48 examples of to be late in sentences

In what he himself regarded as his spare hours, that is to say, the daytime hours wherein the ordinary man labors, Neddy was a highly skilled craftsman, whose only failing was a tendency to be late in the morning and to fall ill about the festive seasons of the year.

" Just then there came the loud, imperative clanging of the breakfast-bell; and she urged him to hurry, as "it wouldn't dew" for them to be late the first morning of all times.

J.W. and Marty were enjoying their first Institute too much to be late at any classes.

Over the trees which sheltered the Stopping-House a flock of black crows circled in the blue air, croaking and complaining that the harvest was going to be late.

" Then he looked at his watch, for, like a good clerk, he was very punctual, and did not wish to be late at the office.

"It won't do to be late," she said.

He made a gesture with his hand and threw his head back as if he were sweeping something away; and in something like his usual voice he said, with perfect calmness: "By the way, Maude asked me to tell you not to be late to-night; to come before the crush arrives.

All I stipulate is, that if you care to take such measures you'll take them at once, for as you may possibly be aware, this is the first night of my new play, and I should be sorry to be late.

I'm awfully sorry to be late" I wouldn't let him finish, standing there, but took him by the arm and drew him into the garden, pushing the gate shut behind him as I did so.

I must ask you, however, not to be late, as I have several other appointments.

Perhaps," he continued, closing his eyes dreamily, "there is not a man here who does not recall the happy days of his boyhood, the rustic village spire, the lessons shared with some artless village maiden, with whom he later sauntered, hand in hand, through the woods, as the simple rhyme rose upon their lips, Always make it a point to have it a rule Never to be late at the Sabbath-school.

I have found that this has its disadvantages; for some of the elder children, when they wanted a half-holiday, would take care to be late, in order to find the door shut, although they were sent in proper time by their parents; this, when detected, subjects them to a pat on the hand, which is the only corporeal punishment we have.

"You're supposed to be late," he said.

After some talk the council broke up, it beginning to be late.

"Ah!" said the solicitor, as we entered, "I am glad you've come; I was getting anxiousit doesn't do to be late on these occasions, you know.

The hour begins to be late and it becomes cold, but the light still lingers as the carriage reaches the summit of the pass and stops at the new Hôtel Pordoi (7,020 feet high) facing the weird, fantastic shapes of the Rosengarten and the Langkofel, on the one side and on the other the snowy Marmolata and the summits about Cortina....

It is rather vexatious to have happened so soon, as I had intended never to be late.

Although it was getting to be late in the afternoon, Mark and Bob got two of Friend Abraham White's pitchforks (for the worthy Quaker had sent these, among other implements of husbandry, as a peace-offering to the Fejee savages), and went to work with a hearty good-will, landed all this weed, loaded it up, and wheeled it into the crater, leaving just enough outside to satisfy the pigs and the poultry.

"I am so sorry to be late, Lady Wakely," I said, addressing her and the other women, "but my husband is not well, and, I fear, will not be able to come in to dinner.

That nine o'clock train you can never trust it to be late.

He himself was never known to be late.

Wouldn't do to be late today, you know."

she said, "and I promised not to be late.

" The prostitute began, in a trembling voice, as though we must all of necessity understand her case: "I don't want to be late this time, because I've been late so often before....

" "I suppose you do not wish to be late?

48 examples of  to be late  in sentences