52 examples of to bud in sentences

Then the greens, and the blues, and the browns begin to bud out again, and by October he is once more a gorgeous drake.

A horn plague of this money, for it causeth many horns to bud; and for money many men are horned; for when maids are forced to love where they like not, it makes them lie where they should not.

The buds become perfect polyps, and then they, too, begin to bud.

brotar, to bud; to gush, issue, flow, burst forth, gush out. bruja, f., witch.

another feast-day come and gone, Watched through the weeks as in my garden there I watch a seedling grow from blade to bud Impatient for its blossom.

the world had the heart to go on, to bud and build, and sing,though Jenny was gone.

No daintie flowre or herbe that grows on ground; No arborett with painted blossoms drest, And smelling sweete, but there it might be found, To bud out faire, and throwe her sweete smels al around.

Whenever therefore the heat of conjugial love begins to acquire a pleasant warmth, and from a sensation of its delights to bud and flourish, like an orchard and garden in spring; the latter from the vernal temperament of light and heat from the sun of the natural world, but the former from the vernal temperament of light and heat from the sun of the spiritual world.

She has leisure enough to bud and blossomto produce and mature fruit, and do all her work.

To bud or blossom, kissed the leaf; When o'er the leaf the tempest flew, The bud and blossom trembled too.

Yet cheers the bent grass with its shower That, in its trampled pathway leaves, The uptorn roots to bud anew, And where the past o'er ruin grieves, Bids fresher beauty spring to view: The storman emblem of my name, Shall keep my memory in the skies Its flash-wreathed wing, a flag of flame, Shall spread my glory as it flies.

So it might well be said, as they laid the aged man to rest, he had seen changes, for truly, had he seen "the wilderness made to bud and blossom like the rose," and the temple of the living God supplying the place of the Indian's wigwam.

They may be grown on their own roots by planting the stone, but a quicker way to obtain fruit is to bud them on to vigorous seedling plum trees.

This may take place in a variety of ways, dividing at the top or budding from the base or from the sides, till the primitive animal is surrounded by a number of individuals like itself, of which it forms the nucleus, and which now begin to bud in their turn, each one surrounding itself with a numerous progeny, all remaining, however, attached to the parent.

It was almost dusk when Lorry topped the trail that led across the Blue Mesa to Bud's cabin.

Once more came the passion for beautifying our own, and we made our lawns to bud and blossom like the roses; worshipping at the shrine of the majestic ocean, "Its waves were kneeling on the strand, As kneels the human knee, Their white locks bowing to the sand The priesthood of the sea.

CUEPONI, v. To blossom, to bud, to bloom.

Early in March, when the crocuses were beginning to bud under the dining-room windows, there came one of those rare spring days that seem to carry the warmth of summer in its sunshine.

" When Piggy went to get his flying hat, he said under his breath to Bud, "Wipe your face, quick; some one's comin'."

The last half of the last week before circus day seemed a century to Bud and his friends.

Then the donkey's feet twinkledit seemed to Bud in the very top of the tentand Bud slid off the animal's neck to the ring.

When his comrades found Bud, the argument had narrowed down to Bud and the boy from the country, the other wranglers having dropped out for heavy repairs.

The simile pleased Pennington so that he renewed his laughter, and paid no heed to the chatter of the pack clamoring to tell all in one breath, the history of the incident that had led to Bud's dilapidation.

Miss Morgan turned to Bud, and spoke spiritedly: "Now, Henry, don't ever have anything to do with that kind of trash again.

Thus he should never know the pain of seeing spring return when there was nothing within himself to bud or be sown.

52 examples of  to bud  in sentences