124 examples of to be honest in sentences

"To be honest with you, sir, I am suffering from the close monopoly of the Englishman, and I think the country is suffering worse.

what makes you so cross?" inquired I, in a tone meant to be tenderly reproachful,in the mean time attempting to possess myself of her hand; for, to be honest, Polder, I had been a little sweet to the girl before Kate drove her out of my head.

" He said, "Ain't it good to be honest?

I believe you must not expect him to be honest on this side of his grand climacteric.

You see he either had to explain or else tell me to go to the devil, and as he thought I was a perfectly safe sort of chap to be honest with, he decided to make a clean breast of it.

He did not know what other nations would do; but this he knew, that we ourselves ought not to be unjust because they should refuse to be honest.

Instead of that, Halifax advised them to be honest, and vote as they thought right; with the result that Luxmore promptly evicted them from their homes.

To be honest, I began to wish ourselves on our way back, as the black, angry-looking swells chased us up, and flung the foam upon the bow and stern.

He was afterwards at the University, and he has described the scruples of an ingenuous youthful mind about subscribing the articles, in a passage in his Church-of-Englandism, which smacks of truth and honour both, and does one good to read it in an age, when "to be honest" (or not to laugh at the very idea of honesty) "is to be one man picked out of ten thousand!"

He knew him to be honest, kind, charitable, self-denying, wherever any sorrow was to be alleviated, always reverential, with a cheerful trust in the great Father of all mankind.

I'm not telling you this to discourage you," he explained; "only trying to be honest.

And he came to another stop and confronted me again, but this time such a picture of boyish impulse and of innocent trust in me (even by that faint light) that I was myself strongly inclined to be honest with him on the spot.

In Britain it happens that the unfortunate course was taken ages ago of bribing the whole legal profession to be honest.

For mindwhen you teach a child, 'If you do this wrong thing stealing, for instanceGod will punish you: but if you are honest, God will reward you,' you are not teaching the child that it is his Duty to be honest, and his Duty not to steal.

You are teaching him what is quite right and true; namely, that it is profitable for him to be honest, and hurtful to him to steal: but you are not teaching him as high a spiritual lesson as any soldier knows when he rushes upon certain death, knowing that he shall gain nothing, and may lose everything thereby, but simply because it is his Duty.

"Ay, the devil is obliged to be honest on compulsion," resumed the mate.

But, to be honest, the others (with the exception of one quaint little comedy of a canine ghost) are but indifferent stuff, too full of snakes and hidden treasure and general tawdrinessthe kind of Orientalism, in fact, that one used to associate chiefly with the Earl's Court Exhibition.

Instead of deceiving oneself by calling these people 'opportunistic and mercenary', it would be more profitable for Mr Narayan to be honest at least to himself over why such a number of journalists resigned from the paper.

Make up your minds then, my friends, to be honest men like Elijah the prophet of old.

They were known to be honest, fearless, adventurous, mighty men of their hands; fond of long, lonely wanderings; renowned as woodsmen and riflemen, as hunters and Indian fighters.

Help men to the building of character, which shall enable them to be honest in street and mart, unselfish in home and society, and sympathetic to their fellow pilgrims.

Hen. VI.), a work written before 1700, and not published till thirty-four years afterwards: "So weak and fallible is that admired maxim, 'Factum valet, quot fieri non debuit,' an excuse first invented to palliate the unfledged villainy of some men, who are ashamed to be knaves, yet have not the courage to be honest.

Few sights can be lovelier than that of a man who, having rushed up the staircase of fame in his youthwhat matter whether the fame of a paltry world, or a paltry sect of that world!comes slowly, gently, graciously down in his old age, content to lose that which he never had, and careful only to be honest at last.

In the second sentence, the pronoun to be supplied is the subject of "to be honest," which is the complement of "I know.

The servant I have already engagedonly impress on her to be honest and attached to me, as well as orderly and punctual in her small services.

124 examples of  to be honest  in sentences