605 examples of tick in sentences

Put it down...................Tick-hue.

The count rose and looked at his watcha cheap American article, with a loud tick.

I'll need a day to air the feather-tick and make some pie.

"If I come here, there is to be no feather-tick and no pie!" "No feather-bed?" in amazement.

The "Excelsior" mattresses, at which they cry out in disgust, are beds of down in comparison with the straw "tick" on which he and his wife sleep soundly and contentedly.

Driving here in the car today to award the kind prizes, I was reluctantly compelled to tick off my host on this very point.

" "Yes," said Gussie, "you look just the sort of little tick who would.

V. roll, drum, rumble, rattle, clatter, patter, clack; bombinate^. hum, trill, shake; chime, peal, toll; tick, beat.

The clock did not tick twice before there came a reaction.

Perhaps the ancient clock, whose worm-eaten case reaches from the floor to the ceiling, and whose muffled but cheery tick-tack is like the voice of an old friend, impressed me in favour of this poor home as soon as I entered.

The interest of the young inventor can easily be imagined as he sat and watched for the tick of his recording instrument that he knew should come from the flash sent across the garden by his companion.

Suddenly the Morse sounder began to tick and burr-r-r; the boy's eyes flashed, and his heart gave an exultant boundthe first wireless message had been sent and received, and a new marvel had been added to the list of world's wonders.

The tick plague had ruined him as regarded his Queensland property, and the drought had made matters nearly as bad for him in New South Wales.

One Tommy who sat on his straw tick inside the tent was knitting.

"Hollo, Billy," said Wildney, confidentially, "all serene; give us two bottles of beeron tick, you know.

" In the silence that followed Trove could hear the tick of his watch.

I miss the tick of the clocks, but my work is easy and I have excellent good friends.

Our enjoyment was cut short, however, by discovering that the whole place, vines, shrubs, and even, apparently, the earth itself, was infested with myriads of the wood-tick, a little insect, that, having fastened to the skin, penetrates into the very flesh, causing a swelling and irritation exceeding painful, and even dangerous.

Here, young man, you tick-tack 'em that I want toyschildren's toysto use up one hundred plunksI want 'em on Number Threeand if they don't arrive I will.

Tell 'em I never felt more impatient in my life than I am this minute, and that I'm getting more so per each and every clock tick.

"'Tick-tick-tick,' remarks William's clock on the wall.

"'Tick-tick-tick,' remarks William's clock on the wall.

"'Tick-tick-tick,' remarks William's clock on the wall.

The clocks tick out the scented hours, and with loud singing of happy birds, with pomp of flowers and bees, and freaked butterflies, God's day treads royally past.

But with her too I used the same tick-tacks I had with Karen, I said mildly after each modest plea for his great genius, and how well he would do the work, "I feel dubersome about it, Rosy, dretful dubersome.

605 examples of  tick  in sentences