103 examples of tles in sentences

At last the lit-tle gate was swung wide o-pen, and Wil-lie step-ped bold-ly forth.

The sweet, bal-my air of ear-ly day cool-ed his throb-bing brow, and his tears gra-du-al-ly ceas-ed to flow; but his lit-tle breast heav-ed now and then with sobs as the storm of grief sub-si-ded.

" "Thank you, good hands," said Wil-lie; "I am sure you mean me good, for I am too lit-tle for you to wish to harm."

When he had col-lect-ed a suf-fi-ci-en-cy of dri-ed leaves to-ge-ther to make his rest-ing place soft-er, he pre-par-ed to lie down, when, to his as-to-nish-ment and de-light, he be-held the gi-gan-tic hands spread them-selves over him, with the fin-gers en-twin-ed, ma-king for him the most per-fect lit-tle tent in the world.

She gla-red up-on the lit-tle-man who she sup-po-sed had giv-en that great knock, with sur-prise and as-to-nish-ment; and then, in a voice like a ve-ry hoarse ra-ven, she cri-ed "How dar-ed you to knock like that at my door, you lit-tle var-let?

" Wil-lie trem-bling-ly took off his hat, and re-pli-ed in an hum-ble voice, "If you please, prin-cess, I wish-ed to know whe-ther you want-ed a ser-vant to as-sist in your mag-ni-fi-cent cas-tle.

"Lit-tle wretch!"

He look-ed from the lit-tle man to the fruits of his la-bour, and pro-mi-sed to him-self to do his best to se-cure so va-lu-a-ble a ser-vant.

"Oh, oh!" said the farm-er, "if he can reap so well, per-haps he can plough:" so ac-cord-ing-ly the next morn-ing found lit-tle Wil-lie as a plough-man.

But see, they have found a snug shel-ter at last, And hark, how they talk, while the storm whis-tles past: Says Pol-ly to Dick-y, "You're near-est the door,

Along the hedge-row's mossy bank, Where ivy green is creep-ing, We see through weeds and net-tles rank The dark-blue vi-o-let peep-ing.

The day was fine, the sun was hot, So Lu-cy took her pail and spade, And went to find a nice dry spot Where wells and cas-tles might be made.

"I suppose you're right, and I guess I've been getting a lee-tle bit nosey; but I'm pretty nearly old enough to be your mother.

Literatura Polska; na tle rozwoju kultury.

He's wrapped to the heels in a snow-y white sack; The trees he has lad-en till read-y to crack; He whis-tles his trills with a won-der-ful knack, For he comes from a cold coun-tree.

[Illustration] What is it that these lit-tle tots are all so anx-ious to see?

[Illustration] Rob Jack-son's dog jumped off the lit-tle bridge in-to the mill pond to fetch a stick that Hal Jones threw for him.

He was such a pret-ty lit-tle cat as to be made a great pet and used to trot a-bout af-ter the peo-ple like a lit-tle dog.

He was such a pret-ty lit-tle cat as to be made a great pet and used to trot a-bout af-ter the peo-ple like a lit-tle dog.

Close by his un-cle's house on the main street lived a gen-tle-man who had a fine gar-den.

That no-tice was be-cause the school house was not far a-way, and the boys some-times helped them-selves to the old gen-tle-man's ap-ples.

Vowels are "with stress" when they are the finals in the plurals of nouns and verbs, also in the perfect preterite, in possessives ending in â, ê, ô, and in the penultimate of nouns ending in tli, tla and tle when these syllables are immediately preceded by the vowel.

Azo tle nello nicyaitohua nican ipalnemohua, zan

Noyuh quichihua con teuctlon timaloa yecan quetzalmaquiztla matilolticoya conahuiltia icelteotlhuia achcanon azo a yan ipalnemoa achcanon azo tle nel in tlalticpac ohuaya.

TLAZOTLA, v. To love, to like. TLE, pron.

103 examples of  tles  in sentences