759 examples of thornes in sentences

The way ore growne with shrubs and bushes thick, The sharpened thornes your tender feete will pricke, The brambles round about your traine will lappe, The burs and briers about your skirts will wrappe.

[Sidenote: howsomeuer thou pursues] [Sidenote: 30,174] Taint not thy mind; nor let thy Soule contriue [Sidenote: 140] Against thy Mother ought; leaue her to heauen, And to those Thornes that in her bosome lodge, To pricke and sting her.

I my self have seen o ferrom in that see, as thoughe it hadde ben a gret yle fulle of trees and buscaylle, fulle of thornes and breres, gret plentee.

And of the rotenesse and other thing that was with in the schippes, grewen suche buscaylle and thornes and breres and grene grasse and suche maner of thing; and of the mastes and the seylle zerdes; it semed a gret wode or a grove.

A] brakes, rud, thornes.

Into the most private of the private offices Carroll invited Gaskell, the head clerk; in the main office Hastings had asked young Thorne, the bond clerk, to be seated.

Until the senior partner has finished with Gaskell young Thorne must remain seated.

" When in his private office Carroll was making a present of the royal suite to the head clerk, in the main office Hastings, the junior partner, was addressing "Champ" Thorne, the bond clerk.

This was due partly to the fact that twenty-six years before Thorne had been christened Champneys and to the coincidence that he had captained the football eleven of one of the Big Three to the championship.

We didn't want you to rush off and marry some fine girl" "Some fine girl!" muttered Mr. Thorne.

What do you say?" Young Mr. Thorne leaped to his feet.

In his anxiety to break the news Champ Thorne almost broke his neck.

Champ Thorne knew nothing of this; he knew only that by a miracle Barbara Barnes was in town; that at last he was in a position to ask her to marry him; that she would certainly say she would.

Thorne had evaded the direct question.

And what is there 'tainted' about a raincoat?" Thorne shook his head unhappily.

" Thorne had made no comment.

"Will he understand that they mean our home?" At a scandalously late hour, in a scandalous spirit of independence, Champ Thorne and Barbara were driving around Central Park in a taxicab.

Thompson, Thomas, Esq. Thorne, Mr. Thwaites, Mr. Charles.

The report of Mr. Justice Younger's Committee, in which the tale of this atrocity is fully told, is being circulated in neutral countries, and Mr. Will Thorne has suggested that it should also be sent to our conscientious objectors.

R109202, 19Mar53, Theodore Clarke Smith (A) SMITH, THORNE. Topper, an improbable adventure.


Diana Thorne's dogs; an album of drawings.


A Spring, now she is dead: of what, of thornes? Briars, and Brambles?

"There are persistent rumours of a plot to bring back the old régime and put either a Hohenzollern or a representative of some other Royal house on the Thorne of Germany.

759 examples of  thornes  in sentences