858 examples of thirsty in sentences

A smothering weight flung itself on me, against which I struggled as hard as I could, shrinking in anticipation from the thirsty plunge of the knives.

It was as if the platitude merged with the very corpuscles of a blush that sank down into thirsty soil.

He became thirsty after a while, but he dared not stop at the houses along the way to ask for water; it would take too much time.

So he pressed on; abating not one jot of his swiftness, falling not one hair's breadth from his height of resolution, on and on, foot-sore, thirsty, in deep distress; but with a heart unyielding as the flint, with a purpose strong as steel, with a heroism more magnificent than that which meets the points of glittering bayonets or the mouths of belching cannon.

As he went out one night to a neighbouring spring, to procure water for his thirsty children, he was kidnapped by two slave hunters, who sold him in the morning to some country merchants for a bar of iron.

The Swain in barren Desarts with Surprize Sees Lillies spring, and sudden Verdure rise; And Starts, amidst the thirsty Wilds, to hear, New Falls of Water murmuring in his Ear:

The cure when such is the malady is this: bathe the animal with water, rub it with a warm mixture of oil and wine, put it on a nourishing diet, blanket it as protection against chills and give it tepid water when it is thirsty.

Still the effect of the treacherous mirage, which has often deluded the way-worn thirsty traveller with the false appearance of water, raised many parts of the interior that had not before met the eye of an European.

I'm very thirsty : Gangah.

"Yes, I am thirsty.

"You must be awfully thirsty this sultry weather.

I am thirsty," said Willis; "but look how they have muddied the branch; it's as bad as the creek.

I broiled my bacon and toasted my bread, and though I fared very well, yet after eating I wanted water and chose to remain thirsty rather than in the darkness to search for a spring or a stream in the woods.

Drink, Ye Thirsty Ones.

"I am very thirsty," she said, and he brought her a full draught from the running stream.

Kloof, Daimamoto, Sheffield, and Beziers, all of whom had lost their lives in the battle with the Beni Harb, were soon buried on the beach by the hungry, thirsty, sand-penetrated Legionaries.

Thirsty they might all get, to desperation; but with this supply they could survive till better could be had.

and yet our boast, For it was painted by the Host; 90 His own conceit the figure planned, 'Twas coloured all by his own hand; And that frail Child of thirsty clay, Of whom I sing this rustic lay, Could tell with self-dissatisfaction 95 Quaint stories of the bird's attraction!

Hungry and thirsty, the fugitives straggled loosely, and were cut down by scores or brought back.

Was ever a more delightful draught for thirsty mortals than from this little pool hidden away here in this mountain fastness?

At first I was extremely delighted with the novelty of their appearance; but now I feel thirsty when I look at them, and the same with their kinsfolk the yuccas and their intimate friends, if not relations, the prickly pears, with all of which once strange growth I have grown, contemptuously familiar now.

When our thirsty souls we steep, Every sorrow's lull'd to sleep.

"I willI will be mad to-night!" When Father Time swings round his scythe, Intomb me 'neath the bounteous vine, So that its juices red and blythe, May cheer these thirsty bones of mine.

The green, grassy, deeply-shadowed lawn lay behind the mansion, sloping down into a dark, deep dell, across which brawled a tiny brook long since absorbed by the thirsty earth thrown out from many foundations of stores and tenements and great warehouses hard by; a dell where once roses, lilacs, guelder-globes, and calacanthus-bushes, grew with a vigor that I have nowhere seen surpassed.

Buffeted by Fate, sometimes starving, always thirsty, he never complains; and there is all through his autobiography what we might call an "Ah, well!"

858 examples of  thirsty  in sentences