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537 examples of  thinkin  in sentences

537 examples of thinkin in sentences

I hollered and shouted at the kritter, thinkin', maybe, that the voice of a human might scare him; but it only made him madder, and every time I hollered he charged under the log more furiously than before.

Crop and I took the hint and sat still, thinkin' maybe he'd get over his pet and move off; but he did'nt lean that way at all.

I loaded my gun before I came down, thinkin' maybe there might be another bad tempered moose about, but there wasn't.

Thinkin' of what's best for you has eat into me.

I been layin' up here and thinkin' the same myself.

"I got worried thinkin' it over, for it was me told that pardner o' yours" She smiled wickedly.

"Am I?" "M-hm! Thinkin' 'bout home sweet home?" "N-nonot just then.

"Oh, no, the ice wasn't thinkin' o' goin' out yit.

Always keep thinkin' I'll soon be able to give up steamboatin' and buy a farm.

Settlements under watermen up in trees callin' to us to stop for the love of Godmen in boats crossin' our channel, headin' us off, thinkin' nothin' o' the risk o' bein' run down.

" "Where you goin'?" "Been thinkin' for some time I ain't wealthy enough to live in this metropolis.

I'm only thinkin' out things.

" "What I was thinkin'," replied the Boy slowly, "was that it was the only clean gold I'd ever seenbut it isn't so clean as it was.

"I was thinkin' it was good to look at because it hadn't got into dirty pockets yet."

Oh, I'm not thinkin' about Austin.

What makes you so quiet?" "Well, I'm thinkin' I'd be better satisfied to stay here a little longer if" "If what?" "If there was truth between us two.

"You're thinkin' about the times I pegged outdidn't do my share.

"I'm thinkin' o' the timesI" He laid his head down on the rude table, and sat so for an instant with hidden face; then he straightened up.

I was awfully happy thinkin' if I made him bring you it might kind o' make up, but it didn't.

"Austin been sayin' anything?" "Oh, I was just thinkin' about the sun.

Then Gid and Shade comes up, and thinkin' we're the other crowd stealin' the machinethey try to catch us and turn loose at usthat makes a pretty good story, don't it?"

Thinkin I was on the rong side of him, I undertook to pass into the middle of the road, when he vociferated in louder tones: "Pass!" "Well," says I, by this time considerably riled at sich skanderlous treatment at the hands of this goverment, "if you'l stop rammin your bagonet into my hash digester and let me pass, ile be hily tickled.

After Ide partially recovered my ekanimity, I agin resoomed my offishal duties, but I couldent help thinkin that if wimmen made such a confounded hullabalo about votin, as they is now doin, tryin to vote; them air leaders, who air goin about the country like Internal Revenoo offisers, seekin that they may gobble up somebody, will have a pile to anser for, when woman becomes a component part of the body polertick.

I did try to pawn 'em, too, thinkin' we could get 'em back again when things came round; but, I can assure yo, I couldn't find a broker anywhere that would tak' 'em in."

Well, th' lad were i' good heart abeawt it; an' when he geet theer th' chap towd him at he thought he wur very likely for th' job, so that made it better,an' th' lad begun o' wearin' his bit o' brass o' summat to eat, an' sich like, thinkin' he're sure o' th' shop.

But, aw dar not begin o' thinkin' abeawt it.

I was thinkin' this long time could I get a ricommind to see would the doctor give him anythin' to rise an appetite in him at all.

I declare I ha'n't done a-thinkin' of that 'ere story you told us the day you was here, 'long o' Melindy."

"She had eyes like a fairy princess, lips like cherries, and the nicest clothes, but you could tell she wasn't thinkin' about them.

Yes, seh, Mahstah MajahAh laid Ah'd brek it grajallyan' Ah suttingly did have that lady a-thinkin' ve'y highly of yo' at th' time of yo' entrance, seh,yes, seh!" CHAPTER XV LITTLE

"I'm thinkin' that gin ye find relatives across the line, auld Angus McRae will be losin' his dawtie.

I'm thinkin' about a home with pirty things in it, books, an' pictures, an' cushions, the way women fix 'em you know, an'an' a mother; I want a mother very much; I think it'd be the mos' beautiful thing in the world to have a mother.

ye're as like to find the mither in high places as in low, an' liker too fra my way o' thinkin'.

They grow in soil that oughta nourish only decent deeds, An' they waste our time an' fret us when, if we were thinkin' straight An' livin' right, they wouldn't be so terrible an' great.

Oh, I ain't an egotist, With an "I" in all my thinkin', but I'm willin' to insist That the Lord who made us humans an' the birds in every tree Knows my special sort o' weather an' he made this day fer me.

Now an' then I get to thinkin' He's much like old Abe Lincoln; Homely like a gargoyle graven Worse'n that when he's unshaven; But I'd take his ugly phiz Jes' to have a heart like his.

Don't you mind Mawther Gummidge, Mas'r Davy; she's a-thinkin' of the old 'un.

She allers do be thinkin of the old 'un when there's a storm a-comin' up, along of his havin' been drowned at sea.

Chorus Returnin' home between twelve and one, Thinkin', Lord, what have I done; I'd killed the girl I love, you see, Because she would not marry me.

"It wan't none o' my business if the family throwed it away thinkin' it wan't no more good.

Now I was thinkin', that if you youngsters don't let me tow you up as far as Poughkeepsie next week, I'll just have to write and notify the authorities about Uncle Jimmy and make a complaint.

Why, Arizona, you're one of the fastest-thinkin', quickest-handed gents that ever buckled on a gun, and here you are lying down like a kid that ain't never faced trouble before.

I was just thinkin' that time might hang.

I've been thinkin' what it's meant all these years to have a family like yours next place to.

They'll see me out safe; an' I'm thinkin' I'll owe them a bit part o' the five guineas when I get it," she added reflectively.

But he was reassured when he heard Sandy Bruce's voice overtopping the tumult with: "A vary sensible request, my lad; an' I, for one, am o' yer way o' thinkin'.

Half an hour later he came in, informing me that "he'd heerd a coyote bark four or five times rather suspiciously nigh camp, and had been out to reconnoitre, thinkin' p'raps it was an Injun signal; but, havin' seen more or less of the critters prowlin' about, he rekconed it was all right.

"I rode putty hard all night; and, just after daylight, saw some deer on the prairie, and shot one, never thinkin' that I hadn't another charge for my rifle, and no way of buildin' a fire ter cook with.

" "I've been thinkin'," put in Steinert, slowly, "that a little fine-esse like this might keep him away: When Langdon's in his committee room before goin' to the Senate send him a telegram signed by one of his frien's' name that one of his daughters is dyin' from injuries in a automobile collision a few miles out o' town.

I've disgraced Him, I've disgraced my banner, I've disgraced my button!' 'Your Captain will pick you up, I'm thinkin', if you ask Him.

"I dunno what you're thinkin', stranger.

What I'm thinkin' about is the hoss.

Are you still thinkin' about that?" "I certainly am.

"'That don't keep 'em from thinkin' a hell of a pile,' says he, 'an' I tell you, Shorty, I'm jest about through with the whole works.

An' you're still thinkin' of them blue eyes, Jordan?"

He'll be thinkin' fast an' he'll be shootin' a damn sight faster.

" "I ain't thinkin' of reason.

I'm thinkin' of old Sam an' his wife.

"Everything is a dispensation, Ike, accordin' to my way o' thinkin';" and again he thought involuntarily of "little Draxy.

Presently he said: "I wish I loved this water, daughter,it is very beautiful to look at; but I'm thinkin' it's somethin' like human beings; they may be ever so handsome to look on, but if you don't love 'em you don't, and that's the end on't, an' it don't do ye

I hain't never heard no other woman's voice that's got jest the sound to't hern has; an' what with that, an' thinkin' how beat the Elder'd be, an' wonderin' who in thunder she was anyhow, I don't believe I opened my dum lips for a full minute; but she kind o' smiled, and sez she, 'Do you know Mr. Kinney?'

If ye mean be that 'larfin in to myself,' it's because I'm thinkin' o' a chap as once comed out to the prairies.

" "'Now, then,' said my father, 'the trick I'm thinkin' of playing on Williamson is this: I'd like to take that box of instruments out of his room without his knowing it and carry them home, having the boat here convenient; and then in a day or two to write to him and tell him I must have 'em, because I have a special use for 'em.

The room was real handsome, and I took a peep at the window fastenin's and the lay of the doors, thinkin' the knowledge might come in handy some time.

Now, this was a sort of a staggerer, for I hadn't made up my mind how much I was goin' to ask; but there wasn't time for no more thinkin' about it, and so says I, plum, 'A hundred dollars, and there was some expenses besides.

"I was thinkin' of leavin' this beastly hole, don't you know.

So Sally sees she's due for a complete outfit of black mournin' if she marries another man while I'm alive; an' that keeps her thinkin'.

I was just thinkin' of pa."

Jo hadn't had much action for some time, an' he must have used the wait thinkin' up new ways of raisin' hell.

"Well, if you'd seen that show you wouldn't be thinkin' of sleep.

"'Oh,' says the greenhorn, nodding as if he was thinkin' this over and discovering a little truth in it.

Then he came again, silent and thinkin' of blood, I s'pose, with a knife in his hand.

Jes' you take my word for it, Mrs. Flower, old Miss Panney wants Miss Dora to marry him, an' she's goin' about tellin' people, thinkin' that after a while they'll do it jes' 'cause everybody 'spects them to.

I wuz thinkin' uv tryin' my han' myself;business's ruther dull, folks onkimmon

"I heerd the little ones and some of the old ones tellin' what they was goin' to give Mary Pynchon when she got married; and it set me to thinkin' what I could give her, for I knew if anybody ought to give her anything, it was me.

'I was thinkin' that,' says I; 'but I wad like to be acquainted wi' her.'

To my thinkin' these pleasure colernies is bad things; they settles as senseless as a swarm of bees, just because their leader's lit there first; and when they've buzzed themselves out and moved on, like as not some sillies as has come gapin' too close is bit fatal or poisoned for life.

There don't seem to be anybody 'ere of your way of thinkin'.

Lookin' and thinkin'.

Saht in the club thinkin' it ovah, and decided to sally fowth to seek adventuah" "Adventure!

Cousin Sun is lookin' sad, As de market is so bad; 'Pon him han' him res' him chin, Quietly sit do'n thinkin' Of de loved wife sick in bed, An' de children to be fed What de laborers would say When dem know him couldn' pay; Also what about de mill Whe' him hire from ole Bill; So him think, an' think on so, Till him t'oughts no more could go.

When my heart is weak an' sad, Who but you can mek it glad?" So dey kissed an' kissed again, An' deir t'oughts were not on pain, But was 'way down in de sout' Where dey'd wedded in deir yout', In de marnin' of deir life Free from all de grief an' strife, Happy in de marnin' light, Never thinkin' of de night.

But I wan't thinkin' much except about the fracas up stairsthe boys catchin' hell, an' me not with 'em.

"I can't help thinkin' it's for the wuss," he said, wiping his smooth face with the cuff of his coat-sleeve.

"Why, Henery,' ses Bob Pretty, 'wot are you a-thinkin' of?

I never got nary wink of sleep a-thinkin' about her, and a-wishin' my house was finer and my clo'es purtier and my hair shorter, and I was a eddicated gentleman.

I don't know as I ever seed a gal that quite come up to her, in my way of thinkin'.

But 'twas three cows an' a miracle wasted, I'm thinkin'.

for 'tis fatal both ends, I'm thinkin', like Barney Sullivan's mule.

But, as I was sayin', the parish church 'll be needed to-morrow, an' so you'd best set to and clean out the edifice: for I'm thinkin'," he added, "it'll be needin' that.

For it's little but sand ye'll find in your mouths for breakfast, I'm thinkin'.

Bless the man, I wasn' thinkin' of yer verses.

"An' me thinkin' Bill 'ad gone north to Wolver'ampton!"

I'm thinkin' it's the divil's own place, wid the fires out.

I bin thinkin' seriously of sellin' her.

"What is it?" "Why, I was just thinkin', General," he drawled, "they certainly did give us hell at Chickamauga.

"Thinkin' about the price uh tires, stranger?"

"I been thinkin' about that devil's lantern we seen the other night," he said, when he had returned to his pocket the plug with a corner gone.

I been thinkin' it over sence that devil's lantern showed up again, and went and set over there on Tippipah.

"So somebody tipped Frenchy off that he was bein' worked for grub an' booze money, an' Frenchy done a lot uh thinkin'.