3791 examples of thence in sentences

So Beltane took the belt and with his dagger cut thence two notches, whereat quoth Roger, staring: "Lord, I did but save one lifethe young knight" "Thou did'st save two," answered Beltane, "for had I slain him, RogerO, had I slain him, then on this night should'st have hanged me for a murderer.

"Come, wherefore tarry ye?" Now leapt Sir Fidelis to the saddle of his fallen steed and snatched thence a wallet, whereat Beltane fell a-fuming, for bolts and arrows began to whirr and hum thick and fast.

Of a sudden he raised his eyes to heaven, then, coming to his mother's grave, very reverently took thence a single great bloom and thrusting the shoe in the wallet at his girdle (that same wallet Sir Fidelis had borne) went out into the golden dawn.

Your task is to bring them into class two and thence into class onethat is, to introduce them into your more formal speech, and from this gradually into your everyday speech.

Meanwhile, Blaquière, neglecting his appointment at Zante, had gone to Corfu, and thence to England.

Emerging thence, he attained a small seaport of Acarnania, called Dragomestri, whence sallying forth on the 2nd of January under the convoy of some Greek gunboats, he was nearly wrecked.

"By about 6 in the afternoon the Second Corps had got Into position, with their right on Le Cateau, their left in the neighborhood of Caudry, and the line of defense was continued thence by the fourth division toward Seranvillers.

The German main defenses against Russia extended in a general line from Koenigsberg to Danzig, thence south along the Vistula to the great fortress of Thorn.

From there the fortified line swung to the southwest to Posen, thence south to Breslau, the main fortress along the Oder, and from there to Cracow.

At daybreak on the hill they stood That overlooked the moor; And thence they saw the bridge of wood, A furlong from their door.

From thence he proceeded to another city, where he was received with great homage by the most illustrious of the nation.

Black pitchy clouds from thence rain down revenge.

Within which dreadful prison when we came, The noble County Palurin, that there Lay chain'd in gyves, fast fetter'd in his bolts, Out of the dark dungeon we did uprear, And hal'd him thence into a brighter place, That gave us light to work our tyranny.

The carrying out of this idea was entrusted to Chevalier Desclieux, who, provided with a young coffee-plant, set out from Nantes, thence to convey it to Martinique.

Curs'd Marian may go seek another man, For I intend to dwell no longer with her, Since that the bastinado drove me thence.

" Not of Hertfordshire, a mistake originally made by Shiel in his "Lives of the Poets," thence copied into Berkenhout's "Biographia Literaria," and subsequently into the last edition of the "Biographia Dramatica."

Let Feisul go to British territory and thence to Europe, where his friends may have a chance to work for him.

And as th' Hermeticall Physitians draw From things that curse of the first-broken Law, That Ens Venenum, which extracted thence Leaves nought but primitive Good and Innocence: So was thy Spirit calcined; no Mixtures there But perfect, such as next to Simples are.

New schools may be transplanted from thence into the interior.

Teachers, and travellers on discovery, may be sent from thence in various directions, who may return to it occasionally as to their homes.

He was prominent in all the operations thence to Cerro Gordo, where, in April, 1847, he was brevetted Major.

We went from thence to the table of a person of distinction in the neighborhood, where he had an opportunity of showing in how decent and graceful a manner he could unite the Christian and the gentleman, and give conversation an improving and religious turn, without violating any of the rules of polite behaviour, or saying or doing any thing, which looked at all constrained or affected.

She was taken ill at Newport about the middle of June, and from thence to the day of her death, she was my continual thought, and almost uninterrupted care.

The road Polly had chosen led through an avenue of old elms and thence out into the wide country.

Thence they could reach the white settlements beyond the mountains.

3791 examples of  thence  in sentences