34 examples of throughly in sentences

Take garkins of the first growth, pick 'em clean, put 'em in a strong salt and water, let 'em lie a week or ten days whilst they be throughly yellow, then scald them in the same salt and water they lie in, scald them once a day, and let them lie whilst they are green, the set them in the corner end close cover'd.

I am a womanweak to combat wrong, But innocent, my Lord, I live or die; And silent, though my God doth tarry long, He sees me throughly with His holy eye,

He went about the length and breadth of the land, and purged it throughly in every part.

Ay, Sir Raderic, 'tis so; we have tried him very throughly. PAGE.

And his lookes loftie, as if he aspyr'd To dignitie, and sdeign'd the low degree; That all which did such strangenesse in him see 680 By secrete meanes gan of his state enquire, And privily his servant thereto hire: Who, throughly arm'd against such coverture, [Coverture, underhand dealing.]

X. A mighty Lyon, lord of all the wood, Having his hunger throughly satisfide With pray of beasts and spoyle of living blood, Safe in his dreadles den him thought to hide: His sternesse was his prayse, his strength his pride, And all his glory in his cruell clawes.

To one who is in better place And greater power then you to cure my sicke Infected part, though maladies as infinite As the sea sands, the grassy spears on earth, Or as the dropps of raine & stars in the firmament Stucke on me he can cleare all, cleanse me throughly.

The said Island is throughly inhabited, and is thought to be one of the principall Ilands of the whole world.

They be mighty huge trees, and when they are cut with an axe by the ground, there issueth out of the stocke a certain licour like vnto gumme, which they take and put into bags made of leaues, laying them for 15 daies together abroad in the sun, and at the end of those 15 dayes, when the said licour is throughly parched, it becommeth meale.

But that they may with lesse danger diue vnder the water, they take limons which they pil, anointing themselues throughly with the iuice therof, and so they may diue naked vnder the water, the hors-leeches not being able to hurt them.

Neuer in all my life did I see so great a citie; for it conteineth in circuit an hundreth miles: neither sawe I any plot thereof, which was not throughly inhabited: yea, I sawe many houses of tenne or twelue stories high, one aboue another.

Also the space lying in the midst betweene the two foresayd cities is very well and throughly inhabited, so that they make as it were but one citie betweene them both.

walled about, but it is not strong neither of walles nor situation: It is by report three Cyprus miles about, it is not throughly inhabited, but hath many great gardens in it, and also very many Date trees, and plentie of Pomegranates and other fruites.

I throughly agree with you as to the German Faust, as far [as] I can do justice to it from an English translation.

4. Then let commaundement every where be given, That sinkes and gutters, privies, crevises, And every place where blood may be conceald, Be throughly searcht, swept, washt, and neerely sought, To see if we can finde the murther out.

In the estimates of the age of the A[.n]ga I follow H. Jacobi, who has throughly discussed the question S.B.E. Vol.

Having throughly considered the Nature of this Passion, I have made it my Study how to avoid the Envy that may acrue to me from these my Speculations; and if I am not mistaken in my self, I think I have a Genius to escape it.

One would take more than ordinary Care to guard ones self against this particular Imperfection, because it is that which our Nature very strongly inclines us to; for if we examine ourselves throughly, we shall find that we are the most changeable Beings in the Universe.

If my Invention therefore should be almost exhausted on this Head, he offers to serve under me in the Quality of a Love Casuist; for which Place he conceives himself to be throughly qualified, having made this Passion his Principal Study, and observed it in all its different Shapes and Appearances, from the Fifteenth to the Forty Fifth Year of his Age.

76. 'Commend not, till a man is throughly known: A rascal praised, you make his faults your own.

I hope she is pleas'd throughly.

You are throughly studied, But tell me Sir, being unacquainted with her, As you confess you are Rut.

Expou[n]d her throughly Knight.

That story of his abiding love was throughly believed by his sister, who used to tell it of him to his credit when at the rectory the rector would declare him to be a fool.

In the silent hours of the evening he stole away to Tallahassee, throughly convinced that War wasn't the place for him.

34 examples of  throughly  in sentences