem to grow ever more certainly apart.

To the fair Villiers we Dalkeith prefer, And fairest Morton now as much to her; So like the sun's advance your titles show, Which as he rises does the warmer grow.

With sorrow on that day I saw the sun go down.

The sun on the tide, the peach on the bough LXXIV

I had rather have the power of carrying my patient about after the sun, according to the aspect of the rooms, if circumstances permit, than let him linger in a room when the sun is off.

The sun is not only a painter but a sculptor.

Aspect does not very much signify either (provided the sun reach his bed-room some time in every day, to purify the air), because he ought never to be in his bed-room except during the hours when there is no sun.

He also urged the threefold nature of the sun,i.e., heat, light, and splendor; and these arguments having satisfied Ferracute concerning the Trinity, he removed his doubts concerning the incarnation by equally forcible reasoning.