537 examples of thinkin in sentences

Then Gid and Shade comes up, and thinkin' we're the other crowd stealin' the machinethey try to catch us and turn loose at usthat makes a pretty good story, don't it?"

I'm thinkin' about a home with pirty things in it, books, an' pictures, an' cushions, the way women fix 'em you know, an'an' a mother; I want a mother very much; I think it'd be the mos' beautiful thing in the world to have a mother.

ye're as like to find the mither in high places as in low, an' liker too fra my way o' thinkin'.

She allers do be thinkin of the old 'un when there's a storm a-comin' up, along of his havin' been drowned at sea.

To my thinkin' these pleasure colernies is bad things; they settles as senseless as a swarm of bees, just because their leader's lit there first; and when they've buzzed themselves out and moved on, like as not some sillies as has come gapin' too close is bit fatal or poisoned for life.

There don't seem to be anybody 'ere of your way of thinkin'.

Lookin' and thinkin'.

Saht in the club thinkin' it ovah, and decided to sally fowth to seek adventuah" "Adventure!

Cousin Sun is lookin' sad, As de market is so bad; 'Pon him han' him res' him chin, Quietly sit do'n thinkin' Of de loved wife sick in bed, An' de children to be fed What de laborers would say When dem know him couldn' pay; Also what about de mill Whe' him hire from ole Bill; So him think, an' think on so, Till him t'oughts no more could go.

When my heart is weak an' sad, Who but you can mek it glad?" So dey kissed an' kissed again, An' deir t'oughts were not on pain, But was 'way down in de sout' Where dey'd wedded in deir yout', In de marnin' of deir life Free from all de grief an' strife, Happy in de marnin' light, Never thinkin' of de night.

But I wan't thinkin' much except about the fracas up stairsthe boys catchin' hell, an' me not with 'em.

"I can't help thinkin' it's for the wuss," he said, wiping his smooth face with the cuff of his coat-sleeve.

"Why, Henery,' ses Bob Pretty, 'wot are you a-thinkin' of?

I never got nary wink of sleep a-thinkin' about her, and a-wishin' my house was finer and my clo'es purtier and my hair shorter, and I was a eddicated gentleman.

I don't know as I ever seed a gal that quite come up to her, in my way of thinkin'.

But 'twas three cows an' a miracle wasted, I'm thinkin'.

for 'tis fatal both ends, I'm thinkin', like Barney Sullivan's mule.

But, as I was sayin', the parish church 'll be needed to-morrow, an' so you'd best set to and clean out the edifice: for I'm thinkin'," he added, "it'll be needin' that.

For it's little but sand ye'll find in your mouths for breakfast, I'm thinkin'.

Bless the man, I wasn' thinkin' of yer verses.

"An' me thinkin' Bill 'ad gone north to Wolver'ampton!"

I'm thinkin' it's the divil's own place, wid the fires out.

I bin thinkin' seriously of sellin' her.

"What is it?" "Why, I was just thinkin', General," he drawled, "they certainly did give us hell at Chickamauga.

"Thinkin' about the price uh tires, stranger?"

537 examples of  thinkin  in sentences