187 examples of thraces in sentences

On Antony's side were the regions obeying Rome in continental Asia, the regions of Thrace, Greece, Macedonia, the Egyptians, the Cyrenaeans together with the surrounding country, the islanders dwelling near them, and practically all the princes and potentates who were neighbors to that part of the Roman empire then under his control,some taking the field themselves and others being represented by troops.

Nature meant this city, set in a basin among hills, for defense, and for the center of any army defending Thrace.

Then there were of the barbarians both the Cyruses, Anacharsis the Scythian, Zamolxis of Thrace, {123a} and Numa the Italian; {123b} besides these I met with Lycurgus the Spartan, Phocion and Tellus of Athens, and all the wise men except Periander.

In the palaces of Scythia and Thrace the same wickedness was going forward; and nothing could I see but murderers, adulterers, conspirators, false swearers, men in perpetual terrors, and betrayed by their dearest friends and acquaintance.

" A most ingenious contrivance. {128a} A king of Thrace who fed his horses with human flesh.

This victory the Spartans, who from that time had quiet possession of the field, yearly celebrated with a festival, to commemorate the event. {176b} A mountain of Thrace.

{183d} A goddess worshipped in Thrace.

So, without making a long stay at Troas, the four missionariesPaul, Silas, Luke, and Timothytook ship and landed at Neapolis, the seaport of Philippi on the borders of Thrace at the extreme northern shores of the Aegean Sea.

One even now comes conquering Towards this house, sent by a southland king To fetch him four wild coursers, of the race Which rend men's bodies in the winds of Thrace.

The horses of one Diomede, in Thrace.

My homeward way from Thrace, when I have ta'en Those four steeds and their bloody master slain.

Orphic rune.]The charms inscribed by Orpheus on certain tablets in Thrace.

In their navigation of the Euxine, and by planting colonies on its coasts, the Greeks became acquainted with Western Scythia, extending from the Danube, along the northern frontiers of Thrace, to mount Caucasus.

We are most part too inquisitive and apt to hearken after news, which Caesar, in his Commentaries, observes of the old Gauls, they would be inquiring of every carrier and passenger what they had heard or seen, what news abroad? "quid toto fiat in orbe, Quid Seres, quid Thraces agant, secreta novercae, Et pueri, quis amet," &c. as at an ordinary with us, bakehouse or barber's shop.

At Abdera in Thrace (Andromeda one of Euripides' tragedies being played) the spectators were so much moved with the object, and those pathetical love speeches of Perseus, amongst the rest, "O Cupid, Prince of Gods and men," &c. that every man almost a good while after spake pure iambics, and raved still on Perseus' speech, "O Cupid, Prince of Gods and men."

These events must have occurred in the winter of 86-85 B.C., when Flaccus was on his march from the Adriatic coast through Macedonia and Thrace for Asia.

He trusted that people might be induced to take part with him in the war against the Aetolians, and, therefore, leaving Perseus with four thousand armed men at the gorge, which formed the entrance into Thessaly, to prevent the Aetolians from passing it, before he should be occupied with more important business, he marched his army into Macedonia, and thence into Thrace and Maedica.

Scopas, on hearing that the king had gone into Thrace, and was engaged in a war there, armed all the Aetolian youths, and prepared to invade Acarnania.

COTYT´TO, Groddess of the Edõni of Thrace.

EDO'NIAN BANE (The), priestesses and other ministers of Bacchus, so called from Edo'nus, a mountain of Thrace, where the rites of the wine-god were celebrated.

They had before them Thrace, Macedonia, Thessaly, Greece, rich, but distracted and weakened by civil strife.

Greece, Macedonia, and Thrace were exhausted by pillage, and made a league to resist.

They roamed for three years along the Danube, as far as the mountains of Macedonia and Thrace.

CYCLOPS, a name given to three distinct classes of mythological beings: (1) a set of one-eyed savage giants infesting the coasts of Sicily and preying upon human flesh; (2) a set of Titans, also one-eyed, belonging to the race of the gods, three in number, viz., Brontes, Steropes, and Argesthree great elemental powers of nature, subjected by and subject to Zeus; and (3) a people of Thrace, famed for their skill in building.

DIOMEDES, king of Thrace; fed his horses with human flesh, and was killed by Hercules for his inhumanity.

187 examples of  thraces  in sentences