47401 examples of thus in sentences

Thus their hands become inured to the motion, and it does not affect them.

Thus it was with my parents.

If the clods are turned over the grass will rot and help to improve the ground; new land thus treated will not require manuring the first year.

And Bhargava, who had thus been deprived of his senses, regaining consciousness and life, bowed unto Ramathat manifestation of Vishnu's power.

Thus addressed by them, Rama, O son of Kunti, did what the Pitris bade him, and obtained back at this tirtha, O son of Pandu, the energy he had lost.

Thus addressed, the blessed and mighty saint replied, "That water in sooth hath been digested by me.

And the god Siva, well pleased with him, spake (thus) to that most righteous of the rulers of men, attended by his two wives, saying, "O lord of men!

Thus addressed, those same gods, and men, O lord of the sons of Manu!

And that same abode of Varuna (namely the ocean), being thus excavated by the united sons of Sagara and rent and cut on all sides round, was placed in a condition of the utmost distress.

those same ministers, thus addressed by the king, performed in a hurry exactly what the king had commanded them to do.

Thus have I narrated to thee how the magnanimous Sagara banished his son, with a view to the welfare of the residents of the town.

Thus assuming very many different aspects, when she fell from the sky, and reached the surface of the earth, she said to Bhagiratha, "O great king!

And the king adopted Ganga as a daughter of himself, and at that spot offered libations of water to the names of his forefathers; thus was his heart's wish fulfilled.

Thus asked by thee, I have narrated the whole story how Ganga running in three streams, was brought down to the earth for filling the sea; how the mighty saint had drunk up the sea for a particular reason, and how, O lord!

And he, forsooth, for having been spoken to by others, from wrath addressed the hill thus, "Whoever should utter any words here, thou must throw stones at him, and thou must call up the winds to prevent him from making any noise."

thus these deeds were performed by that great saint, and from wrath he also forbade other acts.

And those same cultured men, being thus questioned, gave expression to their respective views.

Having thus forbidden his son by saying that those were wicked demons, Vibhandaka went in quest of her.

At different places he was thus honoured by that best of men, and saw his son who looked like the god Indra in heaven.

And the delight of Bhrigu's race having thus obtained Renuka for his wife, took his residence with her in a hermitage, and began to practice penances, being assisted by her.

Then at Kasyapa's bidding the Brahmanas divided the altar into a number of shares, and thus they became reputed as the Khandavayamas (share takers).

Thus that greatest of all virtuous men engaged himself in asceticism.

While he was acting thus, information reached both Valarama and Krishna that the king was practising penances of a most austere form and these two leaders of the entire Vrishni tribe accompanied with troops came to Yudhishthira of Ajamidha's race.

When Duryodhana is in a flourishing state and Yudhishthira, robbed of his throne, is suffering thus, what should people do in such a matter?This is the doubt that is now perplexing all men.

Not for a king's ransom would I have thus jostled thee in such unseemly haste!"

47401 examples of  thus  in sentences