537 examples of thinkin in sentences

I declare I ha'n't done a-thinkin' of that 'ere story you told us the day you was here, 'long o' Melindy."

Here some are thinkin on their sins, An' some upo' their claes; Ane curses feet that fyled his shins, Anither sighs and prays; On this hand sits a chosen swatch, Wi' screwed-up grace-proud faces; On that a set o' chaps, at watch, Thrang winkln on the lasses To chairs that day.

I know what yer thinkin' 'bout.

You tole the ole cuss in plain words what we've bin a- thinkin' fer a coon's age.

"It'd be most too dainty fer some," she said, with a surprising sense of humour, "but I was thinkin' ye wanted a gift fer one o' yer high- toned relations in the old country.

"I'm thinkin' that gin ye find relatives across the line, auld Angus McRae will be losin' his dawtie.

They grow in soil that oughta nourish only decent deeds, An' they waste our time an' fret us when, if we were thinkin' straight An' livin' right, they wouldn't be so terrible an' great.

Oh, I ain't an egotist, With an "I" in all my thinkin', but I'm willin' to insist That the Lord who made us humans an' the birds in every tree Knows my special sort o' weather an' he made this day fer me.

Now an' then I get to thinkin' He's much like old Abe Lincoln; Homely like a gargoyle graven Worse'n that when he's unshaven; But I'd take his ugly phiz Jes' to have a heart like his.

Don't you mind Mawther Gummidge, Mas'r Davy; she's a-thinkin' of the old 'un.

She allers do be thinkin of the old 'un when there's a storm a-comin' up, along of his havin' been drowned at sea.

"But if you was thinkin' o' layin' 'er up there for the night, I'd see no one got monkeyin' around with 'er.

"I don't know what time you gen'lemen might be thinkin' o' leavin'; but if you could put me ashore now I could be back inside of the hour.

Lor's sake, what's the boy thinkin' on now, I wonder?" she muttered in an impatient lower tone, as Stephen turned his head slowly.

I've been thinkin' what it's meant all these years to have a family like yours next place to.

And right glad was I, and I was thinkin' of a' at hame, and

"'Well, that will do, child,' says she, saftly thinkin', and she locked it up again.

Cousin Sun is lookin' sad, As de market is so bad; 'Pon him han' him res' him chin, Quietly sit do'n thinkin' Of de loved wife sick in bed, An' de children to be fed What de laborers would say When dem know him couldn' pay; Also what about de mill Whe' him hire from ole Bill; So him think, an' think on so, Till him t'oughts no more could go.

When my heart is weak an' sad, Who but you can mek it glad?" So dey kissed an' kissed again, An' deir t'oughts were not on pain, But was 'way down in de sout' Where dey'd wedded in deir yout', In de marnin' of deir life Free from all de grief an' strife, Happy in de marnin' light, Never thinkin' of de night.

One day he stopped her on the stairs and asked, abruptly: "When be you thinkin' to marry again?" "Never," she answered, straight and at once, halting with a hand on her hip and eyeing him.

I was just thinkin' this moment that I'd a bit o' business there that had clean slipped my mind this week.

"Oh, I know what you're thinkin'!"

I knowed about God, an' how he made me an' made the airth, an' everything an' once I got thinkin' about that, an' I asked my father if God made the fishes.

I bin thinkin' seriously of sellin' her.

"Thinkin' about the price uh tires, stranger?"

537 examples of  thinkin  in sentences