1606 examples of throbbed in sentences

My heart throbbed for a moment with a recollection as of a dead person.

"Do you know anyone?" Mike's head throbbed.

" How my heart throbbed with the thought of that old silent struggle!

His spirit throbbed and fluttered with the urgency of the crisis.

" This incident may appear singular to those who have been accustomed to regard General Lee as a cold, reserved, and even stern human beinga statue, beneath whose chill surface no heart ever throbbed.

And yet if he only knew the truth, she thought; if he could only see that that cool, unresponsive attitude was forced upon her by circumstances; if he could only know how quickly her heart throbbed when he was present, and how dull and lonely all became when he was absent!

The blood throbbed in his temples, and his fingers trembled, while she leaned further back, unconsciously offering the temptation of her fresh girlish beauty.

Till his young breast throbbed high with thirst of fame; But with fair manhood's dawn a softer flame 'Gan mingle with his martial musings high; And trembling wisheswhich he feared to name, Yet oft betrayed in many a half-drawn sigh Told that the hidden shaft deep in his heart did lie.

Not a sound from without penetrated into that little shuttered room, but to Shere Ali it seemed that the air throbbed and was heavy with unknown things to come.

The little throat throbbed and pulsated with eager melody.

Then from the silence sprang a kiss like flame, And they hung lost together; while around The world was changed, no more to be the same Meadow or sky, no little flower or sound Again the same, for earth grew holy ground: While in the silence of the mounting moon Infinite love throbbed in the straining bound Of that great kiss, the long-delaying boon, Granted indeed at last, but ended, ah!

His head throbbed, his heart leaped, and he could hardly keep himself from springing out of bed and rushing about the room.

Every window was blankly visible in the extreme light, streams of water played on the walls, and the night throbbed with the palpitating, pounding fire-engines.

Then the boat swept under the enormous steel bridges which seemed upheld by some invisible power and throbbed with life above them.

For in their veins throbbed the same warm red blood, which, having little to do with the tilling of the soil or the building trade, had everything to do with the fighting of battles and the making of homes.

Often while music, and dancing, and everything contributed to render a children's party delightful, I sat apart in a corner, or else went languidly through the figures of the dance, while every nerve throbbed with acute pain.

His temples throbbed.

Don't you understand?" Her deep voice throbbed with feeling.

We need not waste our schoolboy art To gild this notch of time; Forgive me, if my wayward heart Has throbbed in artless rhyme.

" My heart throbbed at these simple words, and the thought suddenly occurred that possibly it was her loss of faith in me, rather than the death of Le Gaire which had brought such pain.

The deep, majestic basses throbbed out the foundation of the great fuguelike chorus, and the sopranos soared and soared until they were singing falsetto, according to gorgio standards, only it sounded like the sweetly piercing high notes of violins, and the tenors and contraltos wove a garland of glancing melody between the two.

Her thoughts spun in her head, her pulses throbbed.

Lavretsky's heart throbbed with pity and with love.

She went with him without a word; but her whole being throbbed and quivered under his touch as if it were torture to her.

Islam throbbed with sympathy for the vanquished, and thirsted for vengeance on the oppressors.

1606 examples of  throbbed  in sentences
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