53 examples of thew in sentences

In the early times, there must have been those who stood apart from their tribesmen in contests of pure athletic skill,in running, jumping, leaping, wrestling, in laying on thew and thigh with arm, hand, and curled fist in sheer delight of action, and of the display of strength.

"It is not there his hands can show What in the battle he can do; But where the shock of onset tests The fearless heart, the iron thew.

Her favour it was fill'd the sail of the Trojan for Latium bound; Her favour that won her Aeneas a bride on Laurentian ground, And anon from the cloister inveigled the Virgin, the Vestal, to Mars; 70 As her wit by the wild Sabine rape recreated her Rome for its wars, With the Ramnes, Quirites, together ancestrally proud as they drew From Romulus down to our Caesarlast, best of that bone, of that thew.

God fashion'd thee of chosen clay For service, nor did ever say, "Deny thee this," "Abstain from yon," But to inure thee, thew and bone.

Brace thy thews, lad, and bring not shame upon Sherwood.

He will see a rosier, fatter, bigger-boned race growing up, which bids fair to surpass in bulk the puny and ill-fed generation of 1815-45, and equal, perhaps, in thew and sinew, to the men who saved Europe in the old French war.

Oh, for such a heart, with the thews and sinews of a truly English brain!' Next day he met Luke in that room.

He ran a withered hand down the young fellow's leg and caressed the swelling thew.

'She is a most perfect darling, and laughs so deliciously whenever she sees me.' Angelina was in Lady Mary's arms at this moment; a beautifully marked little creature, all thew and sinew, palpitating with suppressed emotions, and grinning to her heart's content.

Lesbia felt in her heart that such a man must be destined for success, born to be a conqueror in all strifes, a victor upon every field. 'Have I the thews and sinews of a man doomed to be beaten in the battle?'

Love of his limbs, was it that, think you? Body of bullock build, Sap in the bones, and spring in the thew, A lusty youth unspilled?

As thew passes into the meaning "muscle," so virtue (from vis, strength) originally means manlike valour.]

Nowland said that he took the slave and inflicted five hundred lashes upon him, cutting his back all to pieces, and then thew on hot embers.

Nowland said that he took the slave and inflicted five hundred lashes upon him, cutting his back all to pieces, and then thew on hot embers.

No doubt the fellow had a big body, strong bones, and good thews; but that he had the real pluck that nerved the little bodies of such men as Nelson, or Suwarrow, ay, or of Napoleon, I deny."

XXII Beatrice Neilson was a mountain girl, with the strong thews of Jael, yet she hid her face as the canoe shot into the crest of the rapids.

Their strong thews would waste in a gentler land.

I felt the thews of Anakim, The pulses of a Titan's heart.

With iron clasp I gripped him from the rear (His talons else had torn me) and, my foot Set on him, forced to earth by dint of heel His hinder parts, my flanks entrenched the while Behind his fore-arm; till his thews were stretched And strained, and on his haunches stark he stood And lifeless; hell received his monstrous ghost.

Some persons used the strong preterites, and some the weak,some said snew, thew, sew, and some snowed, thawed, sowed.

W. E. Thew Supply Company.

W. E. Thew Supply Company.

The complaint of the poor character of the work performed by the agricultural labourer seems also true of other departments, where labourpure and simple labour of thews and sinewsis concerned.

She motioned Shane, who had prostrated himself, clansman fashion upon the floor, to rise, "check'd with a glance the circle's smile," eyeing as she did so, not without characteristic appreciation, the redoubtable thews and sinews of this the most formidable of her vassals.

A stoic he, but even more: The iron will and lion thew Were strong to inflict as to endure: Who like him could stand, or pursue?

53 examples of  thew  in sentences