48 examples of to be late in sentences

I don't want to be late!

" Just then there came the loud, imperative clanging of the breakfast-bell; and she urged him to hurry, as "it wouldn't dew" for them to be late the first morning of all times.

Over the trees which sheltered the Stopping-House a flock of black crows circled in the blue air, croaking and complaining that the harvest was going to be late.

The boys had a long tramp still before them, and if they were not to be late for supper, must walk briskly.

"It won't do to be late," she said.

It was Terrence who awoke them and said it would not do to be late.

I'm awfully sorry to be late" I wouldn't let him finish, standing there, but took him by the arm and drew him into the garden, pushing the gate shut behind him as I did so.

and we went scout-pace down the hill, because after all that had happened you bet we didn't want to be late.

It isn't like them to be late.

" It was ironing-day, and our dinners were apt to be late upon ironing-days.

The reader is not to be surprised at the volubility of honest Peterchen, for it was getting to be late in the day, and his frequent libations throughout the ceremonies would have wrought him up to even a much higher flight of eloquence, had the occasion and the company at all suited such a display of his powers.

"You're supposed to be late," he said.

And next morning at chapel when Joel, fearing to be late, hurried in and down the side aisle to his seat, his appearance was the signal for such an enthusiastic outburst of cheers and acclamations that he stopped, looked about in bewilderment, and then slipped with crimson cheeks into his seat, the very uncomfortable cynosure of all eyes.

He chuckled and grinned with a fierce, savage sense of humour, while he recalled the imperious manner in which Mr. Ryfe had taken the initiative in their joint proceedings; as if they originated in his own invention, were ordered solely for his own convenience; and the tone of authority in which that gentleman had warned him not to be late.

After some talk the council broke up, it beginning to be late.

"Ah!" said the solicitor, as we entered, "I am glad you've come; I was getting anxiousit doesn't do to be late on these occasions, you know.

It was unusual for him to be late, as he was known to be punctual and prompt; but as he said nothing to the teacher about the cause of his being late, he was marked for not being in season.

It is rather vexatious to have happened so soon, as I had intended never to be late.

That nine o'clock train you can never trust it to be late.

Wouldn't do to be late today, you know."

'I was feart I was gaun to be late.'

After a while he had to leave in order not to be late.

she said, "and I promised not to be late.

" The prostitute began, in a trembling voice, as though we must all of necessity understand her case: "I don't want to be late this time, because I've been late so often before....

" "I suppose you do not wish to be late?

48 examples of  to be late  in sentences