39 examples of thermal in sentences

In the "Etablissement Thermal" the terms range from 60 cents to 4 frs.

Of the total output of, say, 55,000 horse-power at the Niagara Falls generating plant, no less than 23,200 horse-power is used in various electrolytic and electro-thermal processes in the immediate neighborhood.

I have long remarked that, in ordinary good chronometers, the freedom from irregularities depending on mechanical causes is most remarkable; but that, after all the efforts of the most judicious makers, there is in nearly every case a perceptible defect of thermal compensation.

convection, thermal draft, thermal.

convection, thermal draft, thermal.

[thermal units] calorie, gram-calorie, small calorie; kilocalorie, kilogram calorie, large calorie; British Thermal Unit, B.T.U.; therm, quad.

[effects of heat 2] thermal expansion; coefficient of expansion.

From that time it is a thermal spring, in which few venture to bathe, but whosoever does, his heart is instantly touched with love.

Jets of steam issue from the sides of the cañon at frequent intervals, marking the presence of thermal springs and active volcanic forces.

Let us stop in front of the famous baths of Tiflis, the thermal waters of which attain a temperature of 60 degrees centigrade.

It was thermal, saline, pleasant to the taste, and some, who partook of it, attributed to it an aperient quality.

It was a very high, volcanic cone that came up in the midst of the strait and had at its base alkaline lakes, sulphurous fumes, thermal waters, and prehistoric constructions of great stone blocks similar to those in Sardinia and the Balearic Islands.

Thermal conductivity of building materials.

Moisture and thermal efficiency in the United States.

SEE Begley, William C. ALGREN, AXEL B. Thermal conductivity of building materials.

Thermal conductivity of building materials.

ROWLEY, FRANK B. Thermal conductivity of building materials, by Frank B. Rowley & Axel B. Algren.

Moisture and thermal efficiency in the United States.

The reason is found in the fact of a more humid atmosphere existing at Utica, and, indeed, at all points in the variable-climatic district, whether north or south of either the thermal lines or latitudes in which Minnesota rests.

The months of March and April rack very low in their rain-fall in comparison with any point situated along the same thermal lines; while May is scarce up to the average, but yet sufficient to supply the seeds and grasses with all the moisture required.

If there are any doubts by our readers as to the continental character of the climate of Minnesota, let them answer how it is that this sharp curve of the thermal line happens in its westward course just on the frontier of that State.

In the year 123 B.C., at some leagues to the north of the Greek city, near a little river, then called the Coenus and nowadays the Arc, the consul C. Sextius Calvinus had noticed, during his campaign, an abundance of thermal springs, agreeably situated amidst wood-covered hills.

TEPLITZ (15), a popular health resort in N. Bohemia, finely situated in a valley between the Erzgebirge and Mittelgebirge, 20 m. NW. of Leitmeritz; its thermal springs are celebrated for the cure of gout, rheumatism, &c. TERAPHIM, small images, a sort of household gods among the Hebrews, consulted as oracles, and endowed with some magic virtue.

There is an appellate criminal court, besides other courts; 2 churches, one Protestant, said to be the only one in the Spanish West, Indies; 2 hospitals besides the military hospital, a home of refuge for old and poor, 2 cemeteries, 3 asylums, several casinos, 3 theaters, a market, a municipal public library, 3 first-class hotels, 3 barracks, a park, gas works, a perfectly equipped fire department, a bank, thermal and natural baths, etc.

About 1 1/8 miles northeast of the town are the Quintana thermal baths, in a building surrounded by pretty gardens.

39 examples of  thermal  in sentences