64 examples of thugs in sentences

Equally improbable did it seem that any thugs of the town would expect to reap any harvest from robbing three midshipmen.

Thinks we're thugs," murmured Ferd, as he, with the other boys, got down on the floor and began to examine the trunk eagerly.

Seeing their victim plunged into a watery grave, as they thought, the thugs took to their heels.

Thugs who practised their trade as a fine art.

According to Jeremy's account of the conversation afterward, it was not until that moment that he saw clearly how to prevent Yussuf Dakmar from calling in thugs to attack me either at Haifa or at some point between there and Damascus.

Especially if the girl he had earmarked was one of these tough modern thugs, all lipstick and cool, hard, sardonic eyes, as she probably was.

Meantime, in years long after that day, and on an occasion perhaps equally interesting, viz., the turning up of Thugs and Thuggism, another dinner was given.

"These criminal thugs call us a band of outlaws bent on destruction.

The Englishmen in India called them Thugs, hence the name in its modern general sense.]

Illustrations of the history and practice of the Thugs, London, 1837; also the Edinburg Review, Oct.-Jan., 1836-7.]


These Thugs form a singular sect, whose object is robbery and murder, and who, like the Italian banditti, are prepared to undertake any atrocity for which they are paid.

I was assured that all these dangers were exaggerated; that travellers were very rarely attacked in India, and that the Thugs were much reduced in numbers.

Thugs, Fakirs and Nautch Dancers XIX.

It has suppressed the thugs, who, as you have read, formerly went about the country killing people in order to acquire holiness; it has prohibited the awful processions of the car of Juggernaut, before which hysterical fanatics used to throw their own bodies, and the bodies of their children, to be crushed under the iron wheels, in the hope of pleasing some monster among their deities.

It is a ghastly, filthy, repulsive place, and was formerly the southern headquarters of that organized caste of religious assassins known as Thugs.

Around the strikers picketing a factory were the police in full force and a gang of thugs.

[Footnote A: The following precious utterances of John Bull moralizing, which might have been spoken of the Thugs in India, or some provincial Chinese enterprise, are extracted from the cotton circular of Messrs. Neill, Brothers, addressed to their correspondents, and dated, Manchester, Aug. 21.

all ten of them in their big carsee them jumping outsee them pile into the thugs!

She suckled at her tawny dugs Your Moses, while ye reeked with wars And prowled the woods, rude, painted thugs.

The rough sailors, the thugs and criminals that frequent the "Hole in the Wall" Inn lose none of their picturesqueness, nor any of their sordidness either, from Mr. Morrison's treatment of them.

THUGS, a fraternity of professed worshippers of the goddess Kali, the wife of Siva, who, professedly to propitiate her, practised murder, and lived on the spoils of the victims.

Jim, there is no disguising the fact that the American people are as helpless in the hands of these thugs of the 'System' as though they lived in the realm of the Sultan, where a few cutthroat brigands are licensed to rob and oppress to their heart's content.

Members of a secret organization known as the Thugs of India feel at times that it is their solemn duty to strangle certain of their fellow men.

" Recipe for a policeman: To a quart of boiling temper add a pint of Irish stew Together with cracked nuts, long beats and slugs; Serve hot with mangled citizens who ask the time of day The receipt is much the same for making thugs.

64 examples of  thugs  in sentences
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