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This is the Brut, written in the first half of the thirteenth century, after the year 1204, by Layamon, an English priest of the country parish of Lower Arnley in Worcestershire.

In the thirteenth century there were in China nearly fifty thousand Buddhist temples and two hundred and thirteen thousand monks; and these represented but a fraction of the professed adherents of the religion.

No noted painter arose until Cimabue, in the middle of the thirteenth century.

Nothing ever erected by the hand of man surpasses the more famous cathedrals of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, in the richness and variety of their symbolic decorations.


Travelers often declare that there is to-day nothing in England better worth seeing than these cathedrals, which were erected in the twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth centuries.

The following selection shows some of the curious rules for the guidance of the anchoresses, and furnishes a specimen of the Southern dialect of transitional English prose in the early part of the thirteenth century: "ße, mine leoue sustren, ne schulen habben no best bute kat one...

which was transcribed about 1310, contains a fine anthology of English lyrics, some of which may have been composed early in the thirteenth century.

In the thirteenth Ode, on the late Duchess of Devonshire, the only lady of distinguished rank to whom the poets of modern times have loved to pay their homage, and in the sixteenth, which he entitles Palinodia, he provokes a comparison with Mr. Coleridge.

In his thirteenth year, his love of poetry was kindled by reading Spenser's Faery Queen.

About the middle of the thirteenth century the peculiar doctrines of the "poor men of Lyons" penetrated [Footnote 1: Carte's Letters, ii. 46-52.

The thirteenth and fourteenth amendments were proposed in 1865 and 1868 respectively, and they were ratified the same years.

Did it take three-fourths of all the states or only three-fourths of the loyal states to ratify the thirteenth amendment?

Pomeroy [Footnote: Constitutional Law, p. 151.] regards this as the most important amendment except the thirteenth.

What is secured to negroes by the thirteenth amendment?

First of all, six cabezas and as many gobernadorcillos are chosen by lot as electors; the actual gobernadorcillo is the thirteenth, and the rest quit the hall.

Another metal crucifix, probably belonging to the thirteenth century, was discovered at Ingleby Arncliffe.

This relation of a journey into Persia, between the years 1473 and 1477, is from a collection of voyages and travels, principally in Asia, made in the twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth centuries, which was published at the Hague, in the French language, in 1735.

" Upon his thirteenth birthday, the Duke appointed his gay young son Admiral of the Florentine fleet at Pisa, naming as his Vice Admiral, Baccio Martelli, the most valiant and best experienced naval commander in his forces, and the head of one of the most ancient Florentine families.

= Thirteenth of Marcus).

= Thirteenth of Commodus, to Dec. 31st).

Perhaps I had better inform you that EDWARD I. reigned at the end of the thirteenth and the beginning of the fourteenth centuries (1272-1307), not in the fifteenth, and a very slight knowledge of architecture would convince you that the Surbury relics are not earlier than the fifteenth century.

I am aware that this form, only more and more slender, lasted on in England during the thirteenth and the early part of the fourteenth century; and on the Continent under many modifications, one English kind whereof is usually called a "broach," of which you have a beautiful specimen in the new church at Hoole.

The outline must be broken, must be softened, before it can express the soul of a creed which in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, far more than now, was one of penitence as well as of aspiration, of passionate emotion as well as of lofty faith.

SEE The Thirteenth House.

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