133 examples of thompson's in sentences

Certain of the Chittagong hill tribes worship the bamboo, and Sir John Lubbock, quoting from Thompson's "Travels in the Himalaya," tells us that in the Simla hills the Cupressus toridosa is regarded as a sacred tree.

Crazy Will Thompson's granddaughter.

"Can't we drive over to Thompson's this morning, Uncle?" "Beth and Patsy have planned a tramp to the lake, and a row after water-lilies.

Racey could almost see the thoughts at conflict behind Thompson's frontal bone.

He had Thompson's story.

Finally they reached Thompson's station at Mount Arden, and there Stuart's first expedition terminated.

Thompson's Station.

As a matter of fact, Thompson's wife and family were quite safe in Topeka, Kansas.

Half mad, he took his things over to Arabella Thompson's flat to live with her.

Taking Revenge on Marauding Snakes VI One Bad Tale From Canyon City History VII Col. Thompson's First Newspaper Venture VIII History of the Modoc Indians IX The Ben Wright Massacre X Treaty With the Modocs Made XI Battle in the Lava Beds XII The Peace Commission's Work XIII

The words with which we others cursed Seemed mild and harmless quips Compared to those remarks that burst From Private Thompson's lips; Haven't you ever heard about The Prussian Guard at X Redoubt, How Thompson's language laid them out Before we came to grips?

He stood still and surveyed the scene, eyeing the various articles spread out before him with an appraising eye, like a man in a Thompson's restaurant looking over the articles on the counter and trying to make up his mind what he will have.

Secretary Thompson's Mission.

SEE Thompson, Seymour Dwight. <pb id='021.png' /> Thompson's commentaries on the law of corporations.

Thompson's Laws of New York.

THOMPSON'S LAWS OF NEW YORK; index and tables.


The background of Thompson's seasons.

John Thompson's Chord speller; a music writing book.



John Thompson's Chord speller; a music writing book.

A great billiard-room on the first floor, hung with Chinese designs, was Elizabeth Thompson's first school-room; and there Charles Dickens, upon one of his Italian visits, burst in upon a lesson in multiplication.

"But what can have happened to him?" burst out Merritt, as they made their way over to Ernest Thompson's side.

Mrs. Thompson's S.S. Class, 5; Opportunity Club, of Cong.

133 examples of  thompson's  in sentences