91 examples of timer in sentences

The Boy spoke with the old-timer's superiority, of his own experience, and was so puffed up, at the bare thought of having hardened his feet, that he concealed without a qualm the fact of a brand-new blister on his heel.

This sort of a deal is quite interesting to an old-timer like me; but perhaps I owe you an apology for intruding.

Another old timer entitled to a good position in the hilarity column was J.Q.A. Ward, commonly known as Jack Ward.

"I never see such gold, and me an old-timer in the mines."

The old-timer knew West's vanity and his weakness for women.

old-timer celebrated as a bulwark of the prosecution, who could always be safely counted upon to uphold the arms of the law, who regarded with reverence all officials connected with the administration of justice, and from whose composition all human emotions had been carefully excluded by the Creator.

Yessir, Racey, old-timer, I expect you'd spend some time in the calabooseif you wasn't lynched previous.

"Yep, Swing, old-timer, I'll bet the Bar S or the Cross-in-a-box would hire us just too quick.

Lordy, Swing, old-timer, I feel sorry for you.

Listen here, Swing, old-timer, I got a long and gashly tale of wickedness to pour into those lily-white mule ears of yores.

Don't you fret, Racey, old-timer, I'll keep yore secret.

'Twas a malamute first scaled the Chilkoot At the time of the great Klondike charge; 'Twas a malamute first saw Lake Bennett And left his footprints at La Barge; They hauled the first mail into Dawson, That Land of the Old Timer's dream, And when Wada first drove in from Fairbanks He was driving a malamute team.

"So long, old timer," he called, slapping Silent on the shoulder, "I'll be seein' you agin before long.

"They're coming like bullets, Alcatraz, old timer!

Adjacent, and favorably situated to Cockburn Sound, are the Mauritius, Cape of Good Hope, Timer, Java, Sumatra, and the East Indian Presidencies.

"What do you see, old-timer?"

The present agent of the Blackfeet, Major George Steell, is an old-timer in the country and understands Indians very thoroughly.

By way of contrast there is the mood of the Old Contemptibles, but it is only fair to add that there are Irishmen among them: THE OLD-TIMER 'E aint't bin 'ung with medals, like a lot o' chaps abaht; 'E's wore a little dingy

WEAD, FRANK. Old timer.

Angela was a two-timer.

"It's good to see you, old-timer!

"Hey, old-timer!

Now that makes two to one, and we're askin' you as a old-timer if we're goin' to let them fellas ride north a-tellin' every hay-tosser atween here and Stacey that we're a bunch of jays?" "Oh, shucks!" was all Bud had to say.

Old-timer Doyle told more than one of his "in the early days" stories.

Life had charms for an old-timer like Bill, and he didn't hanker for any reputation as a broncho-buster.

91 examples of  timer  in sentences