1202 examples of thereafter in sentences

Thus Abelard, who was punished with castration by his uncle for his love affair with Helöise, never composed a verse of poetry thereafter.

He had the child's way of eyeing a stranger with embarrassing steadiness at a first meeting and thereafter paying little attention to the face.

At the end of the present hall, one passes through what was in Lamb's time the front door, and thereafter the house is exactly as it used to be save that its south windows have been filled in.

The version in the Percy Reliques relates the adventures of Henry, Earl of Leicester, the son of Simon de Montfort, who was blinded at the battle of Evesham and left for dead, and thereafter begged his way with his pretty Bessee.

The train started soon thereafter.

And thereafter I found it often practicable to associate with her on terms of apparent equality.

In a setting less prosaic than Little Arcady, where events might be of a story-fitness, that lover would have been alive by a happy chance, estranged by the misunderstanding but splendidly faithful, and I should have been helper and interested witness to an ideal reconciliation; thereafter to play out my game with a full heart, though with an exterior placidly unconcerned.

The moon was rising broad, and yellow, but it was low as yet, and "King Arthur" stood in impenetrable gloom,as any other thorough-going, self-respecting conspirator should; and now, all at once, from this particular patch of shadow, there came a sudden sound,a rushing sound,a chinking, clinking, metallic sound, and, thereafter, a crisp rustling that was not the rustling of ordinary paper.

Thereafter he takes up the black bag, empty now, shoulders the spade, and sets off, keeping once more in the shadows, leaving Conspirator No.

Thereafter he sat him down upon his portmanteau again, with Small Porges upon his knee, and they talked confidentially together with their heads very close together and in muffled tones.

He said he could; and on the fourth day thereafter, in the evening, it came.

Thereafter I pursued my inquiries, pumping Dawson himselfwho, for some reason, did not greatly value the affairtackling others who knew more than they were always willing to tell, even to me their friend.

Summer passed and winter thereafter, and came and passed again.

Thereafter, a great yowling came from it, and it began to writhe.

After some fruitless conferences, the terms were at last adjusted; and the two monarchs seemed in this treaty to have an intention, besides ending the present quarrel, of preventing all future causes of discord, and of obviating every controversy which could thereafter arise between them.

It was evident that no danger existed of Holland's becoming subject to the papacy; and, indeed, the immediate political sequel of the establishment of the bishoprics was the election of a moderate, liberal, Protestant cabinet, which thoroughly represented the country, and which represented its tone thereafter, with such modifications as new circumstances might suggest.

Thereafter, with his prompt faculty for dealing with men, he soon comes to an understanding with his captors, and they agree, upon some certain condition, to put him on shore.

Thereafter, notwithstanding his wretched life, he holds steadily to a high literary purpose.

Thereafter, until his own work compelled attention, he was known chiefly as the man who married Elizabeth Barrett.

Thereafter, no matter what he wrote, Dickins was lbeled a humorist.

Thereafter her education was gained wholly by miscellaneous reading.

Thereafter he had commanded the cavalry under his sister's husband, Hasdrubal, and distinguished himself by brilliant personal bravery as well as by his talents as a leader.

Of the two Carthaginian squadrons destined for Italy and Sicily, the first was dispersed by a storm, and some of its vessels were captured by the Syracusans near Messana; the second had endeavoured in vain to surprise Lilybaeum, and had thereafter been defeated in a naval engagement off that port.

Soon thereafter on a raw rainy day a general engagement came on, unlocked for by the Romans.

The fleet, which had again been joined by the Rhodian and Pergamene ships, had hitherto been employed in the capture and pillage of two of the smaller towns in Euboea, Eretria and Carystus; both however, as well as Oreus, were thereafter abandoned, and reoccupied by Philocles the Macedonian commandant of Chalcis.

1202 examples of  thereafter  in sentences