16961 examples of third in sentences

Amidst the dissentions of two parties, between which neither reason nor humanity can discover a preference, a third seems to have formed itself, equally inimical to, and hated by both.

A single course of iron tubing, a third of a mile long, reaching to the centre of his farthest field, cannot cost more, with all the hose employed, than the drainage of that field, while it would be fair to assume that the iron pipes will last twice as long as those of burnt clay.

These were the houses built "when George the Third was King."

Had not the great apostle, who was caught up into the third heavens and heard things unutterable, spoken of this law in such bold words, it would seem rash and irreverent in us to approach so near to its sublime revelation.

The third Edition.

D] at a third.

The crew embarked in the Beagle in this her third voyage, consisted of: John Clements Wickham, Commander and Surveyor.

As the ship lay in the Sound our observations were made on a stone in the breakwater marked 230/1, from whence we took our chronometric departure; it is about one-third of the length from the east end, and had been used for similar purposes by Captains King and Fitzroy.

To all classes of his subjects his mild and paternal government has endeared his memory; and none however they may differ with him, or with each other, upon that great political revolution which will render the name and reign of the Fourth William, no less remarkable than that of the Third, will refuse the tribute of their sincerest respect for qualities that adorned the sovereign while they exalted the man.

The natives mustered again in force upon the heights, and seemed to watch our proceedings with the greatest interest: we saw nothing of them the following day, but on the third they seemed so much emboldened by our inoffensive proceedings, that they approached so near as to keep the party pretty much upon the alert.

This made the third gale we had experienced since the 30th of May, and is recorded here from its commencing at North-East instead of at north, the usual point at which gales in these regions begin.

And allus changin such a queer lot of money too old half-crownsyears and years oldKing George the Third, sir.

Two of them passed through, and went out upon a small porticothe third remained standing in the door-way at which he had at first appeared.

They both suddenly experienced a great feeling of happiness, mingled with a sense of mutual dread, which made them glad of the presence of a third person; at the same time, they both felt that the uneasiness from which they had suffered during the last few days had disappeared, and would return no more.

Suddenly a light appeared at one of the windows of the lower story, crossed to another window, and then to a third.

For the third time he called her, and held out his hands towards her.

" "It's clar that it means you, Cass, ez much ez if they'd given your name," added a third.

Miss Nellie murmured something confidentially to the third button of his hunting-shirt.

When the third bird failed to return, he took off the cover of the ship and found that it had stranded on a mountain of Armenia.

" I bowed for the third time.

We travelled, of course, by third class in the open wagons; and it so happened that in our compartment we had the company of three pretty little chattering grisettes, a fat countrywoman with a basket, and a quiet-looking elderly female with her niece.

Being met, however, by a well-planted blow between the eyes, he went down like a ninepinpicked himself up,rushed in again, and, being forcibly seized and held back by the cocked hat, Pierre of the pigeons, and a third man who came tumbling up precipitately from somewhere behind the stage, vented his fury, in a torrent of very highly civilized French oaths.

Thus invited, she draped herself again, stalked down to the footlights for the third time, and in a high, shrill voice, with every variety of artificial emphasis and studied gesture, recited Voltaire's famous "Death of Coligny," from the Henriade.

Then Müller began again: "In the third of these corners pale primroses grow; Now tell me thy secret, and whisper it low.

"In the third of these corners pale primroses grow; Now tell me thy secret, and whisper it low.

16961 examples of  third  in sentences