2155 examples of ticketed in sentences

On the top shelf of the laboratory I hung up the bullet-pierced hat; and the bullet itself I ticketed with the date and kept in my desk.

We were now approaching Norton Falgate, when the sight of some shop-goods ticketed freshened him up into a dissertation upon the cheapness of cottons this spring.

Accordingly we find that a man is always measured by the office he holds, or by his occupation, nationality, or family relationsin a word, by the position and character which have been assigned him in the conventional arrangements of life, where he is ticketed and treated as so much goods.

So here he was, ticketed and started, fairly bound for Colorado, sitting with his hat over his eyes, and thinking about it.

A Bromide will never jump out of his box into that ticketed "Sulphite.

Each puzzle was ticketed; and, highly delighted, they all sat down to partake of the good things spread on the table, determined to vie with each other in trials of skill and perseverance on their curious little toys.

In a word, Mr. Brougham's is ticketed and labelled eloquence, registered and in numeros (like the successive parts of a Scotch Encyclopedia)it is clever, knowing, imposing, masterly, an extraordinary display of clearness of head, of quickness and energy of thought, of application and industry; but it is not the eloquence of the imagination or the heart, and will never save a nation or an individual from perdition.

There's a fresh sample ticketed every year; and they're not like port wine, you must remember, they don't improve with keeping.

Now they've got everybody stamped and branded with law an' order, herded together like cattle, ticketed, done for.

My paternal relation, however, (Houlditch), undertook my repair, and I was very soon exhibited painted green, and ticketed, 'For sale secondhand.'

There is no ticketed crowded display of wares, but the look of the shop inspires a feeling of confidence and an assurance that the quality of what you purchase may be relied upon.

In fact it would be a salutary thing if other tradesmen imitated the "commercial candour" of the railways and ticketed their goods with the pre-war value in addition to the present charge.

The crystal he said had come into his possession with other oddments at the forced sale of another curiosity dealer's effects, and not knowing what its value might be, he had ticketed it at ten shillings.

Finding the fair lady whom I was detailed to personally conduct, and the ticketed place where I was to sit, I prepared to make a Gargantuan meal.

A diamond ornament in a window may be ticketed as worth so many hundreds of pounds; but the glittering gem, and the sum it represents, seem rather abstract than real.

But to have spent one's youth at college, in contact with the choice and rare and precious, and yet still to be a blind prig or vulgarian, unable to scent out human excellence or to divine it amid its accidents, to know it only when ticketed and labeled and forced on us by others, this indeed should be accounted the very calamity and shipwreck of a higher education.

"The presents were in two rooms," says Miss Mitchell, "ticketed and numbered, and a catalogue of them sold.

Thus it happened that, on the west side of the block, there was only one drygoods dealer, whose shop front and awning posts were festooned with calicoes and other fabrics, ticketed with ingeniously deformed figures, and bearing some attractive adjective, expressing the owners private and conscientious opinion of their excellence.

"Ye shall know," says orthodoxism, "only the truth that has been prescribed and ticketed by authority; ye shall be taught what is orthodox, and orthodoxy shall keep you safe and sound."

Upon either side of the trench, neatly tacked to the muddy wall by a device of the hairpin variety, run countless insulated wires, clad in coats of various colours and all duly ticketed.

And there, in a closet appropriated to articles left in hackney-coaches,a perfect limbo of canes, parasols, shawls, pocket-books, and what-not,he found it, ticketed and awaiting its lawful owner.

In the general disarray of the ticketed furniture and stripped walls, all artistic charm had disappeared.

Once she noticed the roomthe furniture ticketed in lotsand paused in concern and pity.

All clothing made outside factories for sale is to be ticketed "tenement made," and any person removing the ticket before sale may be fined.

Very odd he should have liked a little red-haired thing like me; but every one is ticketed, I believe.

2155 examples of  ticketed  in sentences
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