2449 examples of tin in sentences

2/12/6. 20 Tin Dishes, at 9 pence : 0/15/0. 2 Frying-Pans, at 4 shillings 6 pence : 0/9/0.

I rose from the table, and, having filled my pouch from a tin of tobacco, set forth for King's Bench Walk.

"Those teeth that are perfectly white are undoubtedly filled with gold, but that greyish one is probably filled with tin.

In addition to these, a filling of tin amalgam had been inserted while the deceased was abroad, in the second left upper bicuspid, the rather grey spot that we have already noticed.

Your lordship however does not imagine I shall say any thing upon affairs so common as the glass lanthorn, the horn lanthorn, and the perforated tin lanthorn.

A lamp was burning, the walls were hung with maps of France and of North Africa, a few shelves held a few books and many tin cases labelled "Forage," "Hospital," "Police."

When Shakespeare has Lear say of Cordelia: "Her voice was ever soft, Gentle, and low; an excellent thing in woman," we find that ten of the thirteen words are Saxon, but the other three of Romance (French) origin are as necessary as is a small amount of tin added to copper to make bronze.

This young lady stood by the cab expectant and smiling while the cabman pulled a tin trunk off the roof of the vehicle, and then, when the cabman had climbed down and was dragging the trunk after him, she put out an arm and seized one handle of the trunk to help him, which act, so strange on the part of a young lady, made Hilda, coming nearer and nearer, look more carefully.

He left the tin trunk on the pavement and took timid Florrie's money without touching his hat for it.

Florrie was laying her sunshade rather forlornly on the top of the tin trunk and preparing to lift the trunk unaided, when Mr. Boutwood, stout and all in black, came gallantly forth from the house to assist her.

By the light of a candle in a tin candlestick, they had passed alone together through corridors and up flights of stairs at the back of the shop.

It has no more music in its voice than a tin kettle; but what jollier sound is there on a late February morning than the splendid hubbub of a rookery when the slovenly nests are being built in the naked and swaying branches of the elms?

If he be a statesman, the slighter and meaner his employments are the bigger he looks, as an ounce of tin swells and looks bigger than an ounce of gold; and his affectations of gravity are the most desperate of all, as the aphorism saysMadness of study and consideration are harder to be cured than those of lighter and more fantastic humour.

In a niche was a small tin box containing matches and fresh candles, while in a corner lay an old newspaper, limp and damp, bearing a date six months before.

"You, that tied a tin kettle to a dog's tail yesterday, and chased the poor cat till she almost died of fright.

The tin became leaky and the kerosene had dripped down into a food box.

They have also iron daggers, with pewter handles and ivory sheaths; so that it is manifest they have plenty of copper and tin.

They have three holes in their lips, in which they wear small pieces of tin by way of ornament.

Her right hand is in her pocket, or in the bosom of her half-unbuttoned dress; in the other hand she holds one of the high, narrow tin cans in which milk is carried in Paris, but which now, in the hands of this woman, contains the dreadful petroleum liquid.

Another system consisted in throwing through the cellar doors or traps tin cans or bottles filled with petroleum, phosphorus, nitro-glycerine, or other combustibles, with a long sulphur match attached to the neck of the vessel, the match being lighted at the moment of throwing the explosives into the cellar.

I placed their dunu upon tablets of gold, silver, alabaster, tilpe stones, parut stones, copper, lead, iron, tin, and khibisti made of earth.

" And rising and going towards a green tin box, he opened the same, and taking therefrom a piece of paper, he resumed his seat.

At seven years of age he was sent to herd a few sheep upon Dartmoor; before he was nine, he was placed as a parish apprentice to the owner of a tin mine, and buried from the light of heaven.

The Westvale team had arrived, accompanied by a coterie of enthusiastic supporters, armed with tin horns, maroon-colored banners, and mighty voices, which, with small hopes of winning on the field, were resolved to accomplish a notable victory of sound.

It was simply an accident tin which lives had fortunately been spared.

2449 examples of  tin  in sentences