483 examples of thrale in sentences

Yet he gave lessons in Latin to Miss Burney and Miss Thrale.

Mrs. Thrale wrote to Johnson in May, 1780:-'Blackmore will be rescued from the old wits who worried him much to your disliking; so, a little for love of his Christianity, a little for love of his physic, a little for love of his courageand a little for love of contradiction, you will save him from his malevolent critics, and perhaps do him the honour to devour him yourself.'

After the quarrel had been carried even into the drawing-room, Mrs. Thrale, 'with great spirit and dignity, said that she should be very glad to hear no more of it.

Thursday morning, Dr. Johnson went to town for some days, but not before Mrs. Thrale read him a very serious lecture upon giving way to such violence; which he bore with a patience and quietness that even more than made his peace with me.'

Mr. Thrale had removed, that is to say, from his winter residence in the Borough.

Miss Burney describes a dinner at Mr. Thrale's, about this time, at which she met Johnson, Boswell, and Dudley Long.

'Mrs. Garrick and I,' wrote Hannah More (Memoirs, i. 208), 'were invited to an assembly at Mrs. Thrale's.

Just as my hair was dressed, came a servant to forbid our coming, for that Mr. Thrale was dead.

The rest of the entry should be given:'On Wednesday, 11, was buried my dear friend Thrale, who died on Wednesday 4; and with him were buried many of my hopes and pleasures.

Johnson, in his fine epitaph on Thrale (Works, i.153) broke through a rule which he himself had laid down.

Johnson's letters to Mrs. Thrale shew that he had long been well acquainted with the state of her husband's business.

In the year 1772, Mr. Thrale was in money difficulties.

Miss Burney thus writes of the day of the sale:'Mrs. Thrale went early to town, to meet all the executors, and Mr. Barclay, the Quaker, who was the bidder.

Four o'clock came and dinner was ready, and no Mrs. Thrale.

(Like Mrs. Thrale and Miss Burney, she cared nothing for dates.)

It was in the week after Thrale's death.

When Mrs. Siddons, with whom, in a letter to Mrs. Thrale, he expressed himself highly pleased, paid him a visit, there happened not to be any chair ready for her.

This year was also distinguished by his being introduced into the family of Mr. Thrale, an eminent brewer, who was member for Southwark.

Dr. Goldsmith died on April 4 of the following year, a year in which I was unable to pay my usual spring visit to London, and in which Johnson made a long autumn tour in Wales with Mr. and Mrs. Thrale.

" This year, too, my great friend again came out as a politician, for parliament having been dissolved in September, and Mr. Thrale, who was a steady supporter of government, having again to encounter the storm of a contested election in Southwark, Johnson published a short political pamphlet, entitled "The Patriot," addressed to the electors of Great Britain.

In the autumn Dr. Johnson went to Ashbourne to France with Mr. and Mrs. Thrale and Mr. Baretti, which lasted about two months.

He thus mentions them, together with honest Levett, in one of his letters to Mrs. Thrale: "Williams hates everybody; Levett hates Desmoulins, and does not love WilliamsDesmoulins hates them both; Poll (Miss Carmichael) loves none of them.

I found on visiting his friend, Mr. Thrale, that he was now very ill, and had removedI suppose by the solicitation of Mrs. Thraleto a house in Grosvenor Square.

The first evening that I was with him at Thrale's, I observed he poured a large quantity of it into a glass, and swallowed it greedily.

Soon afterwards he had the mortification of being informed by Mrs. Thrale that she was actually going to marry Signor Piozzi, a papist, and her daughter's music-master.

483 examples of  thrale  in sentences