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28462 example sentences with  third

28462 example sentences with third

On the 18th of April, the engrossed bill was read the third time in the House, was passed, nemine contradicente, and ordered to be carried to the House of Lords.

Third Room: Bas-reliefs for the premiums.

The third man, still backing away, placed his arms in a position of defence, and Van Bibber beat them down savagely, and caught him by the throat and pounded him until his arm was tired, and he had to drop him at his feet.

Corrigan, on the third floor, was drunk again and promised trouble.

Miss Agnes Carroll was the third girl from the right in the first semi-circle of amazons, and very beautiful.

Miss Carroll did not agree with him in this, and so she was relegated to the third place, and another girl who was more interested in the audience and less in the play took her position.

One was a knight in full armor, and the other was a Moor, and the third was the figure of a woman.

Auchmuty Stein told him Charlie Macklin, the Third Avenue ticket-chopper, was after the same suit, and that he had better take it while he could get it.

The city editor blocked the door for the third time, and looked at Bronson with a faint smile of sceptical appreciation.

He is sitting up in his room, and his doctor has come to see him for the third time in three days.

The King, however, would not yet deliver over the promised reward, and made a third demand, that, before the marriage, the Tailor should capture a wild boar which did much damage, and he should have the huntsmen to help him.

At last came the third, and desired a feather; but the other two cried out, "Keep away!

The third day, when her father and mother and sisters were gone, she went again into the garden, and said "Shake, shake, hazel-tree, gold and silver over me!"

"But he has her," said the third; "she is sitting by him in the ship."

Then the third Crow asked, "Is there no escape?"

Then the third Crow spoke: "I know still more: even if the bridal shirt be consumed, still the young King will not retain his bride.

At the third knock the door sprang open; and, when he had stilled the lions with the bread, he walked into a fine, large hall, where sat several enchanted Princes, from whose fingers he drew off the rings, and he also took away with him a sword and some bread which lay there.

But when again, the old woman stole away the third child, and then accused the Queen, who answered not a word to the accusation, the King was obliged to give her up to be tried, and she was condemned to suffer death by fire.

In the first third of my road, which lay along the coast, I counted about thirty-two brooks which we were obliged to walk through.

We pursued the same track as far as the Philippine Islands, but on the morning of the third day our companion had disappeared, leaving us in ignorance whether she had out-sailed us or we her.

This process of mutilation is not commenced immediately the child is born, but is deferred until the end of the first, or sometimes even third year, nor is the foot after the operation forced into an iron shoe, as many have affirmed, but merely firmly compressed with bandages.

The music was performed by three men, one of whom twanged a stringed instrument, while the second struck a metal globe, and the third played the flute.

We were not allowed to go into the third story, under the excuse that there was nothing to be seen there.

Its leaves are used from the third to the eighth year; and the plant is then cut down, in order that it may send forth new shoots, or else it is rooted out.

There are three gatherings in the year; the first in March, the second in April, and the third, which lasts for three months, in May. The leaves of the first gathering are so delicate and fine that they might easily be taken for the blossom, which has no doubt given rise to the error that the so-called "bloom or imperial tea" is supposed not to consist of the leaves but of the blossom itself.

As the fares are most exorbitant, {116} I was advised to take a third-class ticket, and hire a cabin from one of the engineers or petty officers; I was greatly pleased with the notion, and hastened to carry it out.

My astonishment, however, may be imagined when, on paying my fare, I was told that the third-class passengers were not respectable, that they were obliged to sleep upon deck, and that the moon was exceedingly dangerous, etc.

The third, who was a Portuguese, did not understand the importance of the assertion.

One-third of his time he devoted to religious exercises and to study, another third to sleep and necessary refreshment, and the other to the affairs of his kingdom.

One-third of his time he devoted to religious exercises and to study, another third to sleep and necessary refreshment, and the other to the affairs of his kingdom.

* * * * * Miss MARJORIE BOWEN'S historical romances usually have the merit of swift movement, and that is precisely the quality I miss in The Third Estate (METHUEN).

L. We must now explain that third kind of an harmonious and well-arranged speech, and say of what character it is; and what sort of ears those people have who do not understand its character, or indeed what there is in them that is like men at all, I do not know.

Since, therefore, we have thus shown the cause, we will now, if you please, explain the nature of it; for that was the third division; and that involves a discussion which has no reference to the original plan of this treatise, but which belongs rather to the arcana of the art.

Accordingly, he approves of the paeon; and says that all men employ it, but that all men are not themselves aware when they do employ it; and that there is a third or middle way between those two, but that those feet are formed in such a way, that in every one of them there is either a time, or a time and a half, or two times.

Mrs. Stanmore, too, had just sent back a misfitting costume to the dressmaker for the third time; so each lady being, as it were, primed and loaded, the lightest spark would suffice to produce explosion.

In the third, being here, won't you come up to the painting-room?

The next year they were taught to drive the mules, the third to make adobe for building; the fourth year they learned to ride horses bareback, the fifth they were taught to ride in the saddle while using firearms.

On a third landing a third damsel appeared, and encircled by the three graces we mounted to the tall mirador in the central tower from which we were to look down at the coming ceremony.

On a third landing a third damsel appeared, and encircled by the three graces we mounted to the tall mirador in the central tower from which we were to look down at the coming ceremony.

A third of the way across the court he paused, in accordance with the Moroccan court ceremonial, and bowed in the direction of the arcaded room; a few steps farther he bowed again, and a third time on the threshold of the room.

A third of the way across the court he paused, in accordance with the Moroccan court ceremonial, and bowed in the direction of the arcaded room; a few steps farther he bowed again, and a third time on the threshold of the room.

Or was it perhaps the third, less pretty but more vivid and animated, who sat behind the tea-tray, and mimicked so expressively a soldier shouldering his rifle, and another falling dead, in her effort to ask us "when the dreadful war would be over"?

There was a third incentive also: the Moroccans, dealing in black slaves for the European market, had discovered the value of white slaves in Moslem markets.

But the third was the great Moulay-Ismaรซl, the tale of whose long and triumphant rule (1672 to 1727) has already been told in the chapter on Meknez.

an' narry?ev'ry third reound, tell yer 've got nineteen stetches acrost yer thumb; then ye knit, 'ithout widdenin', a matter uv seven or eight reounds more,you listenin', Emerline?" "Lor', Miss Jemimy, don't you know better than to ask questions when I'm counting?

Hows'ever, I don' cherish grudges; so, ez I wuz gwine ter say, ye knit thirty-six reounds above wheer ye dropped yer thumb, an' then ye toe off in ev'ry fifth stetch, an' du it reg'Iar, Emerline; an' then take up yer thumb on tew needles, an' on t'other you pick up the stetches I told yer ter cast up, an' knit twelve reounds, an' thumb off 'ith narryin' ev'ry third" "Well, Miss Jemimy, I guess I shall know how to knit mittens, now!"

He was the keeper of a house of entertainment for emigrants in one of the down-town tributaries to Broadway, where tickets could also be had for California and most other parts of the world, at an advance of not more than one-third on the rates charged at the regular steamboat-offices.

Should the solemn question arise as to how I knew that one of these young women was in the straw-bonnet line, another a milliner, a third a dress-maker, and so forth, I will answer it by stating that the left forefinger of the seamstress, long since vulcanized into a little file, furnishes the infallible sign which indicates the class.

Third, I found out the way to keep them perfectly isolated, so as to prevent any subvention of a higher influence from weakening or destroying the previous rapport.

Then, on the morning of the third day, the long-expected change was announced, and in a way that startled me, prepared though I was,so violent was the decline.

"On the third day came a steamer with news of uncertain import, but on the whole favorable.

Because we are out of its uneasy lap to-night, we almost resemble in felicity Richter's Walt, who felt himself so happy, that he was transported to the third heaven, and held the other two in his hand, that he might give them away.

As we pour out our second, our third, and our fourth, we say it again.

A dry-goods buyer will sometimes spend a month in New York, the first third or half of which he will devote to ascertaining what goods are in the market, and what are to arrive; also to learning the mood of the English, French, and Germans who hold the largest stocks.

One of the men who was not a full thirty-third-degree poilu had compromised with the razor on a moustache as blazing red as his shock of hair.

He then threw the paper aside with scorn, and took up the third letter.

The third Artist that I looked over was FANTASQUE, dressed like a Venetian Scaramouch.

Raphael's Figures stood in one Row, Titian's in another, Guido Rheni's in a third.

There is a third Consideration which I would likewise recommend to a Demurrer, and that is the great Danger of her falling in Love when she is about Threescore, if she cannot satisfie her Doubts and Scruples before that Time.

A third observing the Curiosity and Desire of prying into Secrets, which he tells me is natural to the fair Sex, is of Opinion this female Inclination, if well directed, might turn very much to their Advantage, and therefore recommends to me Mr. Mede upon the Revelations.

I may reckon the Ladies themselves as a third Class among these my Correspondents and Privy-Counsellors.

Dr. William Wall's 'History of Infant Baptism,' published in 1705, was in its third edition.

But this I shall only touch upon, because it in some Measure interferes with the third Method, which I shall propose in another Paper, for the Employment of our dead unactive Hours, and which I shall only mention in general to be the Pursuit of Knowledge.

Milton has, in the general disposition of his Fable, very finely observed this great Rule; insomuch that there is scarce a third Part of it which comes from the Poet; the rest is spoken either by Adam and Eve, or by some Good or Evil Spirit who is engaged either in their Destruction or Defence.

A third fault in his Sentiments, is an unnecessary Ostentation of Learning, which likewise occurs very frequently.

Thus these; whilst the third, the Country Squire, confessed, That indeed he was surprized into good Breeding, and entered into the Knowledge of the World unawares.

The Third is a sort of Language-Master, who is to instruct them in the Style proper for a Foreign Minister in his ordinary Discourse.

David has very beautifully represented this steady Reliance on God Almighty in his twenty third Psalm, which is a kind of Pastoral Hymn, and filled with those Allusions which are usual in that kind of Writing.

To May's poem of the 'Victorious Reign of King Edward the Third' is prefixed, 'I have perused this Book, and conceive it very worthy to be published.

The third, that was a yellow man, Out of his bundle picks a groat, "La, by the Angel of St. Ann,

Through the trial concerning the dress, Bessie learned several valuable lessons: first, the less notice one takes of unkindness, the better; second, God's grace can keep in time of temptation; third, one should not murmur because of persecution; and, last, and best of all, God usually gives his children some great blessing before a severe trial, and the close relationship between the two makes them almost one in effect.

In the third month dropsy of the chest set in; and, on account of smothering spells, she had to be bolstered up in bed with pillows.

A third was to meet at Governor Bennett's Mills, under command of Rolla, and, after putting the Governor and Intendant to death, to march through the city, or be posted at Cannon's Bridge, thus preventing the inhabitants of Cannonsborough from entering the city.

This man was a Scotchman, another a Spaniard, a third a German, and the fourth a Carolinian.

It passed through four editions in a few months,the first and fourth being published in Charleston, and the second and third in Boston.

"Sometimes," added a third, "we run against the scholars who are sitting in their seats.

Third Hour.

For beams (third-pointloading) n = - 5.4h Z = rate of fibre strain per inch of fibre length.

| |-| BENDING LARGE BEAMS Apparatus: A static bending machine (described above), with a special crosshead for third-point loading and a long platform bearing knife-edge supports, is required.

Note arrangement of wire and scale for measuring deflection; also method of applying load at "third-points.

Third-point loading is used, that is, the load is applied at two points one-third the span of the beam apart.

Third-point loading is used, that is, the load is applied at two points one-third the span of the beam apart.

This affords a uniform bending moment throughout the central third of the beam.

30.Two methods of loading a beam, namely, third-point loading (upper), and centre loading (lower).]

Calculating the results: The formulรฆ used in calculating the results of tests on large rectangular simple beams loaded at third points of the span are as follows: 0.75 P (1) J = b h l (P{1} + 0.75 W) (2)

At ten minutes to four the men flung themselves down for the third time.

I think you will see, in the next unpleasantness, that we shall be able to maintain our aeroplane frontier somewhere over the enemy third line.

Nay, more than both; for as the panting pair flung themselves into shelter, a third figure, short and stout, in an ill-fitting kilt, tumbled heavily through the doorway after them.

On the third night after the accident, just before I arrivedfor Dorothea had sent for meevery one in the house was greatly tired; but Johnnie and Anastasia were both thought better; so much better that the doctors said if there was no change during the night, they should consider dear little Nancy quite out of danger.

Airlines, concerts, sporting events, third parties (i.e. StubHub), etc., continue to hold millions of dollars of the publicโ€™s money at a time when they need it most.

United, third in National South, meet leaders Dartford at the Gallagher tomorrow in what will be a big test of Hakan Hayrettinโ€™s side.

Units, although they are third party, are yet to resume operations.

Utah -- the No. 6 seed in the Western Conference -- were to face third-seeded Denver at 1:30 p.m. EDT on Monday.

Utes athletic director Mark Harlan took to Twitter Thursday morning to offer another positive update on the situation, his third in five days.

Vancouver is sitting third in the Pacific Division, but only a point ahead of Edmonton and Calgary with the Flames technically not sitting in a post-season berth.

Wealthcare Advisory Partners LLC purchased a new stake in Tetra Tech during the third quarter worth approximately $33,000.

We can only transport a third of students.

We felt that building a game like Godfall, where it combined third-person action combat with loot-driven action-RPG elements, plus the capability to play with your friends in multiplayer, was a compelling combination.

We flatter ourselves if we think the New Deal represented a third choice, for it borrowed from the other two and added only the ingredient of democratic expediency.

We found a way to cut it to 13 at the half and, gosh, what an awesome third quarter.โ€